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Outstanding Achievement Award - Television Comedy Episode

The HBO comedy series Extras provides a recurring role for a short-stature actor, Warwick Davis. In episode 09, "Andy to celebrate his new status as a film star," Andy takes Maggie to a high-end restaurant, where he complains about the loud noises coming from a kid behind them-unaware that the boy has Down's syndrome. The media has a field day, and soon Andy is being accused of attacking the boy and punching his mother. To offset the damage, he buys him an X-Box and stages a photo op on the set of his sitcom, and all is forgiven.

But when he returns to the film set, Andy is attacked by Warwick played by Warwick Davis himself. Andy, not knowing Maggie passed along Andy's interest in Warwick's tall and very attractive fiancee, is confronted by Warwick. He defends himself against the knee-high onslaught, accidentally kicking Warwick in the face and knocking him out. Not surprisingly, the next day's papers run with something other than the X-Box angle: "TV Bully Kicks Dwarf in the Face."

This popular culture comedy delivers on providing accurate portrayals of people with disabilities, and demonstrates that people share some of the same dreams and challenges with or without a disability.

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