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Had a weekend away in Bath then recorded a chat Show for BBC 2 with Ruth Jones in Cardiff.

Also did this for Conan.

He's like my American Robin Ince now... (evil laugh)

Week one hundred and forty-seven - November 2010

I don't fucking believe it! (As that cunt Victor Meldrew would say)... The fucking boiler's cunted.

The "Emergency Plumber" can't make it out till tomorrow. Just a plumber then really.

Wrote with Steve, started the edit on Talking Funny, worked out, conference call about The Globes (no pressure), House Gift, champagne (it's Friday), chile quorn carni (oooh, you've changed), I'm a Celeb, Walking Dead. Thank you Sky Plus.

And thanks for bidding for my charity painting.

Please download our Xmas podcast for free... [iTunes link]

Have a great weekend.

You may have heard I'm doing a cameo in the new Muppet Movie.
Should be a laugh. I'm in L.A. anyway for the Globes, so... convenient.
Hope my mate Elmo is around that day.

Met a new little furry friend today too.

His name is Dougal.

Jesus told me he will let him live if you all buy my new stand up DVD.

Wrote with Steve.
Had a meeting with Karl about Idiot Abroad 2... stay tuned.
Worked out.
Swordfish and chips, champagne, 'House Gift', 'I'm A Celeb'.

So Halloween,... Thanksgiving,... next up Christmas.

I'll stick up the third episode of The Podfather Trilogy this weekend as a final thank you to everyone who bought our audiobooks, DVDs and watched our TV shows this year.

Hope to do a brand new podcast in 2011 and I've even had an idea for another series of audiobooks which Karl quite likes. (I've had loads of ideas for series that he didn't like.)

It's basically Karl as an agony aunt answering real problems. Got to be good right?

You'll be the judge of that. (If he does it that is.)

Did Front Row by the way. (Ooohh.. Radio 4. You've changed.)

And here's some more free shit.

Now buy my DVD you cunts. I mean happy cuntmas, christmas. Mass of Christ, obviously... not mass of cunts.

Season 1 of The Ricky Gervais Show will be released on DVD in America on January 4th.

[Amazon US link]

Still available in the UK too of course.

[Amazon UK link]

We're half way through making season 2 and it's even better than the first.

It will premiere on HBO in January.

Before that though is my second HBO stand-up special - Out of England II.

I will try to remind you of these and other Ricky-related products, between the tasteless jokes and insults during my hosting of the Golden Globes.

Week one hundred and forty-six - November 2010

Thanks to all the lovely people who bought my live stand-up DVD 'Science' [Amazon UK link]. Hope you learned loads of interesting scientific facts about fat people,... mongs,... wanking,... fat mongs,... and fat mongs wanking. Good luck with your exams!

And thanks to all the people who tweeted about it.

Please bid for my little charity painting.

It's a fat mong wanking, or "Pudloflaj", as I called it for my children's book.

Wrote one of the funniest sketches we've ever done for Life's Too Short. Six hours hard labour for a potential two minutes screen time.

Then... a great 'Come Dine With Me', a fun 'I'm a Celeb' (Ryder to win!) and a fantastic 'Walking Dead' (no not Gillian McKeith).

So basically half a day writing TV and the rest watching it. It's my job.

Have a great weekend.

Had lunch with Steve and Karl. When the bill came I said to Steve, "put your money away, we'll get this for your birthday."

Karl was gutted.

Did 'The One Show'. I'd got Karl to come on but they'd planned to bring him out for the last two minutes. Karl was really nervous and thought they'd cut him for time. So on air I insisted he came out early. Don't say I don't give you anything my Manc-mong fans. [Youtube links - part 1 | part 2]

Porridge, Radio interviews, Chuckle Brothers winning Coach Trip, Apprentice, Family Guy, sleep.

More of a tweet than a blog entry.

Taught my cat to say 'Karl'. As you know she's half Burmese, half Siamese so she had a bit of trouble.

I said, "Karl"
She said, "Kar"
I said, "no Karl"
She went, "Karla"
I went, "Karl"
She said, "Karr"
I went, "forget it"

Thanks to everyone who bought my Science DVD. Hope you like it. Don't forget to watch the bonus material. Karl and Warwick are amazing together.

I've persuaded Karl to come on The One Show with me on Thursday. He's like "Emu". If I ever fall from a roof, he's pretty much fucked.

Luckily he would rather always go on the roof for me, mending stuff, than be an entertainer. It's a perfect partnership. We could both be around for a long time.

Can't wait to show him this. He'll say, "weird init?"

Week one hundred and forty-five - November 2010

Did some radio to plug Science. (My DVD I mean, not the general concept.)

Radio 1, 2 and 5. Called Karl live on air with Richard Bacon. He did not disappoint.

This illegal clip has been doing the rounds.

If you can't beat 'em join 'em.

And hello to all the cool people of Iceland who can take a joke.

And the cool believers who can also take a joke. (P.S. it isn't a joke; there is no God.)

Or is there?



Definitely not.

OK, there is if you buy the DVD.


Off to London tomorrow to do a bit of press for the Science DVD.

You can help so I don't have to do too much flumpf TV.

Tweet this link to everyone in the world.

Or just Ashton Kutcher. He'll do the rest.

Check out this website.

It's the guy who did all the behind-the-scenes shots of Extras and An Idiot Abroad.

Some really great shots.

Another beautiful autumn day in Manhattan.

Went to the zoo. The polar bears are looking a bit threadbare. They'd better start growing their winter coats soon. Even by polar bear standards, New York gets fucking cold, as David Attenborough would say.

An extended clip of my Science DVD is available as a free podcast, [iTunes link] and Shortlist has a review here.

Did a picture for a charity auction.

Please buy it for much more than it is worth.

I'm loving Walking Dead. A proper thriller. My only thought was, do zombies ever need a shit? Apart from that I'm hooked throughout.

Also, if ever University Challenge ask the question 'who starred in Walking Dead?', Karl could get his first ever points. (Yes I know it doesn't quite work because it's his character name, but if you even get that joke you're not living your life to the fullest.)

Did a promo shoot today for the Golden Globes.

I actually enjoy photo shoots more than I used to.

I used to worry about looking stupid. Now I quite like looking stupid.

I also used to worry about how good I looked. Now I have come to terms with the fact that I never look good so the pressure's off.


Here's one of me from The Big Issue shoot.

It's my world famous "bat attacking moth" impression.

photography by Amit & Naroop for The Big Issue

Just filmed an HBO special - "Talking Funny"

Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, Louis C.K. and a bloke from Reading sitting round talking about comedy.

That's what I call a good day.

I am a very lucky boy.

It's not a comedy show by the way, it's a show about comedy.

We weren't sat around trying to make anyone laugh, in fact there were loads of disagreements and heated discussions. But there were still funny bits and I think it will turn out very interesting indeed.

You'll be the judge of that. (We actually talked about being judged quite a bit, but I'm not going to give anything away.)

How do you like my "camp labourer" look on the front cover of The Big Issue?

An Idiot Abroad on DVD has zoomed up the charts. This must have helped.

We have come up with a great idea for series two which Karl really likes. When I say "really likes" I mean he said, "hmm not sure." Trust me - this is a result. That's Karl in positive mode. Leave it with me.

In the meantime please pre-order my live DVD this week. [Amazon UK link]

It's out next Monday. Please let your friends know it also features a dwarf and an imbecile.

Central Park was stunningly beautiful today.

Missed Karl on Something for the Weekend. I'm sure he was great. The DVD is available now by the way.

Off to check out the studio set for Talking Funny. I'm meant to worry about camera angles and stuff but I'm really only making sure the chairs are comfy.

We're having dinner with our Brum chum Rob and his wife Jill tonight. Last time he hurt his neck when someone got him in a head lock. I hope he doesn't hurt himself again. Who knows?

Week one hundred and forty-four - November 2010

Had a great week writing Life's Too Short. It's the hardest bit, the most important bit and the most invigorating bit.

Thanks again to everyone who watched An Idiot Abroad. It's been more successful than we ever imagined. (It's been 10 times more successful than Karl ever imagined, but then as you know he's a bit pessimistic sometimes.)

As we've released one of the Podfather episodes for free, I thought we may as well release all three of them. Here's Thanksgiving. [iTunes link]

Have a great weekend.

Hope you liked the last in the current series of An Idiot Abroad. The DVD is out next week by the way

Pre-order now to save going out to the the shops you lazy cunts [Amazon UK link]

(I should go on The Apprentice.)

Read about a bloke who got fined £384 for threatening to blow up an airport.

That seems such good value for money. With my wealth I could be on the phone all day. And some terrorists have got even more money than me as they don't pay tax. I think the fine should be higher to be honest, as a deterrent.

Hold on though. Maybe he was joking. Maybe he's not really a terrorist at all. It's difficult to judge.

Last episode of the current series of An Idiot Abroad. Thursday 9pm Sky One

Karl gets his bus fare home.

Wrote a little article about HBO for Variety. This should secure the private jet for another year.

    Gervais glad to be part of the HBO family
Brit standup wowed by cabler's seminal series
"The Larry Sanders Show' is the most important sitcom of a generation." That's the quote I gave for the DVD of the complete first season of the show. I meant every word. It wasn't just important to the industry as a whole, it had a huge influence on me in particular.

It taught me that script and casting were everything. It probably gets the Emmy and Golden Globe for the greatest ensemble of all time. It taught me that flawed characters can be compulsive viewing -- seeing them squirm and get their comeuppance, but ultimately be members of a family you want to win through redemption or at least self awareness. It taught me that being an acquired taste is the thing to be. But most of all, it made me think that HBO must be the best broadcaster in the world.

I'd never heard of them before I watched "The Larry Sanders Show." I didn't even know what HBO stood for. It's Home Box Office. Yeh, I know you know. I didn't.

It doesn't matter anyway. What matters is what HBO really stands for. It stands for innovation. "The Sopranos" took on movies in the '90s and won. A TV show that dabbled with the ambiguity of morality? And made you think. While getting an adrenaline rush wondering whether Tony's therapist would tell him she'd been raped so he could go and execute her attacker? Wow.

And this wasn't a one-off 90-minute three-act roller coaster ride with neat ribbon in a bow ending. This was episode after episode, series after series of the finest most consistently, exquisitely crafted entertainment ever to grace our screens. It was a fucking art factory. Nothing would ever move me like that again.

No, wait. I hadn't seen "The Wire." Forget about it! M*ther F*cking genius! (Sorry about the language. That's the power of good TV. HBO said I can swear as much as I like).

Now listen carefully. "The Wire" is the most audacious drama of all time. It may be the greatest TV show ever. Across all genres. I'll go further. "The Wire" is the most important fictional, social document since "A Tale of Two Cities." (Dickens was the coolest Mother Fucker of his day I'll have you know.)

Dickens would have loved HBO. Any artist should. They don't interfere. There's no greater compliment. There's no more fertile land for creation. They support. They congratulate. They are there for you, just like any family should. A family I'm proud to be part of.

They're not perfect. They've made some mistakes. There's one or two shows I think they shouldn't have bought. I've wanted to pull them aside and say "What are you thinking?" There's one or two shows I think they should have bought. I regularly tease them about "Dexter," but just like democracy that isn't perfect, they're the closest we've got to perfection. They're the best we've got.

When they called and said they wanted to co-produce "Extras," I was overwhelmed. The home of "Larry Sanders," "Curb Your Enthusiasm," "The Wire" and "The Sopranos." They made me an offer I couldn't refuse. It's not TV. It's HBO.

I should just say the offer I couldn't refuse was nothing to do with the money. The money was great, don't get me wrong. It just wasn't about that. It never will be. It's about freedom. I want to be part of this family.

Also when my agent was negotiating a recent deal, someone in HBO accounts said "That's an awful lot for a TV series." My agent replied, "It's not TV, it's HBO."

Silence. Not everyone in a family is funny.

"The Ricky Gervais Show" will begin its second season on HBO in 2011.

Recorded a little video message for Conan's first show back too.

I'm doing his show again in January. Before that though I'm doing my 16th Letterman - in December.

Maybe I'll go on as Derek. Derek isn't annoying as many people as I'd hoped. In fact people love that goofy little guy.

Maybe my drink-driving paraplegic, Pete Nash will anger people more. Please send this link everywhere.

And whatever you do don't miss episode 8 this week.


Good work passing the Derek vid around. It has caused anger and hilarity in equal proportions. Keep going as I'm sure some angry people haven't seen it yet.

This is one of my favourite comments ever by the way...

"Ricky Gervais has ruined modern comedy." Jim Shelly, Daily Mirror.

I know I made the Time 100 most influential people but that's an amazing feat.

I'm only sorry he said it too late to put on my live DVD. The best I could find for that was "tasteless and unfunny" Daily Mail. Still good I suppose.

Here's the article in context by the way.

Ha ha. He's still trying, bless him. Make sure you send him Derek. He'll shit himself.

Bet he loves An Idiot abroad too.

Last one on Thursday. Thanks to everyone who watched the series by the way. I like people liking things. I do. Honestly. I just like them hating it too.

Hope you like this. Hope someone else hates it. Hope someone else loves it. Hope someone else want's to go blind rather than watch it twice. All are great reactions.

Week one hundred and forty-three - November 2010

Please tweet or email (if that still exists) this link to people you think would like that sort of thing.

In fact please send it to people who wouldn't like it too. That makes the comments they leave more interesting. Ha ha.

Derek could make people more angry than anything else I've ever done. Maybe this will finally get me banned from the telly. Try your best.

There's a new free podcast to download by the way. It's outtakes from me, Steve and Karl doing some online ads for Amazon and HMV for An Idiot Abroad DVD. [iTunes link]

Oh, and here's an interview I did for Vanity Fair saying I don't actively try to annoy people.

I don't know what to believe any more.

Some idiots are suggesting that Derek Noakes is a fake. They are saying he's an actor called "Ricky" and everything he says is scripted.

As if you could script that shit. It wouldn't be worth it. Also, why would any self-respecting actor want to come across as a div? No. Derek is real. I know him and he's like that 24/7.

He's a good friend and that's why I'm going to get him a TV series.

Talking of which...

Here's another little clip of Episode 8.

Please Tweetle, Face Page, and Space Off like mental to let every body know there's one more episode.

Oh, and buy the DVD for your nan as she hasn't got Sky and she told me she loves "that little monkey-brained cunt." She did. Honestly.

Merry Xmas.

Have a nice weekend.

Oh, and `here's another little div in 2010.

Hope you enjoyed An Idiot Abroad.

