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odds and sods from the original podcasts...

In Episode 9...
Pictures of Karl continue to flood in - here's a few singled out for an honorable mention. (click the thumbnail for a larger version in a new window)


In Episode 8...
Karl has started keeping a journal - here's a couple of sample pages

In Episode 6...
Joe Murray from Philadelphia sent in this pic of St Karl the Bewildered

And Ed Ferrari from Los Angeles sent in this one of Ricky, Steve and Karl hard at work

(you can click the pics to see a big version in a new window)

In Episode 1...
Ricky Steve and Karl discuss the pros and cons of technological invention, leading on to Karl's Mathsusian concerns and a possible solution. There's a digression into the extra sensory perception of early hominids.
Oh, and some Monkey News of course. Plus strange tales about lethal drinking vessels and stately homes.

As promosed - here's a picture of Bod from the BBC kids programme of yore;

And for comparison, here's one of Bod with Karl.

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