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Ricky comments on and corrects a recent review of the Flanimals Box Set posted on amazon.co.uk here.

Here's the review...

This book contains phrases such as "there is no [God]" and a narrative in which some of the Flanimals are disabused of there faith through the teaching of 'The Theory of Evolution'.

Gervais has obviously fallen for the militant Atheist lie that Christians do not 'believe' in Evolution and that faith in God and a detailed knowledge of Evolutionary Theory are mutually exclusive. Anyone who believes this blatant untruth should read a book called 'The Language Of God' by Francis Collins (a Scientist who is both head of 'The Human Genome Project and a devout Anglican), you may also be interested in reading 'There is a God' by Philosopher Anthony Flew, a man once described as "The worlds most notorious Atheist".

If you want your kids brainwashed by a third rate Dawkins Parrot this is the crude tripe for you. Christian parents should know that Ricky Gervais wants to turn their kids against them (Gervais has described Flanimals as "Atheist books"). Just look at the cover illustration, what a travesty! deliberately designed to offend the sensitivities of the religious, especially Anglicans and Catholics.

and Ricky's response...

Once again, a Christian whose faith is so strong he is threatened by the cover of a children's book.

The book by the way suggests that "there is no Grob". Interesting.

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