Some of the TV guides reported that tonight was the last episode. Not true. Please tell your friends there is an episode 8 next week. That's the last.

But the DVD is out the week after that. [Amazon UK link]

Do you think these guys saw The Invention Of Lying?

And this director saw the DVD extras with Robin and Nigel.

I'll show this to Karl later. He will say, "bit weird init?"

Took some time off today from scripting the podcasts and An Idiot Abroad, and wrote and directed this.

Don't forget to watch Karl in Peru. It's a corker.

Oh, and I'll podcast a clip from episode 8 soon. I'll tell you when it's up.

Oh, and thanks to all those of you who tweeted that Karl is the guy in The Ricky Gervais Show. The world is slowly becoming aware of the chimp-boy wonder.

Keep spreading the word. He is getting angrier and funnier the more he hates fame. Could go one of two ways; 1. He really does give up and start work in Homebase. Or 2. He realizes he can never do a normal job again because he will be bothered by autograph-mongs and he does a second series. Either is funny.

Do your best people.

Had lunch with Karl today. Nearly convinced him to do a second series of An Idiot Abroad but then he panicked and got suspicious. He thinks me and Steve will push things even further and he will end up dead. Ha ha. I wont give up. I am being super nice to him at the moment to lull him into a false sense of security. I'm doing this all for you. Stay tuned.

Here's some clips from Brazil and Peru.

He's coming round to dinner on Thursday and needed to know the menu by Monday. His week is planned. I thought you never get anything done by planning? I don't know what the rules are any more.

I watched the interview we did for Science again today - Meet Karl Pilkington II. I think it's even better than the first one on Politics. It's almost like he's matured and become wiser but dimmer at the same time. I know that doesn't seem to make sense but it's true. There's also something quite sweet and existential about the whole thing. Like two old friends who've lived a life, learned nothing, but enjoyed every minute. I'll podcast a clip so you can see for yourselves.

Or as Karl would say, "get off your arse and buy the DVD." [Amazon UK link]

Spent the weekend in Amberley Castle. On the one hand I ate and drank even more than usual, but on the other, I avoided loads of middle class mums teaching their little brats to ring doorbells and demand sweets in return for not vandalising property. Humbug. Or whatever the pagan equivalent is. I'm all heart.

And lungs...

Read about this at google news

Week one hundred and forty-two - October/November 2010

I was really chuffed to see the amazing tributes and genuine goodwill bestowed on Gerard Kelly. He was deservedly like a national treasure in Scotland.

Here's another little clip of the funny man. Check out his pink socks. Ha Ha. Lovely.

Thanks to everyone who downloaded the new podcast too. It was number 1 last time I looked. As another thank you, have an old audiobook for free... [iTunes link]

Halloween of course. I'll stick out Thanksgiving and Christmas too if Karl doesn't complain. He really is a miserable git. We've sold 5 million audiobooks so far and we're still selling 1500 a day!

When a new one is out it sells about 20,000 a day. And he's still moaning and saying he wants to give up "this shit" and get a proper job. That's why we love him though. Manc fucking Mong... MONC!

Happy Halloween.

You may have heard that Gerard Kelly, the actor who played Bunny in Extras, has died at 51.

He was a lovely bloke and and excellent actor. RIP

Hope you find the new podcast amusing. [iTunes link]

Hope you enjoy Karl in Rio too.

Here he is at the Brazilian "When The Whistle Blows" appreciation society

The animation of Steve in Rio is amazing by the way. (Episode 2 of next season.)

Oh, and all Steve Merchants on twitter are fake. Please tell your friends.

Head like a....

The big difference is, the lights are on in the case of the above vegetable. Yeah, I know it's technically a squash but it ruined the joke. Actually how many times do you hear something isn't a vegetable? "Ooh, it's not a vegetable it's a legume. Well, actually it's not a vegetable it's a fruit... it's a nut."

What is actually is a fucking vegetable then?

I'll tell you...

Karl and a chap he met on holiday...

Thursday should be a good night. An Idiot Abroad on Sky, and Karl Pilkington: A Day in the Life on podcast at iTunes. Free!

We will be removing all other podcast episodes then too, so download them now and keep them forever.

Oh, and apparently I'm being lined up for a new show on Channel 4 called Famous and Fearless. I'm not. I'm sure deep down you knew that really. But you can never be sure. Well, you can now. I'm not. I am however taking over from Steve Carell on The Office. Oh, and I'm playing Gandalf in the new Peter Jackson movie.

Here's that photo I sent to Karl in Egypt.

Now you can have it on your phone too.
You lucky cunts.

This week's episode has Karl at his most uncomfortable yet. No not ill, hungry or in mortal danger; just sitting next to some naked gays. It also has my favourite bit of the series in it. Won't give it away, but it concerns a bit of neglected garlic.


Oh, if you haven't already, download everything on the free Ricky Gervais Podcast as we will be removing things soon, ready for the new episode. A bit of spring clean. In Autumn.

Week one hundred and forty-one - October 2010

A new clip of Karl talking to me and Warwick is available now as a free podcast. [iTunes link]

Now pre order the entire DVD. [Amazon UK link]

Go on. What are you waiting for? Christmas?

OK. Then, Merry Christmas Everyone! (Buy the DVD.)

Hope you liked Karl in Egypt. That was the first one we filmed. It's funny to see Karl complaining in that one - not realizing there was much worse to come.

If you like the show you might like the book as it gives insight into the making of the series. [Amazon UK link]

Here's Karl eating lunch today on the floor of my office.

Another example of me and Steve bullying a smart, independent, 38 year old ex-radio producer. "Ooooh! Gervais admits Karl is not a mong and is therefore a university educated actor."

Or... he's an intelligent but uneducated bloke who always says what he thinks - and that is sometimes funny. I can't decide.

Anyway, I have to go as my cat is patiently waiting to be brushed.

Have a nice weekend.

As you know, it was national "guess what Ricky Gervais earned in America and Britain this year" day, today. [This is Money] | [The Sun]

Obviously when they say The Ricky Gervais Show wasn't received well, they forget to mention that it was recommissioned for a second season and won an Emmy. This is my favourite bit though, as it will really annoy Karl. Ha ha.

The free podcast will be available next Thursday night by the way. Karl doesn't want it to go out because he thinks it's rubbish. I said, "It's too late. I've advertized it."

He said, " Well, tell people I don't like it then." I said, "I will."

So you've been told. Karl didn't want to do it and he thinks it's rubbish. Enjoy.

Hope you liked the exclusive podcast.

I should just say that I thought Karl was going to be warned that he would be kidnapped at some point, but wouldn't be told when it was going to happen. I didn't realise that no one even warned him that there would be a drill. Steve knew this and kept it from him. I'm sure I will get the blame for this, but it was Merchant's fault this time. I would be cruel enough to play this trick, but not brave enough - because as exec. producer I would have been sued if the little bald Manc twat had suffered a heart attack. Even the old Chinese fella told him that's how he would die. I irritate Karl but I rarely risk his life.

We did the free podcast today. It's a good one. Honest. Karl at his miserable, anti-social best. Should be out next week sometime.

He was saying today that people are sick of him already. And then, in the same conversation, that he's not doing a second series because no one is watching the first. Steve and I want to shake him sometimes. What can we do? He doesn't know how lucky he is having me in his corner.

David Haye does.

He's hurting sparring partners at the moment.

I'm like his "Micky". "He'll hoytya poymenant. Poymentant!"

News Flash

There is a new exclusive clip from episode 8 of An Idiot Abroad available now at the Ricky Gervais Show Podcast.

Please download it now [iTunes link] and be the first to tell monkey fans everywhere.

For fuck's sake!

All our Idiot Abroad podcasts have mysteriously disappeared from the iTunes chart. So annoying I know, but we are trying to work out what happened. In the meantime, I'll stick any exclusive clips and unseen footage out on The Ricky Gervais Show podcast. Sorry about that. It only ever happens to us. I know they don't like us clogging up charts but this is ridiculous. Might even give you a glimpse of episode 8.

Stay tuned monkey fans.

Wrote with Steve all day. Loving it.

We're going to do a little free podcast this week too. Karl is grumpy about this as he reckons he has nothing to say. He says that every time. It's like getting blood out of a fucking stone. But the blood is very funny when it flows. I just have to stab him with sharp objects to get it. This metaphor is wearing thin... basically he's a grumpy Manc twat and I have to behave like an annoying cunt to make him say something that is stupid/mental/hilarious. You know the drill by now.

We're all so busy now that we have to find the odd hour in all our diaries. Karl doesn't work weekends either which makes it even harder. Lazy empty-headed chimp.

I remember when it was easy. We'd potter around doing things for a laugh. Like this.

Now I have to make a fucking appointment. Cheeky Manc git. Still if he was different he wouldn't be Karl. Gump.

We've completely finished the first two episodes of The Ricky Gervais Show Season 2 by the way. It's really evolved nicely. It could be the first thing we've ever done that we make a third series of.

We'll see. Just need to persuade Karl to do another series of An Idiot Abroad first. Can you start an internet campaign please? Thanks.

Week one hundred and forty - October 2010

Glad you liked the Mexico episode. It had a nice feel about it because Karl liked the place and the people. Even though he thought it was mental, he said it's the one place he'd go back to.

Next week's is Egypt. There is an amazing bit in a deaf KFC when he is testing if they are really deaf. Pure Gump.

Look at him here.

Like something from the beginning of "2001 - A Space Odyssey".

An Idiot Abroad has clocked up Sky's biggest viewing figures of the year. It's actually growing each week which is amazing, so thank you for all the word-of-mouth.

I think I've persuaded Karl to do a free podcast to thank you.

Sorry to the people around the world who can't get the show yet, but be patient. We are in negotiations now.

Meanwhile let the masses know they can hear Karl all they want on The Guides, being miserable, angry and confused, at any time of day anywhere in the world.

Here's an illegal free taster.

Now fucking buy the whole thing you tight bastards. [iTunes link]

Have a nice weekend.

Hope you liked An Idiot Abroad.

Check out the new podcast at iTunes [iTunes link]

Don't miss Karl in Mexico.

Some remarkable scenes.

Look at his little stressed face. He suffered for our sins. (Karl I mean, obviously.)

Buy 13 episodes of his most idiotic musings. (tweet that or retweet it, or twot it, or whatever you crazy kids do.)

It's LOL, and many other things that are way too long to spell out completely. e.g. SIYPF (shit-in-your-pants funny)

ICRAZBTLF (I-could-rape-a-zombie-back-to-life funny)

It's funny. (IF)

AIDS. (Can't remember what it stands for, but if something is "AIDS", it's really funny.)

Oh just buy the fucking DVD for some cunt please! (OJBTFDVDFSCP)

Spent the day writing with Steve. Forgot how hard it is writing a sitcom from scratch.

Well, I forgot how hard it is writing a sitcom from scratch that you want to go down as well as the fucking Office. No pressure. It's only entertainment.

And so is this...

Another little taster of the bonus material on my Science DVD. Or download it as a podcast. [iTunes link]

Did this for a laugh.

Hope that helps.

I think I've nearly persuaded him to do a second series.

The ratings and general response has been great, and there are still so many awful situations we can get the gimp into. Stay tuned.

This Thursday's is a really good one. It has a slightly different feel to it because he almost enjoyed some bits. It's all relative of course. I'm sure you understand what Karl "enjoying" something amounts to. Miserable Manc git.

Don't forget to spread the word to new fans that Karl is the star of our audiobooks. They won't believe their luck.

The most unlikely people have been coming up to me saying things like "loving that Idiot!" Brilliant. I love it when a plan comes together.

Week one hundred and thirty-nine - October 2010

I was very flattered to see that my quote had been used on the front of the new Larry Sanders DVD.

It's probably the biggest single influence on Extras. I've heard people say that Curb Your Enthusiasm was a big influence. Actually it wasn't. I love it and think it's an absolutely amazing show, but I didn't see it till after we'd already started writing Extras. Anyway, buy The Larry Sanders Show on DVD.

Actually, buy Curb too.

And Spinal Tap. (The biggest single influence on The Office if you're interested.)

Save some money for the Science DVD though.

Finished episode 8 of An Idiot Abroad. It's very funny I think. It's like the preview show but longer, and looking back not forward obviously. Although we do talk about Karl doing a second series, I've been trying to persuade him all weekend. He's so stubborn but I usually get my way. I try parental persuasion. Then begging. Then I try to be so annoying that he gives in to shut me up. If that doesn't work I usually have to con him into doing something he didn't know he was agreeing to. If that doesn't work I pay him. I'll keep you posted.

I'm surprised at the new wave of interest in the audiobooks since the Sky program. A whole new audience - which is nice. I think some people don't realise that The Ricky Gervais Show is actually The Karl Pilkington Show. Please spread the word.

Thank You.

I was worried at the time that people would think that this was a bit "angry" and "preachy".

Well If I could do it again it would be a lot more of both. I didn't go far enough. The world is crumbling. It's getting worse. I need to get angrier.

Have a great weekend.

In London, ready for our Indian summer. (racist)

I am going to try to do nothing but write with Steve for the next month. This will be nearly impossible, but at least we're both around on the same continent, which is a start. Life really is too short.

Here's another little teaser for the interviews on the Science DVD. (also via podcast [iTunes link])

Pre order it now. [Amazon UK link]


Off to London now.

Can't wait to show Karl this.

And this...

I saw it in Central Park Zoo today. It's a cross between a fish and a dog.

Don't miss the 3rd episode of An Idiot Abroad. Sky One, Thursday at 9pm. It's a cracker. Keep downloading the free podcasts too.

Hooked up with our little baked bean-headed friend Rob, and his wife Jill.

He let his guard down for one second and this happened.

I shouted, "Jane take a picture." She didn't want to at first but then she realised it was the only way to stop Rob's pain.

When I released him, he said I had cut off the blood supply to his head. Why is he so red then? Liar.

Head like a fucking plum.

He's created a little app by the way.

[iPhone/iPad app at iTunes]

Did a day of promo for my second HBO stand-up special. It's imaginatively titled Out Of England 2.

Americans will soon be seeing my fat 50 foot face across the country again.

That's the poster by the way.

Not an advert for a new True Blood spin off. "The Chubby Vampsters." Coming soon to HBO.

