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Bowie and Gervais team-up again

David Bowie is to curate the New York Highline festival in May climaxing in Ricky Gervais' first full-length stand up show in America. The show will be at the legendary Madison Square Gardens on Saturday 19th May.

Tickets are on sale Friday 30 March at 10AM via www.highlinefestival.com

Ricky's current show Fame is the fastest selling live comedy tour in history, with the first month of dates selling 100.000 tickets in under an hour. He is the biggest British comedian both sides of the Atlantic due to the success of The Office, Extras and parts in The Simpsons, Alias and Hollywood movies like A Night at The Museum.

David Bowie told Entertainment Weekly :
"Seeing and knowing Ricky as a TV writer and performer doesn't give any indication of how brilliant a stand up he is. He has the audience - and himself - collapsing in tears and wails of laughter"

More information about the High Line Festival and Friends of the High Line at www.thehighline.org

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