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Extras - who's who?

Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant who also wrote and directed the award-winning BBC comdey series, The Office.

Ricky and Steve spend far longer than most on the writing process and firmly believe in quality over quantity.

Sitting in the directors' chairs gives them the control they need to get the finished show just right - from casting all the way through to the final edit.

Cast - Ricky Gervais
Ricky plays Andy Millman, a struggling bit-part actor who gave up his day job in the hope of achieving fame and fortune.

Except that so far he's yet to land a speaking part let alone saunter down the red carpet to pick up an Oscar.

He remains optomistic however, as rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous on-set only serves to reinforce his belief that the big time is just a job or two away.

Cast - Ashley Jensen
Ashley plays Maggie Jacobs, also a supporting artist of little repute who is Andy's best friend.

The pair are most often to be found in the green room swigging coffee and bitching about their peers or whinging about their lot in life.


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What is it?
A new six-part comedy series set in the world of film and television and focussed in particular on the mundane tedium of life as a supporting artist.

Who are the writers?
Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant who wrote and directed The Office together

Will Ricky and Steve direct Extras?

Who are the main charcters?
Ricky will play Andy Millman a jobbing extra with aspirations. Newcomer Ashley Jensen plays Andy's best chum Maggie, also a struggling artiste. Stephen Merchant will play Andy's agent

Where will it be set?
The episodes will follow Andy and Maggie as they go from job to job so the locations will change accordingly.

When will it be on TV?
Starts July 21st at 9pm on BBC2