Week one hundred and thirty-eight - September/October 2010

A Confession

Some people have correctly spotted that An Idiot Abroad is totally scripted. It took ages to write too. Each episode of The Office took us about 2 months to write but they were only 30 minutes long. This show is nearly an hour so each script took us about 3 and a half months to write. Casting was a lot harder too. Just finding that indian actor that looked like Bill Oddie took 8 weeks. It was also a bit embarrassing auditioning people and asking them to wrap their cocks round a walking stick. Still, it will all be worth it when Steve and I win all the BAFTAs again for writing and directing.

I'm a lot prouder of creating the "Pilkington" character (that's not his real name, of course), than I am of David Brent probably. (Although ironically, David Brent isn't a character at all. I am just like that in real life so I didn't have to write any lines for that one. In fact I didn't realise The Office was a sitcom at the time. The BBC just came to my place of work and filmed me selling paper. I've certainly milked becoming famous off the back of that lucky break, right?)

So yeah, Karl is completely fake. When you meet him off camera he's a bit like Steven Fry. We just get him to act dim to make money. All the podcasts and audiobooks were completely scripted too. If you listen carefully you can hear us turning the pages. The good thing about those were that we didn't have to learn the lines by heart as we weren't in vision. A lot easier than in An Idiot Abroad where Karl not only has to learn the whole script but often only gets one take because we only have all those extras for a few hours.

The tricky bit is when he's interviewed on radio and TV. We have to get the presenter in on it so they ask him the right questions. Luckily every single one has gone along with it and never given the secret away. Thanks. But I just thought it was time to come clean. I'm ashamed that I ever lied to you. Sorry.

"Karl" will find it difficult getting different roles in other scripted comedies and dramas as we have typecast him so much over the last few years, so please buy the audiobooks and DVDs as he will need the money.

I'm glad the charade is over as I won't need to pretend to find my best mate funny anymore. It's hard laughing at lines you've written yourself. Obviously I don't find him funny at all and we are not really friends. Thanks for watching all this time suckers, and well done to the really smart people who knew all this all along. You got me! You are brilliant.


The gig last night is one of the best I've ever done. The crowd were amazing. Cheers

Here's a little taster of the Warwick/Karl interview from the Science DVD. Look at the gimp look of fear on Karl's face when he meets Warwick. You can also download it as a podcast. [iTunes link]

Gigs going great here in US. The Chicago Theatre is officially the most beautiful theatre I've ever played. The crowd was up there too. My kinda town.

Hope you enjoyed the second episode of An Idiot Abroad. We'll put out another little deleted scene on the podcast too.

The interviews with Karl on the bonus features for the Science DVD [Amazon UK link] turned out superb by the way.

There was something very special between him and Warwick. I'd like to do a programme of them going round England on a tandem or something.

Oh God I really, really want to make that show.

Warm-up went great, but I was enjoying myself so much I forgot to do a whole section. Never mind though, as only I know this.

And you too now, obviously.

Don't forget to watch episode 2 of An Idiot Abroad. Thursday 9pm Sky1 HD

Chicago is great.

No, I didn't take this photo from a helicopter. It's the view from our hotel suite. Amazing.

And here's the lake.

How is that not a fucking ocean?

Anyway, as I'm in the US of A, I thought I should get another Hollywood makeover...

That deleted scene of the Chinese fella eating noodles is available on the Ricky Gervais Podcast by the way. [iTunes link]

We'll stick another one out at the end of the week. I'll also be putting out some clips of the Science DVD bonus material for your viewing pleasure.


Week one hundred and thirty-seven - September 2010

Some reviewers thought that Karl was rude and borderline racist because he didn't fancy eating toad and found it disgusting when people kept gobbing everywhere in public.


Honestly, don't. You will fucking shit your sensitive little selves.

And don't watch next week's episode of An Idiot Abroad in India. Karl really shows his Nazi side when he moans about being ill and nearly shitting himself to death and not liking his food covered in flies and his room stinking. What a fucking racist. I think I'm going to stop hanging round with him.

And Steve's just as bad.

And still only 11% of the world hates me?

I demand a recount. I know for a fact it must be nearer 50:50 by now, surely. I am assuming the vast majority of people that can't stand me don't own computers. Of course, the best thing about a poll like this is that, even though I know it doesn't mean anything, the 11% that hate me, hate me even more now because of the result. It's eating them up inside.

I used to hate seeing a poster with my fat annoying face on it, but now I like it because I know it's hurting someone a lot more than me. Is that wrong?

I have warned Karl of the impending jealousy and vitriol that is soon to come. I think he'll handle it differently to me. I think he'll end up punching some bitter critic at a party.

Could be fun I suppose.

Love Karl. Annoy the haters.

Anyway off to Chicago now.

Today I had peanut butter on toast for breakfast, discussed Acting with David Haye, went for a walk, had a chat about The Future of America with Christopher Guest, did a bit of shopping, talked about The Point of Twitter with David Bowie, worked out, had a meeting with Ridley Scott and watched telly. This is all absolutely true.

I know what you're thinking; Why am I telling you all this? It sounds like just a normal day.

No. It wasn't. I usually have porridge for breakfast but Jane was out when I got up and I couldn't be bothered to make it.

The response to the first episode of An Idiot Abroad has been beyond expectation. Thanks for watching.

Here's a deleted scene.

Have a nice weekend.

Had a meeting with Karl and Steve today as we're recording episode 8 of An Idiot Abroad tomorrow. We've waited till now because we wanted to see the response.

Only a couple of bad previews to talk about, which is annoying, but we're hoping for some last minute, vicious reviews Friday morning. Fingers crossed.

Enjoy China. Karl didn't.

Here's the whinging Monglet on Absolute Radio today.

Christian did a great job. And of course, in case you true fans didn't know it, I could not be prouder of Karl. Legend.

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday you completely round-headed fucking gump Manc twonk mong...
Happy Birthday to you.

K. Pilkington
Born 23rd September 1972.

What better way to celebrate than to watch the premiere of An Idiot Abroad on Sky1 HD. 9pm.

Here's the birthday chimp on This Morning.

How's it going winding up the world by trying to get Karl more popular than Jesus?


Don't forget to email this to everybody too.

Fight the good fight.

Talking of which...

This is me training today with David Haye.

We swapped tips...

I showed him some boxing moves. (At one point I hit him in the stomach and it felt like a bag of concrete.)

He told me some jokes. (Never to be repeated in public.)

Training again tomorrow. (I've got to get up at 5am and eat 6 raw eggs. I might just have an omelette before I go to bed and get up a bit later.)

On a serious note, I fucking loved it. It's slightly surreal to know the heavyweight champion of the world. And he's so funny and laid back too. A genuinely nice bloke. (Who could kill you, obviously.)

Spent the day editing the behind-the-scenes stuff for the 'Science' DVD. Easily the best I've ever done. The interview with Karl and Warwick is amazing and running at about 20 something minutes at the moment.

The one with me and Karl is nearly as long and it's got a different feel than usual. It's like two old friends late at night just chatting. It's nice. That's meant to be a terrible adjective to use when describing the "creative arts", but that's how I feel about it.

I've also cut a new interview I did with Larry David on the set of Curb Your Enthusiasm. So some pretty, pretty good exclusive bonus features. Even though I say so myself. I have to; you haven't seen them yet. Some of you will definitely agree with me though. That's guaranteed. (No money back.)

Listen to this. It's nice.

Oh, and is this the mongiest Karl has ever looked or what?

It doesn't know what the fuck is going on.

Week one hundred and thirty-six - September 2010

Calling internet activists, tweeters and Pilkiphiles...

The Ricky Gervais Show has been downloaded 250,000,000 times worldwide.

The Bible has sold 2,500,000,000 worldwide,

The Bible is 10 times more popular basically. (Fair enough I suppose. After all, an awful lot of what Karl says is made up, impossible, illogical rubbish.)

So, if you are one of the people who has downloaded The Ricky Gervais Show, all you have to do is get 9 of your friends who have never listened to download it too.

When this happens Karl will be as popular as Jesus.

Not as "good" obviously.

And he won't be half God either.

Half Bod more like.

Not bad though is it?

Go forth and multiply.

Oh, try and get this downloaded 2.5 billion times too .

Feel free to add a comment on the mentalist forum.

So, me and Karl went for lunch the other day.

We got papped walking back from Primrose Hill to Hampstead.

But I couldn't believe my luck when I saw the shot.

Ring any bells?



Have a nice weekend

This is an article in today's Evening Standard...

The 49-year-old comedian denied he had been pressurised by Hollywood into losing weight.

He said: "I got fit after Christmas, running around Hampstead. I've got a gym in my house - well, it's more like a spa. But it was nothing to do with Hollywood. I just thought enough is enough - I'm nearly 50'.

"It's not for a role or anything, my next two movies are animations so it doesn't matter what I look like. This is for my health. I lost 20lb in three months and it's stayed off. I've not stopped eating anything - it's just exercise."

The comedian was speaking at the launch of Sky 1 comedy documentary An Idiot Abroad, in which his podcast co-star Karl Pinkington is sent to the seven wonders of the world after he claimed they were "a bit s***".

Glad they managed to mention the show that we were meant to be talking about at the end.

Anyway the facts are sound.

All this is entirely true. The quotes are accurate.

This is the Headline they went with though...

At no point in my life has any doctor suggested I lose 20lbs. No one has ever suggested I lose 20lbs. (except me.)

This was nothing to do with medical advice. I never said it was. Apart from that, the article is totally fair.

I win.

Karl would save me in a fire.

Did a press screening and Q & A for An Idiot Abroad. Christ knows what they made of it. We'll soon find out. But many of the journalist looked genuinely confused by Karl. That's a good thing.

I can't wait for the previews. We record episode 8 next week by the way. It's a 'look back', and me and Steve want to read Karl all the worst reviews on camera.

I can't wait.

Ricky spotted in L.A. with David Brent facial hair. Is he taking over from Steve Carell on the American Office?

The answer is yes!

Well, probably.

Let's ask Ricky himself.........

No. He said, "No". "No I'm not taking over from Steve Carell" were his exact words. So who knows? Reports are ambiguous.

Here's a little outtake from the interview I did with Warwick and Karl for my Science DVD.

Pre-order it now.[Amazon UK link]

So that's the end of the UK leg of the tour. Back to America next to do more dates and record my second HBO special.

Hammersmith was great. It's easily the best live show I've ever recorded. (I know, I know, you'll be the judge of that.)

Had a drink after the show with Chris Martin and Prince Harry. As you do.

Harry was trying to persuade me to come to Afghanistan to perform to the troops. I said I was too scared. He said I could do Basra which was the safest place. Yeh, the safest place out of all the other places in a war zone. I pointed out that when I walk round Hampstead, I make sure I don't accidentally wander into Belsize Park by mistake.

I take risks with my comedy, not my vital organs.

I said I'd think about it.

On the day of the gig he wound me up by sending me a text saying that he was bringing his gran. I was obviously a bit panicked. She would definitely not have enjoyed the show.

At the after-show he got me to sign a beer mat for her. "To Liz II, Cheers! Ricky Gervais" (true)

I will be checking ebay all week in case she is making money off me. I can't help but think that her signing a beer mat to me would be worth slightly more.

Week one hundred and thirty-five - September 2010

Piece in The Guardian in which the journalist quotes an Independent journalist's version of "my rape joke" - not my version obviously.

I was annoyed for about 30 seconds but then I realized no one cares. It doesn't affect what anyone thinks of me whether she gets her information right or wrong. Which is both depressing and comforting in a way. The truth is, most information "out there" is either opinion or slightly inaccurate. To worry about every journalist who bangs out a few hundred words every day for cash on blogs and websites is not very fruitful. I may as well check every toilet wall every day in case someone misquotes me.

By the way, I've had another Hollywood makeover...

Karl said, "It looks like Desperate Dan's been run over."

Lovely autumn weather.
Idiot Abroad podcast at number one.
The Brigade in the final of Big Brother (US).

Good day.

Amazing news.

An Idiot Abroad is to be sold around the world.

Can't give you the details now as we don't know which channels in which countries etc. So excited. Karl won't even be able to go on holiday now without getting bothered. Perfect.

Not sure any more if it's because of mine and Steve's profile from The Office or because there are execs in TV around the globe that are fans of the podcasts. Anyway, who cares?

The important thing is that a new species of shaven chimp can become ruler of the human race.

Join the revolution.

Another great night at Hammersmith. Thank you.

Had lunch with Karl.

He looked less like an orange and more like a fucking egg.

Jesus Christ!

Morph was more human.

Did the first night at Hammersmith. Loved it. Thanks to all you lovely people who came along.

Hope you liked the preview show for An Idiot Abroad.

Some terrible person has posted it on YouTube for people who don't live in the UK.

This is illegal and I do not condone this sort of fucking behaviour.

They posted it here and here.

We have a new podcast out, available at iTunes. [iTunes link]

It's a sneak preview of An Idiot Abroad which starts September 23rd at 9pm on Sky1 HD.

Please download it. It's free and very funny. Honest.

I'm at The Hammersmith Apollo all this week with the last ever Science shows.

If you can't get to see it live, order the DVD [Amazon UK link]

The bonus material is fun too.

Week one hundred and thirty-four - August/September 2010

Recorded some bonus features with Karl and Warwick Davis today for my live DVD 'Science'. [Amazon UK link]
Amazing. Fucking amazing. I'm not going to give anything away but Karl asked Warwick some of the most gob-smacking questions imaginable.

Just got to record the actual stand-up show now.

Don't forget this by the way...

Oh, and the website is live now too.

Twitter away like mother fuckers!

Have a great weekend.

Hope you liked the pics from Sky Mag.

As you can see, Steve and I are laughing and Karl looks uncomfortable.

This is because,
1. Karl didn't want to do the pose in the first place.
2. Throughout the shoot I was saying things like, "Karl are those your testicles touching my back?" and Steve kept saying that he had an erection.

By the way, Sky Movies are showing The Invention Of Lying from September 10th.

Or order the DVD and get all the lovely extras. [Amazon UK link]

Here's that feature I did for Variety on the greatest primetime schedule.

Thanks to the press of the world for all the lovely reviews of my stint at the Emmys.

Thanks to the Emmys for always letting me do anything I want.

Thanks to Bucky Gunts, the most famous man in America at the moment, for having that name.

Thanks to the photographers for not telling me I looked like a pasty George Michael.

In other news...

At 12.03 GMT The Ricky Gervais Show was downloaded for the 250 millionth time.

A quarter of a billion.

A million of those were in the two days after the Emmys.

Karl is a phenomenon.

Here's the full interview we did for Sky Mag by the way.

So The Ricky Gervais Show won an Emmy for Outstanding Achievement in Animation Character Design. Quite specific I know, but an Emmy none the less.

