It's ten years since David Brent first appeared on TV one summer evening in 2001.
The Office proved a global and seminal hit with a slew of awards, international remakes and broadcasts the world over.
Now, ten years on, and with a comprehensive DVD re-release later this year, here's some internet-based retrospection...

The Office Revisted - The A.V. Club provide a weekly double-bill of in-depth analytical reviews through July and August until all 12 episodes and the Xmas Specials are covered.
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Newspapers and Magazine Articles - here are some that are already published. More to come...
The Sun
BBC News
TV Scoop
The Office at The BBC BBC America
The Castle of Awesome
Comedy Central
The Huffington Post
The Guardian
Special 10th Anniversary DVD Issue - including the complete series 1 and 2, Xmas Specials, a celebrity-laced 'I love The Office' documentary and for the first time ever, the original 1998 demo that started it all. Released 24 Oct in the UK and 8 Nov in the US.
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The Office
A brief introduction to The Office and how it came about

Episode guide
A synopsis of all 12 episodes plus the Christmas Specials

Who's who in The Office
Meet the main characters

Accolades and accolites
As many of the awards as Ricky can remember and some choice quotes from critics

International expansion
How The Office has gone global

A Night at The Office - BBC2's 2009 retrospective.
Sunday 30th August saw the whole first series broadcast back to back with additional new interviews with Ricky and Steve, the cast and famous fans.

Additional footage from the BBC web site is below...

US TV channel Adult Swim is to broadcast The Office - that's the original UK version. Ricky has filmed some special promos.

Here they are...

The Office Special Edition DVD Box Set
In its 10th anniversary year The Office gets its most complete release on DVD. All twelve episodes, Xmas specials, documentaries, all-new celebrity interviews plus the never-before-seen original pre-pilot.
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The Office Series 1 - DVD | VHS
The Office Series 2 - DVD | VHS
The Office Christmas Specials - DVD | VHS
The Office Complete Box Set - DVD
The Office Scripts - series 1 | series 2

BBC's Office Web Site
BBC America's Office Web Site
Martin Freeman(Tim)'s Web Site

The Office - Global Editions
The Huffington Post has a round-up of the various international remakes of The Office.
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