Steve and I lost out in the Best Comedy category (for The Office) to Modern Family. But The Guardian gave me their own award for best British performance of the night. It counts!

My bald headed chum Rob spotted this on TV and we are looking into why there was a tiger in a Flanimal Park.

Turns out it was the gibbon's fault.

Karl would love that story.

If the tiger can jump the fence why doesn't he do it all the time?

Rob often has a stressful time watching TV.

It's genius how I've trapped his left arm under my left arm and grabbed his right thumb with my right hand, leaving my left hand free to squeeze his face but leaving my face free to do what it wants. And that is what it wanted to do.

The Emmys were a lot of fun this year and Jimmy Fallon did a great job as host.

They even let me write my own introduction. I emailed it to Jimmy the day before and he did it perfectly.

Here's a little clip of the awards. Oh that's lucky. It's the bit I'm in.

Week one hundred and thirty-three - August 2010

Surprise, surprise, it's sunny in L.A.

I should be in the UK plugging Cemetery Junction on DVD so I was wondering if you could do that for me. Just make a sandwich-board and walk up and down busy high streets. Thanks.

Or just buy it yourself. it's up to you.

The Mirror are doing their bit;

Off to L.A. today.

Always hard to leave this behind.

But I only ever travel with hand luggage and Manhattan exceeds the weight limit by billions of tons.

Karl is on the front cover of this month's Sky magazine! This is the beginning. He will definitely hear someone shout, "you've got a head like a fucking orange" very soon. I can feel it.

Don't let me down.

Did an interview and photo session for Vanity Fair today. My excuse for being a crap subject was a sore throat and a temperature. Which is lucky because the truth is I'm crap at photo sessions when even when I'm well. It was a real experience to be honest as it was with the great Howard Schatz. A true artist. Hope he got something interesting.

Esquire tomorrow. I'm getting my excuses prepared already.

It's for The Golden Globes and my HBO Special.

The great thing about doing interviews for The Ricky Gervais Show and An Idiot Abroad is that I can just talk about Karl and not me. I feel so much less wary and self conscious. Also I'm making him look stupid and not me. Perfect. That's my job now.

Nice little mention

Doing a photo shoot and interview for Vanity Fair tomorrow. It's for the Golden Globes gig in January but I will definitely try to mention the shaven chimp. The second season of The Ricky Gervais Show will probably premiere around that time anyway.

Thanks to all you lovely Americans who bought the Cemetery Junction DVD. It's out in The UK in a couple of weeks. [Amazon UK link]

Please order it now. You'll love it. Trust me.

Stopped off in New York on the way to the EMMYs.

I'm nominated as Exec Producer of The Office. I'm handing out a couple too so it won't be a completely wasted journey I suppose.

Being on this list is better than winning an EMMY anyway.

I am genuinely so flattered. Thank you Cinemablend.

Went to see my friend Mike McKean in Our Town last night. What a beautiful production of an amazing American play.

Talking of wonderful art, New York and friends...

Here's me balancing a little bald-headed artist chum in my apartment.

It looks biblical doesn't it?

Week one hundred and thirty-two - August 2010

Did a sort of VIP press screening and Q and A for the Cemetery Junction DVD. [Amazon UK link]

Those things are usually very dry affairs, full of journos who would rather be somewhere else.

But it was surprisingly fun. They were really up for it and more like fans than cynical film critics. (I'd like to thank them all but we haven't seen the reviews yet.)

Finished An Idiot Abroad today. It's such a good series. Can't wait for Karl to get bothered on the street. The preview show will air on September 5th, remember.

He swears he's never doing another series.

But then again he swears Ollie is evil.

2 minutes after this picture was taken she bit him. (true.)

Have a nice weekend.

So that's all the regional dates done for the UK tour of Science. Just the DVD recording at the Hammersmith Apollo left to do. Please pre-order the DVD now though. [Amazon UK link]
I'm recording the interview with Karl and Warwick next month and Karl is doing a special show about Science with me as bonus material. There's also the usual behind-the-scenes diary of course.

Then I have to finish off the US dates and record the HBO special. Then finish writing Life's Too Short. No pressure.

Is it me, or does this look like some puppeteer just peeled Sooty of his hand after a show and threw it on a chair in the dressing room?

Back in Brighton this week for a couple more shows at the Centre.

Then off to The EMMYs.

Week one hundred and thirty-one - August 2010

Recorded Alan Carr: Chatty Man tonight with Steve. Great fun, but the edit could be tricky. Can't wait to see what they do with the first question and answer. Alan said that I looked fit and slim and asked me my secret. I of course answered, "AIDS". We'll see if they keep that in or not. It's on Sunday and repeated Monday.

Have a nice weekend.

Exclusive. This is the only image released from the next series of Curb. It is from a scene at a dinner party where me and Larry really don't see eye to eye, but I can't tell you more than that I'm afraid. They don't usually let photos out this early but I got personal authorization from the man himself for this website only.


Just did my 4th and final night at Birmingham Arena. (did a couple earlier in the year remember) It was great by the way, so thanks to everyone who came along and laughed and gasped loudly.

Locked off another episode of An Idiot Abroad. It's such a funny series. Karl, just talking about stuff, sounds like carefully crafted one-liners. He's amazing. Especially when he's angry, scared, tired or ill. Which is all the time.

There's never been a programme like it. Because there's never been such a dopey whinging Manc like it either.

The book is finished too. It's basically "Karl's Diary" but in foreign countries. Perfect. [Amazon UK link]

Week one hundred and thirty - August 2010

Jane got me a "walking with wolves" day as part of my birthday present. It was amazing. Almost spiritual. It really affected me and I want to visit them again. I was quite scared at first as they are still wild and their bite is three times stronger than a pit bull. They are magnificent though. I highly recommend it.

The alpha male came over to me at one point. I froze. He jumped up and put his paws on my shoulders, (yes, he was fucking huge), and started licking my mouth. "Don't move," they said. "He likes you. He can smell what you had for lunch." (I hope he doesn't write for Pandora's Box in The Independent or everyone will know.)

Cemetery Junction is on at The Mann Theatre in Glendale L.A. this week. From what I can work out it's going to be filled with famous people. I've had about 40 emails from actors and directors and comedians saying they have tickets for it. Don't bother them; let them watch the film. They may be on the Oscars panel. Or, sit behind them and laugh and cry loudly, saying things like, "ooh, it's made me reconsider my whole existence. Brilliant!"

And remember, if a Hollywood producer comes over to you and licks your face, don't move.

Sent off the podcast we did for the allied forces today. There's some really funny bits on it and loads of childhood stories from Karl we hadn't heard before. Hope they like it.

Talking of making people laugh overseas... The Israeli version of The Office starts this Sunday and is called Ha-misrad. Please watch it if you're in the area.

And in more news of far-off climes, the preview show for An Idiot Abroad gets its premiere on the 5th of September. Please watch that too.

Took a little picture of Karl in the edit.

Look at his body language. It's like I've just sat next to him on a train and said, "you're muscly."

Have a nice weekend.

Another fun day in the edit. I wish we had recorded it. I suppose I actually wish I could do a real Truman Show with the little bald twonk.

Went to see Jeff Goldblum in Neil Simon's 'The Prisoner of Second Avenue'. Absolutely fantastic. The writing is still 100% relevant, the performances were brilliant and the production inspired.

I want to write a play. (Might be the free wine in the royal box talking.)

There are still articles appearing about me taking over from Steve Carell on the American version of The Office. Maybe I haven't made it clear enough. I suppose it doesn't matter what I say for the world of entertainment news, so let's try a new approach.

Report one of the following...

I am definitely taking over from Steve Carell on The Office. Yes, I have been asked to take over as the new boss at Dunder Mifflin. I said yes. They made me an offer I just couldn't refuse. I will once again play David Brent and I take over next season. I can't wait. Steve Merchant and I will also write and direct. I will remain Executive Producer.


I'm not taking over from Steve Carell and will just continue to make millions for doing fuck all because I created the show and all the characters, and own the format and it's being syndicated now and I get paid every time any episode of any version is played anywhere in the world, and I stopped my version at its height and I don't think I can improve on that, and I don't want to go back to that and get up at 6am every day of the week for 7 years.

Only one of these is true. I don't know which one to believe. What would you do if you were me?

Another day in the edit. So exited about An Idiot Abroad. It was the press launch today and the clips went down a storm.

I've started planning the second series but Karl said he is definitely not doing any more. We'll see.

We've had a request from the army to do a special podcast for the troops overseas in active service. They apparently listen to Karl all the time. Amazing.

We're recording something tomorrow. What an an absolute honour.

You may have read that I'm returning to Springfield.

I actually recorded it last week. Didn't mention it as I don't like to show off. You know that. It's a fun episode. I didn't write it and it's only a brief cameo, but I did manage to adlib like a mother fucker and insult an awful lot of people. And it only took an hour. Perfect. It airs in Feb in US I think.

It's weird that I can talk about popping up in The Simpsons so casually. When I first got into comedy someone asked me what my ultimate ambition was. I said, "to get a joke on The Simpsons." I have been a very lucky boy indeed.

Maybe one day I will actually know someone as stupid and bald as Homer. Although I doubt there is anyone in the world like that.

See, I told you there was a heaven...

It sounds like a great place. From now on, I'm going to be a good person and not murder anyone or steal stuff 'n' that.

I've got a new favourite restaurant in London. The Square. Fantastic. Karl loved it too. He had scallops, followed by lamb, and a chocolate pudding. He gave it a glowing five star review. His actual words were... "nothin wrong withat." What a great quote for their website.

I assume I can go to The Square in heaven? If not I'm going to be a really bad person and beat up blind people and kidnap 'n' that.

Week one hundred and twenty-nine - July 2010

Spent the day in the edit again. Finished episode 1 of An Idiot Abroad. Steve and I were laughing all the time. I think Karl will become a right bald cult.

Also wrote a little piece for Variety about my favourite TV shows of all time. It's part of a bigger feature centred around the Emmys.

Always fun.

I'll have to take in my suit a few inches. Nice.

Have a great weekend.

Spent the day in the edit cutting the "pre-series episode" of An Idiot Abroad. I cannot wait for this show to air. Karl is the funniest, baldest, grumpiest Manc twat in the world.


Look at his dopey face.

This is fun too.

Did an interview and photo session with the nice chaps at Time Out London. It was for my Science DVD so we just chatted about stand up. I've never talked so passionately about stand up before. Or at least not my own. I love stand up now. I suppose I realized what a privilege it is to have thousands of people pay money, travel from their work or home, arrange a baby sitter maybe, just to hear what you have to say. You'd better say something special. Something exiting. Something funny is good too.

It's been a long tour though. Only a few more UK gigs then it's committed to DVD, never to be performed again.

Then the final US dates. Then the rest of the world. Then a few of the nearer planets. Maybe I could build a Jongleurs on the land Karl bought on the moon. That's true by the way. He had one of those framed deeds that say you have a few acres on the Moon (Clearly a novelty item. He took it seriously.) I said, "why did you buy that?" meaning, why did you waste money on tat. He said, "you never know do ya?"


In my hotel suite looking back at two fantastic nights at the Bournemouth Arena. Cheers.

Listening to Midlake, drinking champagne and writing in my blog about how I beat Stewart Francis 6-1, 6-2, 6-4 at tennis today. Didn't want to bring it up, but since you asked...

Found this on YouTube.

Playing Bournemouth tonight. Oh I do like to be beside the seaside. So does Karl. And in The Sun.

Look at his little round face.

Coming Soon. An Idiot Abroad.

Week one hundred and twenty-eight - July 2010

The on-air promos we did for Sky turned out so well that they want to make them into a little programme to show before the series starts. Could be good to introduce Karl to a new audience so they don't think he's an actor called Graham or something. Stay tuned.

Finished the pilot for Life's Too Short too. Just have to write the series now.

Here's a topical retrospective. (If that makes sense.)

Cheggers hasn't had this many column inches since he showed his,... erm... "column inches." (He can have that one.)

Have a nice weekend.

Steve and I did some idents and interviews for Israeli TV today. Their version of The Office launches this month. Steve learnt the word Shalom and said it about 50 times thoughout the day.

We also did a little message for an international TV buyers' convention. Although most countries in the world already have The Office, thanks to wars and other terrible occurrences, there are new little countries popping up all the time. Perfect.

Here's Karl's big moment on morning TV. Look at his squinty little mole-like head.

This was in The Sun today in case you missed it...

Did some on-air promos for An Idiot Abroad. It really is as good as it gets. Hundreds of thousands of pounds spent on filming me and Steve annoy Karl till he gets angry, says something ridiculous and I burst. That's basically the format. We just talked for an hour or so. They only needed 30 seconds but we're thinking of doing something with the rest. If that happens I sincerely hope you enjoy it as much as I did, but sadly that may be impossible.

Did a day of stills publicity for Sky.

Yes, it was my best day ever.

At one point I decided to wrestle Karl to the ground. Don't worry, the whole day was also filmed as a DVD extra on Science.

Thanks to everyone who bought The Ricky Gervais Show today. It is the number one TV title at the moment apparently, so you have made a certain Manc twat very happy. (Well, "happy" is probably going a bit far, but you know what I mean.)

The best day of press and publicity ever - because I was with Steve and Karl. So not only was I was so excited to put Karl through what, to him, was a sort of torture, but also he was fantastic. So funny. He didn't find it funny. But it was.

The DVD of the first season of The Ricky Gervais Show is out today by the way. [Amazon UK link]

Met up with Will Smith who is over with his (Karate) kid. He suggested we do a remake of Stir Crazy. I suggested Trading Places. Thoughts?

Got asked to hand out an EMMY. Nice. I'm there anyway as I'm nominated for the animation and The Office, so that would be perfect. Even if I don't win I'll still get to go back stage and have a sneaky beer. No beer in the theatre! Unbelievable! It's not in Utah for fuck's sake.

Still mustn't grumble.

Week one hundred and twenty-seven - July 2010

An open Letter to David Cameron;

Dear David,

I understand that I have no say in where my tax money goes. That's fine. I'm sure you see the bigger picture, and can distribute my hard earned cash in the best way possible.

You will give it to emergency services, defence, education and National Health. I am not only very patriotic, but am also all in favour of helping people less fortunate than me.

Would it be possible to let those people know that it was my money that helped them so they might buy one of my DVDs?

I think that's fair.

I'm forking out millions; loads of people are getting free chemotherapy or ambulances everywhere. The least those people could do is give a little back.

Let me know.

Ricky Gervais

P.S. Could you persuade the Radio Times not to have Doctor Who or Top Gear on the front cover every fucking week?

Love this...

Well done to that unknown fan at Glastonbury.

This is what I expect of all of you.

Have a great weekend.

I knew Robin loved Michael McIntyre, but I didn't realize he was 41.

41? Wow. They grow up so fast don't they? It seems like only a few years ago I was dressing him up, bouncing him on my knee and building him a little paddling pool on the beach.

Back in the UK. Flogging The Ricky Gervais Show DVD [Amazon link] and doing my final regional dates of the tour.

See you in Bournemouth, Birmingham or Brighton. Only doing places that begin with B obviously.

Then off to The Emmys before the final London dates.

Get Karl an Emmy!

The 3rd Volume of XFM stuff is now available on iTunes. Can't remember if it's any good as it was recorded about 30 years ago. [iTunes link]

Is there any sight more beautiful than Manhattan at sundown?

Yes. Robin Ince, in a nappy, trapped in Selfridge's shop window.

Filmed downtown today. So much fun. Larry even let me interview him again for my Science DVD bonus material. (I've been keeping a video diary of the tour.) Such a genuinely funny man. It's been an absolute honour doing this show. I'm a very luck boy.

At lunch I popped down to see a friend who's over here at the moment. Who? It's only Chris Martin from Coldplay!

He and the rest of the Coldplayers were busy recording their new album.

I offered to come up with a great title for it.

They were very keen to get my input obviously.

I looked at their previous titles; Parachutes, A Rush of Blood to the Head, X & Y, and Viva La Vida, and I incorporated those sorts of things in my title.


La floaty hurry up-phabet

(They didn't like it.)

OK what about...

Ooh La La, I'm all Dizzy Wizzy.

(Hated it.)

I give up. Good luck boys. You're on your own.

Week one hundred and twenty-six - July 2010

Get Karl an Emmy!

Every show that was Emmy nominated has had representatives doing interviews all week on US TV. Except our show.

Steve is in London, Karl will never do any publicity, I am filming Curb Your Enthusiasm, editing the audio for the second series and working on my HBO Special. I haven't got time. It's up to you. You need to take on the campaign to get that lazy Manc twat an Emmy. Twitter like a mother fucker. If you're those guys on Facebook who got Rage Against The Machine a Christmas number one, then use your power again for good.


Thank you.

Oh, and just in case, yesterday's blog was clearly a joke. I don't really want the tax I pay to go to Jonathan Ross. I know what you're thinking; "who would ever take that seriously?"
You'd be surprised.

Look what happened when I said, "steriize bad parents." So obviously a joke. But that became, "sterilize poor people" after a few rounds of Chinese whispers (racist).

I like paying tax that goes to schools, health, roads etc. Without the welfare state I wouldn't be university educated. I wouldn't have these great teeth either. (OK forget that last one.) Also, re. road tax, even though I don't drive myself, Ocado come every day. (That's a joke too. It's every other day.)

An open letter to David Cameron...

Dear David,

How's it going?

There's has been a lot of negative press recently criticising the BBC for paying Jonathan Ross £6 million a year.

It's getting a bit boring. I think they feel that because it is government money they have the right to withdraw that funding should they wish. I'm sure it's a fair point, but even though he is leaving the BBC soon they're still moaning, and I just want the bickering to end.

I have a plan.

As it happens, I paid about £6 million in tax last year in the UK. (My pleasure. Not a problem. You're welcome.)

That money, as I understand it, goes towards schools, roads, police, and national health.

Now... I don't have kids, I don't drive, I use a private security team and I'm in BUPA. Could you give Jonathan my tax money and let him do what he wants so no one can complain anymore?

Just a thought. Let me know.

Ricky Gervais

P.S. I wrote to Gordon Brown asking him to stop making Guards' hats out of murdered bears but he did fuck all. Can you look into that too?

So The Ricky Gervais Show got nominated for an Emmy. This one is probably more exciting than the ones for The Office, Extras and my stand-up.

The second season is going very well and we've really condensed material to make everything really strong.

Pre order the DVD. [Amazon UK] It's Emmy nominated you know. (Ha ha. I just thought of all the haters.)

Having a great time on Curb.

Larry and I had to look into each other's eyes suspiciously in a scene last night. Couldn't do it. Impossible. We both cracked up about 25 times I'd say. He is the only person I've worked with who corpses as much as me. It's refreshing.

Anyway have a great weekend.

You may have seen this.

It's also available as a podcast if you want to download it and keep it forever. [iTunes podcast link]

If filming that wasn't enough, I just did my first day on Curb Your Enthusiasm.

I'm going to wake up and still be at school aren't I? "Gervais! You fell asleep again didn't you? You useless little cunt."

"Louie" went down a storm. [LA Times]|[AV Club]

Congratulations to that big fat pile of ginger shit.

Here's the most important bit of last night's show.... Me.

The Queen is here in New York today. Hope she's got sunblock on, because as she would say, "it's so fucking hot; one is sweating like a cunt."

It's fun in The Sun though...

Please watch this tonight...

Louie, 11 p.m., FX.
This show's odd formula stuffs two stories into each half-hour. Tonight's are opposites. The first story - returning briefly in the closing credits - has Ricky Gervais as Louie's doctor. It's rude, crude and sometimes wildly funny.

Ah, air conditioning. Man's triumph over nature. It's about 104 degrees here, in the baked apple.

I love it. It's hot and slow in da hood. Everyone who lives on the Upper East Side is in The Hamptons I think.

Filming on Curb Your Enthusiasm this week. I think my character would wear shorts and a t-shirt.

Popped into Central Park Zoo.

The snow leopard looked warm.

It's definitely thinking, "where's the fucking snow?"

Week one hundred and twenty-five - June/July 2010

Happy 4th of July!

In New York for Independence Day.

That's the day when everyone here celebrates kicking us British out.

Luckily I've got a visa.

A perfect end to a perfect week. Not only did I get to actually act with Warwick today (and of course ruin more takes than the rest of the week put together), but also Elmo was in London so he popped by.

I let them play together.

This is from last time we met.

Have a nice weekend

Laughed so much today I thought I would burst. Luckily I wasn't in the scene so was far enough away not to ruin it.

Warwick Davis is officially one of the funniest people in the world.

I am going to shoot a sketch with him and Karl for my Science DVD too. Thanks to everyone who has pre-ordered it by the way. It means a lot. It means a lot mainly because all pre-orders count towards the first week's sales. Get it now if you're going to get it at all basically. And you'll save £7!

Bargain. (I may go to QVC when Karl goes to B&Q)

Oh, and a huge thank you to everyone who downloaded The Guide to The World Cup. All 4.6 million of you. (Total for June.) Amazing.

And 'Hello New Zealand'. Hope you like Cemetery Junction. Here's a little interview we did earlier.

Had one of the best day's filming on anything ever.

I really wish we were doing the whole series right now. But we haven't written it yet. So there lies the problem. The good news is, writing is my favourite part, so I've still got all that fun to come. It's win win.

And the other amazing news is that I've just commissioned Karl to write and film a programme on Science for my live DVD. Can't wait.

Pre-order it now via Amazon

Well it's official. Steve Carell will leave The Office after this next season. It was of course inevitable (and sad), but I wish him all the luck in the world. He is quite possibly the nicest, hardest working man in America and it has been a joy working with him over the last six years. (And taking the piss out of him at every award show.)

It was expected of me, as executive producer, to persuade him to stay on. With syndication in full swing the more successful the show remains, the more billions we all make. It was tempting, but the truth is, I believe he is doing the right thing. He's fulfilled his contract and more, and is a huge film star now. (I knocked it on the head after 12 episodes and a Christmas special.) I'd be lying if I said he should do more. He shouldn't. He should move on, continue to do great work, and buy a new house every time The Office is repeated somewhere. (That's what I do. Maybe I'll buy one next door to him one day. That'll fucking teach him.)

Good Luck Steve.

OK, so Carell is a megastar. Now on to Pilkington.

Let's up the game a bit. You must all leave a comment on a message board or forum today. You have to convert one non-believer to the way of The Round Headed One. There is only one Gump. Go forth.

Another weird freak I've taken under my wing is the great, (fat bald ginger slob), Louis C.K.. His new show starts tonight on FX. Watch it. It's going to be superb.

Fantastic day's shooting on Life's Too Short.

We were filming at a disused airforce base. A hundred acres of empty road, derelict buildings, and even tennis and basketball courts.

We wrapped very early and made the most of the facilities.

Me and Steve won.

I'd like to say we thrashed them, but we didn't. It was really close. (I should've known better. I wont pick him next time.)

Week one hundred and twenty-four - June 2010

My favourite review of the animation.

I can only assume that it must be a spoof. But just in case; please order now and annoy the haters some more.

A huge thank you to the Twitter army out there. I understand that Karl Pilkington was a trending topic. (I must admit I don't fully know what that means as I am 49 now, but thank you anyway.)

Had more champagne and cake on my birthday than you should to be honest. Was sung happy birthday by a crowd of people that included Chris Martin, Noel Gallagher and Richard Ashcroft. The harmonies were spot on. Normal.

It's a big day. No, not my birthday. Today, Sky confirmed that my suggestion for the title of our show is official.

Ready? It's called, AN IDIOT ABROAD. Karl is not happy. Perfect. I actually reveal it to him in show 7. It's hilarious. All the way round the world up to then he thinks it's called "Karl Pilkington's Seven Wonders".

Here's a little message we did for Amazon.

Karl was right. They didn't put it on the front page. Bunch of lying... etc

More rehearsals today for Life's Too Short. So much fun.

The costume designer asked me and Steve what we needed. I said that because we were playing ourselves we would wear our own clothes. As she walked away Steve pointed out that he could've got a free shirt. I felt like a fool.

Started on the fine edit for the Sky show. It's really great. It's funny and interesting and different because it's so honest. Karl is amazing to watch out of his comfort zone.

Don't forget to buy a ticket to one of my Midwest US shows if you're in the area.

Oh, and my Bournemouth, Birmingham and Brighton gigs will be my last UK gigs of the tour (apart from Hammersmith).

And finally...

Ollie and I are both 49 this week. (She is 7, so 49 in err,... dog years. I think it's the same for cats.)

Happy Birthday Ollie. You crazy ninja.

Nice little Pilky mention.

There's a comments page at the end. You know what to do.

Another glorious day today, and the hot weather is going to continue into next week. (this blog's got everything.)


Isn't life great?


Good to be back in Blighty. Catching up with Coach Trip on Sky Plus, watching the World Cup and preparing for filming our pilot for Life's Too Short.

I then start on Curb Your Enthusiasm the day after we finish the pilot. I'm like a real actor. Only much better paid.

Oh, and this starts next week too.

This is a nice effort.

Come on England!

Remember I told you about me, Steve and Karl doing a little video for a sales conference thing? It was meant to motivate staff.

Here it is...

Oh, and my Chicago dates go on sale this Saturday.

Week one hundred and twenty-three - June 2010

Off to London now.

Back in a couple of weeks to record Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Larry David once said that when he watches Extras he often thinks "Oh I wish I'd thought of that."

Well I wish I'd said this...

It's not so much fun being "an Englishman in New York" when their football team is better than yours and you invented the fucking game. Sick of it. Oh, and Sting; Who the fuck likes "their toast done on one side?" You're talking bollocks again.

Happier times.

Thanks to everyone who listened to The Ricky Gervais Guide To The World Cup. It is the number one podcast in the world this week with over 2 million downloads.

And I'm loving the "spread the word of Pilk" campaign. Let's do iTunes next. Comments and links on every single and album on the planet.

I may have some very good news on the title for the Sky One show. Karl hates it but myself, Steve and everyone at Sky loves it. Not confirmed yet but I'm sure I will win. It's very insulting by the way. Karl is disappointed. That's sort of the point though.

Make sure everyone you know downloads the podcast and keep up the good work.

Here's a blast from the past.

How did we ever get away with this racist drivel on live radio? For more, just download The Ricky Gervais Show at iTunes. [iTunes Link]. Twice the drivel. Half the racism.

In New York.

Had a great time at the Banff Awards. Shatner and McCormack; top blokes. I may have to get them in Life's Too Short.

If I got Shatner, I'd have the pair.

Legend. Respect.

I do my Q and A today at the Banff TV Festival. Then tonight I receive the Peter Ustinov comedy award. I don't know how to play it really. I usually play the arrogant card - you know... "good choice, this is beneath me etc." - but then I read the blurb about me. It's the most flattering, over-the-top introduction I've ever had. If I do the blasé bit I'm worried they'll think I'm really ungrateful. If I cry and thank everyone I've ever worked with, I'm just a different kind of twat. It's a tricky one. I'll let you know how it goes.

Ricky Gervais
Writer, Producer, Actor and Director

At the turn of this century, Ricky was preparing to star and direct a pilot he had written with Stephen Merchant for the BBC, called 'The Office'. It went quite well and a series was commissioned. It first aired at 9.30pm on Monday 9 July 2001 on the BBC. The rest as they say is history.

It is the most critically acclaimed sitcom of all time becoming the first British comedy to win a Golden Globe. In all, Ricky has won three Golden Globes, two Primetime Emmys, and seven BAFTAS.

'The Office' is the most successful British comedy of all time being shown in over 90 countries with seven remakes. The NBC version is the most successful US remake of a British show for over 30 years. It reached the magic 100 episodes in 2009 and has started its first phase of syndication.

Ricky won his first Emmy as Executive Producer on 'The Office' (US) in 2006. He won his second for 'Extras' in 2007. Only two British sitcoms have won Golden Globes - 'The Office' and 'Extras'.

Over a 10-year period Ricky Gervais has become the most influential British comedian since Charlie Chaplin. He is an award-winning stand up and his tour 'FAME' became the fastest selling UK stand up show in history selling an untouchable 100,000 tickets in 9 minutes! He played to 500,000 people that year including his first US tour, which was recorded as an HBO special at Madison Square Gardens. The show received three Emmy nominations.

He was named in Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People In The World, one place behind Nelson Mandela. This annoyed Ricky who said of Mandela... "He didn't do anything for 25 years".

He is the only guest star of 'The Simpsons' to also write an episode. It became the highest rated Simpson's episode of all time on Sky One in 2006. He also appeared on 'Sesame Street', which he says is the highlight of his career.

In 2005, Ricky turned his hand to podcasting and is now in The Guinness Book Of Records as the most downloaded internet show of all time. He was the first to charge for podcasts the following year and has now clocked up a staggering 180,000,000 shows downloaded. 'The Ricky Gervais Show' has been the number one selling audiobook in the world since 2006. In 2009 it was made into a 13 part animated series for HBO. It is currently being sold around the world and will air in The UK on Channel 4 in March 2010.

In 2004 his children's book 'Flanimals' was published going on to sell over a million copies. It is currently being made into a Hollywood movie in which Ricky will star as the Puddloflaj - a fat sweaty wobbler - (The Puddloflaj that is).

The beginning of the next decade is looking good for the fat bloke from Reading too. He started the year as the first host of The Golden Globes since 1995, with an estimated world TV audience of 250 million. His new animation premiers in February. 'Cemetery Junction' is out in April and his new tour will spread to The US and other parts of the world.

Saw a nice sign today.

I suppose things like that have to be clearly labelled as you might be in a hurry.

There was no sign for constipation. Less urgent, see?

Haven't played a song for a while.

So, Banff may be the most beautiful place I've ever been.

This is the view from the hotel window.

The town is pretty special too.

There are also deer, elk and bears wandering around. The advice we were given if we bump into a bear was to curl up into a ball and keep still, and if that doesn't work, fight back. Fight back? Brilliant. I had trouble with Grant Bovey for fuck's sake.

Thanks for downloading the new podcast by the way. Please send it to a friend and continue to spread the work of Pilk.

Week one hundred and twenty-two - June 2010

The FREEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! Ricky Gervais Guide to The World Cup will be available for download in time for England's first game.

Hope you like it. It's more of a gentle ramble than usual. There's something almost existential about it. Like three old souls trying to fill an eternity.

We did a little photo especially...

Have a nice weekend.


The Ricky Gervais Guide To The World Cup is available now... [iTunes podcast link]

Found the last location today for Life's Too Short. It feels great doing this project. Just like The Office and Extras. Starting from scratch, just me and Steve in a room crafting a brand new show. It doesn't get better than that for me.

Started animating the second series of The Ricky Gervais Show too. We're thinking of giving Steve the new beard he's got in real life. He will look just like Shaggy from Scooby Doo.

Well done to everyone behind the campaign to make the Pilkpanzee mega famous. Keep up the good work.

Did some press for The Ricky Gervais Show DVD. Karl was amazing. We did a little video for retailers too. It's like an internal thing you do to motivate the reps and buyers. Just a "thanks for getting behind the dvd" type thing. It wasn't that simple. Karl started slagging them off for needing motivation. At one point I think he shouted something like "get off your arse." I'll try to get hold of it and stick it on this website.

Then we did the podcast. We didn't want to do any more audiobooks (for at least a while), but I thought it might be fun to do a free one as we were all together anyway. It wasn't fun for Karl. He winged for the entire time. He did however confess to us one of the most idiotic things he's ever done. It involves dribbling. Look forward to that.

We also did an interview for The Guardian Online. At one point I'm pretty sure Karl was persuading people not to bother buying the DVD. Perfect.

Until all this new drivel hits the airwaves here's some old shit. I love the way, as soon as we start role playing, Karl is caught up in the scenario like it actually happened.

Started thinking about my speech today for my Banff award next week. I'm just going to start crying, thank God and get back to the bar. Easy.

My first Banff award makes a little appearance in this video.

It's wonderful displays of the English language like that, that lead to me still being honoured at prestigious ceremonies.

I'm going to miss the first England game too. Still, mustn't grumble.

Because we are sick of everyone going on about the World Cup we have decided to do The Ricky Gervais Guide To The World Cup. Makes perfect sense yeh? We're recording it tomorrow and we'll try to get it out for the weekend.

Off for a meeting now with Sky One about the Seven Wonders programme. I wish I could secretly tape Karl in a room with loads of big-wigs. His mouth would be permanently hanging open as he tries to understand what everyone is saying.

This lot have been at it again. What a great review...

I particularly like the bit that says I'm easily the best looking bloke on the poster. That's what it says. If any Japanese people tell you otherwise they are lying.

You are doing an amazing job with "get Karl mentioned" by the way.

Thought of something else you could do. Sneak a Karlism into an essay, or a radio phone-in. It's a much more dangerous mission, but I expect every man (and woman) to do his (or her) duty. (Nelson wasn't as politically correct as me but he was still a great man.)

Good Luck

Week one hundred and twenty-one - May/June 2010

A huge thank you to everyone who's signed the petition, and particularly to Jimmy Fallon and Conan O'Brien who tweeted about it to a few million of their closest friends. Genuine thanks.

And another huge thank you to the Pilky Army who have been busy spreading the word. (The word probably being monosyllabic and said very slowly with a slack-jawed northern accent.)

Really good work. Keep it up. Every day send someone a dopey, Manc, thought of the day.

Oh, and by the way, I went to a music video on You Tube that I'd never linked to before and there was a random Karl comment. Amazing. Pilky Fan of the Week Award to whoever left that.

And there's not just You Tube and Twitter. Lets get a comment on every Amazon and iTunes product too. It will send Karl and everyone else not in the club absolutely mental.

We can do it.

We few. We Happy few. We band of Brothers.

Most beautiful day of the year round these parts. (I don't mean round MY parts. Always body temperature, humid and overcast down there.)

Had a production conference call for the second season of the animation. Can't wait to animate Steve in Rio. He is not going to be impressed with his cartoon proportions, I can tell you that.

I'm being touted in america as a likely replacement for Simon Cowell on American Idol. 3 to 1 - the same as Neil Patrick Harris. I've put some money on him.

Have a nice weekend.

A nice sunny day in London. I find it hard to concentrate sitting inside when I can see the sun blazing. In England, every day could be the last day of sunshine. I made Steve come and work outside. Luckily he had his prescription sunglasses with him.

Thank you so much for helping me with the WSPA campaign. I really think it will make a difference.

Now for the world's greatest discovery.

Are you ready?

OK. Ladies and gentlemen,

Karl Pilkington and his feline look-a-like...

Now you've signed the petition to stop bullfighting, please get these pics on every website in the world. You can do it.

OK, lets take a few days off spreading the wisdom of Karl Pilkington and do something even more worthwhile.

I have decided I am going to end Bullfighting. I actually think I can do it with your help and I won't stop till I've succeeded.

I really can't believe it still happens, but there you go. Please sign the petition and end this disgusting cruelty for ever.

You have to move fast as the vote is next week.

Thank you.

Woke up today and really ached. The hotel gym had a power plate and I got carried away and used it 3 days in a row. It basically shakes you to the bone while you're doing press-ups, sit-ups and squats or whatever. I think it must really work though.

Started writing another episode of Life's Too Short.

Catching up on Sky Plus with 24 and Damages now.

How's the "get the Tao of Pilk on every You Tube video" going?

Loved the Bristol gigs. Cheers to everyone who came along.

Got a bit bored backstage though...

I think I know what it feels like being a fish.

Now watch this video and you'll get some idea what it's like being Karl Pilkington.

I imagine music like that is playing in his brain all the time.

Don't have nightmares.

Week one hundred and twenty - May 2010

This is why I want Karl to rule the world.

So honest, charming, modest and brilliant.

Oh, and with a head like a fucking orange the cuuuunnnnnnnnnnnt!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Call To Arms.

I've had another one of my great ideas. Remember the poster campaign? Remember me trying to get Karl on TV?

OK, now listen carefully. I love the fact that Pilkophiles have been leaving random quotes and messages on You Tube. I like it for many reasons. I love it confusing people that went there to discuss Bruce Springsteen or God or something. I love it annoying the haters. But most of all I love the fact that it makes Karl uncomfortable.

Let's up the stakes. I want quotes and comments on every You Tube video, every iTunes product. every Amazon product and every blog in the universe.
And Twitter. Ah twitter... Go fucking mental. Introduce everyone to the world of the man with a head like a fucking orange. Make it the twatosphere, i.e. the space where people talk about a spheherical headed twat.

It's in your hands...

Will he be working in B&Q in 5 years or ruling the world?


I want this dinner party to happen

Get ready Bristol. I'm on my way. It's always a great crowd and I really like the venue. Also I worked some new stuff into the set when I was in America so I'm really looking forward to it.

This bloke liked it.

Off to the west country for the weekend.

I was on You Tube as usual, trying to find funny videos, and I put in "The Bible".

Guess what came up first. This...

My proudest moment ever.

Have a great weekend.

Did a little thing on the final of American Idol last night. It was Simon's last show so I sent a little message.

It kept me away from insulting disabled people for a while I suppose.

Remember the good old days when people got irony?


Have you ever wondered what Karl would look like without flesh?

Saw this in a shop on Rodeo Drive.

This is great. These guys are saying word-for-word things posted on Christian websites.

I laughed out loud at the wife watching gay men fucking and wanting an abortion.

It takes all sorts.


Thank you to all the my lovely, smart, rational fans. Your support, intelligence, and obvious sense of justice and balance is really heartwarming.

Can't wait till we get around to animating The Guides. Could be some of the worst things ever said on television.

Talking of TV. Had another great writing day on Life's Too Short. Pure fun.

Looking forward to my Bristol gigs this weekend. It's a great place and I really love the theatre, (Colston Hall). It seems so intimate after doing arenas like Wembley and Madison Square Garden.

Have you seen this? It's me, doing a magic trick on a TV critic.

What a beautiful day. Working out was a bit harsh but mustn't grumble. Worked on the script for Life's Too Short. It's coming together nicely.

More of this bollocks.

The headline made me laugh though.


Week one hundred and nineteen - May 2010

This is in today's Daily Record;

Ricky Gervais sparks outrage after Down's insult aimed at Susan Boyle
May 23 2010 Exclusive by Mark Howarth, Sunday Mail

COMIC Ricky Gervais has sparked fury after claiming that Susan Boyle looks like a "mong".

The Office star made the sickening jibe about Scots star SuBo during his current UK tour.

Charity bosses have now written to Gervais to demand he stops using the word - a cruel nickname for Down's Syndrome sufferers.

During the tour, he said: "Look at Susan Boyle - if you can.

"Well, she's a mong, isn't she? She looks like a mong, doesn't she?"

Xanthe Breen, of the Down's Syndrome Association, said: "We've had a campaign to have that particular word removed from common usage and we really don't want a resurgence.

"Families who live with Down's are left very upset by it. I have contacted Mr Gervais's PR company. I look forward to hearing from them."

The tasteless term is short for "mongoloid" - an outdated term used for people with Down's Syndrome.

Last night, Gervais refused to take back his slur on Britain's Got Talent star Susan, 49, who has battled learning difficulties from birth.

The platinum-selling singer, from Blackburn, West Lothian, has refused to comment.

Her spokesman said: "Whenever someone says something negative about Susan, we don't get drawn into it."

During his Science stand-up show, Gervais also criticises BGT judge Amanda Holden and the contestants.

One Gervais fan wrote on a website: "I've seen all four of his tours and this latest one is the worst by quite some way

. "It had some good points, however, he literally spends the first 10 minutes explaining how it's OK to call Susan Boyle a 'mong'.

"Very poor from a man I used to admire."

Gervais previously featured a Down's Syndrome child in his sitcom Extras. His character Andy Millman got into an embarrassing mix-up after telling a mum to keep the kid quiet in a restaurant.

Xanthe Breen added: "Sadly, we live in a society where once you're out in the big world you seem to be fair game.

"Laughing's good but not at the expense of anyone who's vulnerable. It's pure laziness. Lots of other people manage to be incredibly funny while not actually yanking the carpet up from under people who cannot defend themselves.

"Susan Boyle wouldn't be able to defend herself against something like that. She'd just be hurt."

The latest storm comes after Glaswegian comic Frankie Boyle was slammed last month for a sick routine about Down's Syndrome kids.

He was challenged by Sharon Smith, the mum of a Down's child, who was in the front row of one of his live shows.

A spokesman for Gervais - who shot to fame in The Office - wouldn't comment on the new row but said: "The DSA and Ricky's management were in correspondence following the Extras episode and the correspondence was amicable."

An open letter to The Mong who wrote this article.

The DSA contacted my PR on the 6th of May explaining they had had a report about my routine about Susan Boyle and voiced their obvious concerns.

I sent them an email;
"I clearly explain that words change and that at no point am I referring to anyone with Down's Syndrome. Not only am I not referring to people with Down's Syndrome I also explain that I am not associating the word with its old derogatory meaning. I also do it as part of a routine about comedians taking responsibility for everything they say. I hope this is acceptable."

This was their reply;
"Fully explained and acceptable reply.
Please extend our thanks to Ricky for the prompt reply."

And so it begins.

So The Ricky Gervais Show has ended it's first season on HBO. The free podcasts we do are basically free samples of the audiobooks. The audiobooks cost money. And as Steve, Karl and I are rarely on the same continent long enough to do any substantial drivel, I thought I could give away an old classic. You may have it already as it was available for a while a few years ago, but anyway, please download here, for free, the Clive Warren Story... [iTunes podcast link]

(Who The Fuck is Clive Warren?)

Did a little podcast today for a laugh. Steve, Karl and I were in the office so we had a little chat basically. It was about Karl's travels and I laughed for 15 minutes non-stop just listening to the little round-headed buffoon vent. Don't know if we'll put it out, but it reminded us that it's just pure fun to do.

It's the last episode of the first season of The Ricky Gervais Show on HBO tonight. Au revoir USA. We started production on the second season this week so we'll be back soon. (We're on episode 6 in The UK by the way)

We may have our ensemble cast for Life's too Short. Stay tuned.

Have a nice weekend.

Lunch break's over, back on your heads.

Straight back to it. Jet lagged as fuck. It felt like I was getting up in the middle of the night.

More casting and writing on Life's Too Short. Then into the edit for The Seven Wonders show. Booked some more dates for the US tour. And still had time to catch up on Sky+ with half a dozen reality shows.

Is this any way to run a fucking business?

I can always fall back on my pop career.

Maybe not.

Flying back to London today, if that fucking volcano behaves itself.

Just had a quick workout in the hotel gym... with Elvis Costello. Normal.

Both dressed completely in black (it's slimming), sweating like bastards.

An apt tune then.

Had a casting meeting for the Flanimals movie. Very exciting.

Did The Jay Leno Show.

Here's me with Jay and the other guests, Bill Cosby and Taio Cruz.

We need to work on our image, but then we could go on X Factor maybe.

Off to eat pasta now.


Played the Nokia Centre last night.

Great fun.

Had lunch with Ben Stiller.

It was a high-powered creative meeting about future projects together. But then this happened instead.

He started it by tweeting about my sunburnt legs.

Week one hundred and eighteen - May 2010

My last day in New York.

Had a fantastic time at "The Garden" again.

Picked up a nice review too.

"No one specializes in outrageously bad taste quite as adorably as Ricky Gervais" The Hollywood Reporter.

One for the DVD I think.

Off to LA now.

Have a great weekend

P.S. Don't forget to watch The Ricky Gervais Show tonight.

Episode 5 in The UK, episode 12 in The US.

Played Madison Square Garden last night. It was an amazing experience as usual. After the show we had a quick drink with Chris Rock, Zack Galifianakis and Jerry Seinfeld. As you do.

Meeting the guys from NBC for lunch today, then off to do another night at "The Garden" as they say.

Have you seen this?

Did another episode of "Louie", Louis C.K.'s new comedy for FX. It's great. (Not because of me obviously, it's such a fresh and honest idea. And really funny.)

Did the second warm-up too. I'm ready and raring to go.

We've decided on the cover of the DVD for The Ricky Gervais Show.

I have no idea how we managed to get a 12 certificate but there you go. You can pre-order it now at Amazon UK.

Did the first warm-up at Hunter College. What a great audience. So smart and can take anything. One joke that usually gets a gasp got a round of applause. Such a myth that Americans don't get irony. Who started that?

Doing some more stuff with Louis C.K. today. Can't wait. That fat ginger slob passes all the necessary freak tests to be a very good friend of mine.

This song is in my head.

Doing my first warm-up tonight in New York for the Madison Square Garden gigs.

This is what I'll be doing this week.

Here's a sneak peek of Louis CK's new show that I worked on

It's really great. Hope it gets to the UK.


So Karl and Suzanne came to dinner.

He was exhausted from his travels and not looking forward to another month of foreign food.

We had coq au vin and Champagne by the way. He loved it. Idiot.

Karl bonded with Ollie. He said this would be lunch in some of the places he's been.

Massage is relaxing.

Well sometimes.

It's not the first time he's had a wrestle with a little Mongolian fella.

Week one hundred and seventeen - May 2010

Thanks to Jimmy Fallon for starting a Twitter frenzy about my live shows in New York. He has 3 million friends and I'm glad I'm one of them.

Talking of chat show hosts, I'm doing Leno for the first time while I'm in L.A. I've never been able to make the dates work before and I'm really looking forward to it. I've appeared on the show via satellite but that's not the same. Should be fun.

Entertainment Weekly ran a little piece about Life's Too Short

Anyway got to prepare for Karl and Suzanne coming round to dinner. By prepare, I mean get over-excited, jump out on him when he first arrives and wrestle him to the ground. That gives me an idea for my Leno appearance.

Have a great weekend

Don't say I don't give a little back during recession kids...

Play.com are doing a deal till May 31st. If you pre-order Science you get my old stand-up DVDs for £2 each. That's 2 Christmas presents for £15. And it will look like you've spent £30. I know what Steve Merchant will be getting his family this Christmas. [link to play.com special offer]. Only a few weeks left though to get the deal apparently.

Did CNN today. Here's a clip of me on my best behaviour trying to be all sincere and meaningful.

I can't quite pull it off. But at least Karl gets a mention. My quest for his global fame is going well.

Don't forget to watch The Ricky Gervais Show on HBO and Channel 4 this Friday.

Karl got back from China today. He wasn't impressed. In fact it made him decide never to do this sort of thing again.

This will make it even funnier next time I persuade him to do something I know he'll hate.

I told him about all the mentions he got when he was away. For example...

He wasn't impressed. I told him he will have to do some publicity for his show when it comes out. "Hmmm" he said.

And some for the DVD of the animation.

He moaned. What a fucking whinging Manc twat. After all I've done for him.


I suppose this is my fault is it?

I like the fact that along with Rape and Graphic Violence, they bother listing Mild Violence. I wouldn't worry too much about the mild violence to be honest. Or "Language."

"Officer! Officer! I've been raped."
"Did he swear ?"
"Uh... not that I can remember..."
"Don't waste my time then luv"

They left out Necrophilia though.

Started working on the DVD bonus material for Science. And the cover art. Got some nice comments so far for the back. Not my back, the back of the DVD obviously. Although?...

Just a mock-up, but please pre-order the DVD now and save lots of money. Without even going shopping.

Perfect. (lazy.) Perfect. (lazy.)

Week one hundred and sixteen - April 2010

My nemesis has been up to his old tricks again.

Why I oughta....

I've got a part in the Flanimals Movie for him but I haven't asked him yet. We still have never acted together believe it or not. Unless you count this.

There were some genius comments by people who thought this was a set-up. Well done. Yes it was. What gave it away? Was it the fact that Steve had a fucking Emmy under his chair?

Just to quash more rumours; No, of course I won't be taking over from Steve Carell on The Office. Why would I ever do that? Am I going to appear in an episode? Never say never.

Thanks for watching The Ricky Gervais Show on HBO and Channel 4 on friday. If you are new to the world of Karl Pilkington you can hear the original podcasts here with loads of bits we cut for time. [iTunes UK link]

And as Karl said the series gets better and better so keep watching.


8O's classic anyone?

Just look at me and R Patz......Twins!

In the last 7 days, I played to about 50,000 people, got rebooked for The Golden Globes and made The Time 100 most influential people in the world. So another week closer to death basically.

Have a nice weekend.

So me and fellow Brits Simon Cowell, Robert Pattinson and Elton John are among the most influential people in the world.

I've come a long way since this debacle.

Karl (writing for Time Magazone) isn't bothered either way.

That's an edited version of what he wrote for them. This is it in full...

What, if anything, is influential about Ricky Gervais?
Odd question to ask me really. He's a mate so it's not a word that springs to mind when describing a friend is it. It would be like Einstein's mam calling Einstein a genius. I doubt she ever did. I bet she just said she proud of him but wish he'd comb his hair. Is Ricky influential? I'll think about that next time he's wrestled me to the ground to squeeze my head.

What was your impression of him the first time you met him?
I remember it well. I thought he was going to be trouble. But that was mainly cos he was with Steve. Two against one. They both started at a radio station where I was working and I had to press the buttons for their show. When they walked in it reminded me of that film Twins with Arnie and Danny Devito.

What's been your favorite (or least favorite) part of working with him?
He's opened doors for me, but not in a good way. He opens the locks on toilet doors with a coin when I'm using them.

The worst thing....probably the head squeezing. Isn't Obama normally in this list? Does Obama do this to his mate?

Why do you think this brand of deadpan humor (as in THE OFFICE, THE INVENTION OF LYING and your podcast/HBO show) is so popular?
Not sure. I don't worry about it. We do stuff that Ricky & Steve find funny, it's not about anything being popular. Stuff gets broadcast around the world now so every type of humour finds an audience easier doesn't it. My mam bought a gnome that whistles when you walk past it. You wouldn't think there would be money to be made in that product but if only .1% of the world bought one, it's enough to make it worth while.

I could use my global power to fix his boiler. Or just carry on annoying him. It's a tough one.

So you may have heard that I'm hosting The Golden Globes again.

I just couldn't resist. Too tempting. As Oscar Wilde said, "I can resist anything except temptation. And cock." (I'm paraphrasing obviously.)

Just got presented with a lovely award by the folks at Wembley for selling out three nights. And for being a great bloke I imagine. (I'm guessing obviously.)

It looks like I'm about the play the pan pipes. (As Oscar Wilde... it doesn't work.)

Thank you to all the lovely fans for downloading the animation. It warms my heart to know that not only do people really get it, but that the haters are getting angrier and angrier. This is our new job people. Yes, I know I am easily annoying enough by myself, but with the help of my pilky army we can have people leaving 1-star reviews while literally wanking themselves to death in frustration at the programme's success. This is of course much more fun to me than the success itself.

Here's a little interview we did for Channel 4. It sort of turned into another podcast.

Another Wembley tonight. See you there.

And finally...

If Rembrandt painted cartoon bugs...

The Ricky Gervais Show is available to download on iTunes now. [iTunes UK link]

Each episode will be available the day after it airs on Channel 4.

It is the audio from the podcasts and audiobooks of the same name, but animated.

Do not download it if you don't want to hear the same record-breaking audio but with retro animation.

If you're asking me, I think the animation is great and makes the pointless conversations funnier, but this is just my opinion.

If you don't want to experience the same audio but with funny animation over the top of it, do not watch The Ricky Gervais Show. That would be mental.

Just like you would never go to see a Shakespeare play if you'd read the script just to hear the same words but with something to watch too. Madness.

You have been warned.

Just played Wembley. Apparently it's very big, but luckily it was dark with two spotlights in my face so I couldn't see a thing. Just another gig...
OK I'm trying to be cool. It was a fucking amazing experience. Can't wait for the next two. (Ohhh I've changed.)


Week one hundred and fifteen - April 2010

Flew back to London in the old chopper. As you do.

It had green-tinted windows by the way in case you think I look like a bilious frog. (He went round the world in 80 days.)

Hope you enjoyed the first couple of episodes of The Ricky Gervais Show if you live in The UK. Hope you enjoyed episode 9 if you're in the US. (of A.)


OK. Just played the O2 Dublin. Best gig I've ever done. And I don't mean because of me. It was overwhelming. Thank you so much to the most amazing crowd I have ever experienced.

I was blown away. It was worth every penny of the 12 grand, (plus fucking VAT of course), I paid for the helicopter to get there. (It seriously was though. Cheers Dublin. I'll be back)

Hope you had a nice St George's Day back in England.

Talking of which; This plays over the beginning of Cemetery Junction.

A great article here.

Did the directors' commentary today for the film. I wish I'd have read that article earlier. I would have sounded a lot more informed than I did.

Had our first production meeting for Life's Too Short today too. Very exciting.

I also popped into the edit for Seven Wonders to check out the footage from Rio. Karl truly is the funniest man I have ever known.

And we started getting the audio together for season 2 of The Ricky Gervais Show. As my mate Ice Cube would say, today was a good day.

Off to Dublin tomorrow.

Just look at this fucking mong's face.

This is fun.

We are re-cutting the film to make 1973 more like today and taking out any homophobic attitudes of the time in case if offends someone in the present day. I have also emailed Steven Spielberg who has agreed to take out all the anti-semitism from Schindler's List.

The Ricky Gervais Show starts Friday on Channel 4. Please watch it and add to the debate.

Or go and see Cemetery Junction if you're not easily offended.

This song is from the 70's remember?


Some reports are saying that the "Life's Too Short" pilot we are shooting in the summer will be aired. It wont. It is a non-broadcast pilot.

We will shoot the whole series before anything is aired. We're not sure how many eps we will record (probably 6) and not sure when the series will air.

Someone has been guessing again.

Lovely time in Cardiff. For an arena gig it's surprisingly warm and intimate.

This fella liked it anyway.
(Although, I'm not sure where the moustache bit came from?)

Dublin next.

I've got a helicopter on standby in case there is still a jet ban. 12 fucking grand it's costing me. Every other fucker is cancelling left, right and cunting centre. I'm forking out like a right twat... "Hello Dublin!!!"

In American news...

"Louie" has been ordered for a 13-episode first season. The half-hour single-camera comedy was created by and stars Louis C.K., who also writes, directs and produces.

Not surprisingly, "Louie" is a personal project for the stand-up icon, who plays a successful stand-up comic raising two daughters. A blend of never-seen-before stand-up, plus scripted vignettes, "Louie" will feature guest appearances by folks like Ricky Gervais, Pamela Adlon and Bobby Cannavale.

I'm filming another episode for it when I'm there gigging too. Anything for a bald friend.

And I'm helping my fellow Brit over there too.

This is nice. I'm having dinner with Larry next week. Probably waiting to see if I pick up the bill before he pops the question.

Don't forget to download the soundtrack of Cemetery Junction. I was sent all the comments from people leaving the film this week and I was genuinely moved. Thank you so much. Now go back and see it again with a friend.


Week one hundred and fourteen - April 2010

My new live DVD is available to pre-order on Amazon UK for £7 off. I know, bargain right?

Oh and thank you so much to everyone who voted for me in that Channel 4 poll.

Hilarious. I can only imagine how angry that made the haters. Next time we'll get to number one and have people literally biting off their own testicles in anger.


The soundtrack for Cemetery Junction is released on iTunes today. [iTunes UK link]

Please go and see the film asap so that we stay in loads of cinemas. Thank you.

And thank you to all the lovely people who've said nice things about it over the last few days.

Remember, it's a feel good drama not a knock about comedy. There are loads of funny bits but it's essentially a coming of age movie.

Hope you like it.

Have a nice weekend.

Goodbye Manchester, you were amazing. (And you gave us Karl, obviously.)

Another lovely review for the film here.

And here's me and Steve introducing a couple of clips.

Today's the day. Cemetery Junction is now in cinemas across the UK.

Here's a couple of the hundred interviews we've done this week.

This is us on Radio 1.

and here's Steve on Radio 4 (about 21 minutes in).

Off to talk about the great Jon Stewart now for a US documentary series. It's the least I can do - the Daily Show goody bags are the best. Another song from the soundtrack.

Just played Manchester again. Amazing gig. The crowd were definitely better than me tonight. I thought I was all over the place, but I'm sure they laughed more than usual. I will do some more crack before I go on tomorrow too.

Go and see Cemetery Junction.

Here's another featured tune.

Had the cast and crew screening for the movie last night. It went down a storm as you would expect from a room full of people who worked on it. Still, better than them all hating it I suppose.

Did a few more bits of publicity today with Steve. This Morning, NME Radio and a live web chat on MySpace.

Thank you if you sent in a question but we just couldn't answer them all; there were thousands because it's global obviously.

Here's the song that inspired us to write Cemetery Junction.

Week one hundred and thirteen - April 2010

Did a bit more press and publicity with Steve today...

Radio 1, which was great fun but a pre record so I suspect all the stuff about Gary Glitter might not make it to air.

5 live with Richard Bacon which was live so he couldn't do anything about it.

And a Q and A in The Apple Store which I believe they will put out as a podcast in the near future. Anyway another tune which features in Cemetery Junction.

Have a great weekend

Did a whole day of junkets for the film today. Luckily I did them with Steve and it's much less hard work that way. We actually enjoyed it and everyone was very positive about the film. (That's to our faces though. We'll find out what they really think when the reviews come out.)

This guy didn't like The Office, Extras, Ghost Town or The Invention of Lying... but he loves Cemetery Junction. (I have no idea whether this is a good or bad thing of course.)

This whole amazing song features in the movie by the way.

Doing Graham Norton tonight. (Stop sniggering.)

I've been so busy ranting I haven't played a song for a few days.

As we count down to Cemetery Junction here's a little bit of the 70's.

So, firstly I feel I should say how impressed I am with the good people at GQ. They not only acknowledged their tiny mistake but apologised and printed an online retraction.

I pointed out to them that my rant was as much for comic effect as it was angry and that they had already shown more honour and integrity than most by even replying.

Cheers GQ. The article is great by the way and the David Bailey shot is "super cool". (As young folk would say. Or they used to anyway. I'm not sure what they say any more. Almost certainly not "super cool".)

Thank you.

Secondly, I'm now in trouble for having a go at fat people on Letterman. I shouldn't have said that eating too much is their own fault apparently. No. No of course it isn't. Someone held them all down, stuck a funnel in their mouth and poured liquid cake into it like a fucking fois gras goose. Poor bastards. All they wanted to do was go for a run and eat lettuce.

Thank you.

OK - it's actually starting to get funny now.

This fucking genius says that I've lost 3 stone (twice) even though in the article they quote me saying that I haven't.

This is the bit I mean...

I remember when a newspaper said, 'He's lost three stone for Hollywood.' I went, 'No, I haven't lost three stone and I would never ******* do it for Hollywood.

Was I not clear?

Yet they still go with the idea that I have lost 3 stone. I haven't lost 3 stone. Did I mention that? That I haven't lost 3 stone I mean? I haven't lost 3 stone. If you were to ask me If I've lost 3 stone I would almost certainly say no.

I can see how this information might be taken the wrong way and any great reporter would be forgiven for going with the headline "Ricky Gervais HAS lost 3 stone." Easy mistake.


See my previous blog entry for confirmation.

Please send them 1000 emails and tweets telling them I haven't lost 3 stone. I want to see if the new headline is "Ricky Gervais loses another 3 stone."


God bless USA Today.


Fair play to these guys for the update.
(I think I've lost 13lbs now. It's hard to keep track.)


Fuck me!

I did an interview for GQ magazine. We talked for some time. The journalist even taped it. What could go wrong? I'll tell you what can go wrong. They introduce the piece with this quote;

Ricky Gervais once said "I came to this business uneducated, 5'6", dyslexic, with a face like a squashed cabbage. And they welcomed me with open arms"

No he fucking didn't!

Why the fuck would he?

He came to this business with a fucking degree in Philosophy, not dyslexic, 5'8" with a face like... OK the last bit is fine.

But the rest is bollocks and I never said it.

Where did they get that from? Why didn't they ask me if I said that when we were in the same cunting room for a bastard hour?

I put the quote into Google. I found this;

"I came into this business uneducated, dyslexic, 5ft 6in, cubic, with a face like a squashed cabbage Š and they welcomed me with open arms." Š Actor Bob Hoskins

How fucking hard was that?


Week one hundred and twelve - March/April 2010


There must be so much misinformation in the world now. Because of the internet, bad news sites, shitty little papers, forums, and the fact that everyone believes everything they read, I think there must be more things that are not true than are true. (I just made that up, so I have no idea whether that is true or not. See what I mean?)

I have not lost 3 stone. Never in my life. In fact until this year I had never lost any weight at all, only put it on steadily over my life. However since Christmas I have lost about 12lbs.

I did not do this on an "L.A. diet." I don't know what that even means. Starving yourself maybe? Atkins? Fuck that.

I don't spend most of my time in L.A.

I spend about 2 or 3 weeks a year in L.A. I spend quite a lot of time in New York where I eat out every night, usually having 3 course meals with lots of wine. (I have tried to refuse pudding but they often give them to us for free. What can you do?)

I spend most of my time in England. I am on an England diet.

To be honest I haven't cut down on food much at all. What I have done is try to burn off the 500 or so "extra" calories I consume everyday by working out for about an hour a day, 7 times a week.

I would love to lose more weight actually but not by cutting calories. I will do it, if I can, by upping my workout even more. If this doesn't work then fine. I will be fit and heavy.

I did not lose weight to get film roles. I have been offered film roles every week for the last few years. None of them called for me to be thinner.

I did not have a rant against Hollywood. My rant was against idiots who would ever assume I would lose weight to please Hollywood.

How have I ever been in films if that were the case? Has being overweight been a drawback so far? I've been at my fattest over the last 10 years and things seem to be going alright career-wise don't they?

If there was a role I wanted and they said, "...but you have to lose weight." I would politely decline.

This has never happened.

I turn down about 99% of roles I'm offered anyway as I create my own labour. So now instead of writing myself roles for a chubby little loser, I'll write them for a 12lb less chubby little loser.

So why has this chubby little loser started working out everyday in his late 40s?

Better late than never.

Made my first guest appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. He is a very nice man indeed. I understand he has a few million twitter followers, so if you are one of them please tell him how much I enjoyed doing his show.

I was asked to sign a big guest book before the show which they auction off for charity. I don't know how much they will get for it now. This is my entry...

Happy Easter.


It's a beautiful day in New York. The squirrels are crazy busy. Making hay while the sun shines so to speak. Which is pointless as that will do them no good come winter as they hate hay. They should be burying acorns or something to be honest.

Did my 15th appearance on Letterman last night and it was one of my favourites.

Apparently one British tabloid reported that I said "Jamie Oliver's US show will fail."

I never.

I said, in a jokey way, that he would fail in his quest to get fat people to stop eating pies. Big difference. I think his show will be a huge success, irrespective of whether he puts an end to obesity or not.

Doing my first appearance on Jimmy Fallon tonight.

Then back to London to plug Cemetery Junction.

Another Midlake track.

Had a day of pottering. Doing Letterman later. Does that count as a day's work?

The BBC are running an Extras night, similar to the thing they did for The Office last year.

(The first series with interviews with the cast and guest stars etc.)

It's on Easter Monday at 9pm on BBC2.

Here's some extra bits. (No pun intended.)

Please tell all your millions of close friends on Face Page, My Book, and Twatter. Thank you.

Just had lunch with the great Jimmy Webb. What a lovely man. I am a very lucky boy I know.

Got a free pudding too. Best day ever.

And the most exciting thing is, he is a fan of Karl Pilkington.

No surprise what song this is.

Doing a bit of promo this week. (Makes a change.) My 15th Letterman and my 1st Jimmy Fallon, plus a few other bits and pieces.

I can't get enough of this lot.

Week one hundred and eleven - March 2010

Another nice review, this time in Empire Magazine

In New York. We've only been in town half a day and we've already been all over the place, visiting flea markets, antique centres, the zoo and had a couple of meals of course. Meeting my little brum-chum Rob and his wife Jill tonight. He can't wait. His favourite bit is being wrestled to the ground drunk after pudding.

He introduced me to this fantastic combo.

The second night at Oxford was one of my favourite gigs of all time. I don't know why, it just seemed more loose and fun. It's annoying that I haven't got any more for a few weeks. I'm really getting into this stand-up lark.

I also wrote a song about Robin Ince's testicles but that probably wont come across well in print. If I'm being honest I've written quite a few on that subject. Enough for an album. Not very commercial though.

Wonder if Robin's seen this? Love the little Nigel picture on the wall.

I think Robin should have his prostate checked regularly now too. He is in his forties and I want him to stay healthy. If you are a doctor, by the way, and ever find yourself giving him a rectal examination, I will give you £1000 for a charity of your choice if after the exam you say, "all clear... Good Boy Robin!" (This money will of course go up if you are not actually medically trained.)

Did a little interview for Time Out Chicago.

Have a nice weekend.


Played a gig in Oxford last night. Always a great crowd. Another one tonight.

If you watch CNN you may have seen this little fat chap in a shiny brown suit.

I thought I'd better make an effort.

Off to do a thing for WSPA now where I get to play with a dog. Excellent.

Two nice bits of news.

1. I won the Who's Calling Christian competition on Absolute Radio.

Thank you to everyone who voted for me. I'm sure you were voting for the animals really, but thanks all the same - very kind.


2. The Ricky Gervais Show has been recommissioned for another 13 episodes.

I helped some hairy things and a very bald thing today.


Friends, Romans, Countrymen, vote for me now and save some little furry fellows. Only a few hours left to win £20,000 for charity.

Thank you.

And thank you to Andy Lowe for a great first review of Cemetery Junction

The Sun are running an exclusive clip from the movie.

We were so lucky with the weather during filming. That's just how I remember the summers in the early 70's. I'm sure that's nostalgia playing tricks on me but that's part of the joy of film making. You make life as you like it.

Did a very nice interview with Shortlist magazine today. We just chatted about comedy for an hour. I'd be doing that anyway if it wasn't my job now. Perfect.

Here's a song.

Week one hundred and ten - March 2010

Doing a few bits of press today for Cemetery Junction and the animation on Channel 4.

This was nice.

Slowly Karl is becoming a bit of a TV phenomenon in America. I'm not sure he is even aware. (I don't mean he has no real consciousness... oh, hold on...)

Having dinner with him tonight. Hope he didn't lose too much weight in India where he nearly shat himself to death. His head will lose its shape. I'll get a picture for you.

Have a nice weekend.


Almost a day off today. Had a haircut and did an interview for Time Out Chicago and that was about it. Spoke to Karl a few times. (He's always on a day off and doesn't even need haircuts.)

Here's a song for him. It's got a story.

Goodbye Bristol, you were great.

Back to London now after a wonderful few days in the West Country.


Oh God, how I wish this was a photograph...

He's less than half way through filming for the Sky One show and he's hating every minute of it. Perfect.

I'm In Steve territory for a few days gigging. Bristol was one of my favourite places on the Fame tour so I'm really looking forward to the shows this week.

I think the edition of Total Film we edited is out this week by the way.


Week one hundred and nine - March 2010

My episode of The Marriage Ref aired last night on NBC. I said everything I had to say at the time...

Steve and I recorded a T4 special on Cemetery Junction today. It was really good fun but we were both terrified that they would quiz us on the charts or something.

Have a nice weekend.

I ache. I've been working out about six times a week for about 40 minutes to an hour each day - just so I can still eat and drink like a pig. This is preferable to dieting or any deprivation whatsoever. But I do ache. Still, mustn't grumble.

Karl has lost weight too. He used a different method. He went to India for two weeks and shat himself thin.


Fuck me it's cold.

That's the weather out of the way.

I read an article the other day. It was some writer going on about the rules of writing a novel. Rule 1 was "Never start with describing the weather." Well that was like a red rag to a bull, and I instantly decided that if I ever write a novel it will start with the line "It was raining like a cunt."


This new project is so much fun. It's maybe because we're trying to throw off our shackles of "meaningful" and "emotional" and "dramatic". We feel we sneaked all that into The Office and Extras, and then Cemetery Junction is the most dramatic and emotional piece we've ever done. We've got it out of our system for a year or two. We're going to try "just funny" now. (You'll be the judge of that.)

Talking of funny; the other TV project we're doing at the moment is Seven Wonders. We completed the rough cut of the first episode today. As you know, I think Karl Pilkington is the funniest man in the world, but put him in the most uncomfortable situations you can imagine and it's even better. (You'll be the judge of that.)

Here's a good one. (You'll be the... oh shut up.)

Popped to Italy for the weekend for a little break. We'd seen the hotel on an REM documentary and liked the look of it. If it's good enough for Stipe...

I won a giant ornament from the balcony.

Good shot.

Because of my hoopla skills they named a street after me.

Ate pasta. Came home.

Week one hundred and eight - March 2010

I entered a Daily Mail caption competition.

Wish me luck.

Talking of which... I texted Steve Martin yesterday to wish him luck at The Oscars and said I thought he and Alec would be great. I also did a PS asking if he needed any holocaust material.

He texted back; "And have a great time at The Golden Globes. Can't wait to watch!"


I'll be hanging with The Shatmeister.

Thank you to The Sun for the headline "Ricky Ger-waist." (As in, I've got one now.) I must admit I was very flattered. This is a big improvement on their earlier effort; "I Podge." (Although recounting that story did get one of the biggest laughs on The Fame tour, so I should thank them for that too.)

Have a peaceful weekend.


Got this amazing email via my agent from a guy in Chile...

Forgive me if i'm wrong by sending you this email, but i want Ricky Gervais to know this:

I'm from Chile, where we just had an enormous eartquake, tons of people died (though not as much as in Haiti) and over a million people's homes were hit hard. Personally i wasn't struck as hard, but i was left without electricity and running water for three days. I had enough food and bottled water to last me at least a week, so that wasn't a problem; and a battery-operated radio to listen to news about the earthquake.

This is where Ricky comes along. I was horribly bored, i had nothing to do (apart from listening to the news, which get a bit depressing), when i remembered something trascendental: My Ipod was fully charged AND HAD THE COMPLETE PODCASTS, XFM SHOWS AND GUIDES TO...

Ricky Gervais' audio work really helped me get through the days while keeping me in a good mood, thinking about things other than the horrible destruction of my country. The stories of the round-headed buffoon Karl asking what were the names of "those things in the movie gremlins", or when Steve was trying to be cool driving a car in his teens only to end up crying because some cooler kids wanted to get a pig in the car, really made the difference to me in that moment of despair.

What i'm going with really is, thanks Ricky and the gang for keeping me laughing and sane for three days.

For ever grateful,


If you would like to help please check out the Red Cross website.

Good luck Max.

A day of writing with Steve. This is definitely my favourite part of TV and Film making.

I like all aspects to be honest. Initial ideas actually give me an adrenaline rush.

I love directing and producing. Someone gives you millions of pounds and says, "do what you want. You're in charge". Amazing.

I love the editing. People come round the editing suite every couple of hours with menus from every restaurant in Soho.

But I think the writing is the DNA of the piece. Everything else is "bringing up baby." (I've taken this metaphor too far.)

Anyway, then I worked-out and watched a bit of The Weakest Link in the bath.

Robinson: Scott, the ragtime composer and Janice, the rock singer share what surname?

Contestant: Street-Porter?

Writing all day. Wonderful.

Just got back from seeing Ludovico Einaudi at The Royal Albert Hall. Fucking magical. (He can use that as a quote.)

Fighting a bit of jet-lag but getting on with it. No moaning, You know me.

Had a great day writing with Steve today. It's both grueling and exhilarating starting a new project from scratch. I always forget how hard it is. And then I remember the high you feel when something clicks. There are lots of tea and wee breaks initially. It's like revision when you spend most of the time tidying up your bedroom I suppose. I don't remember my point. I'm jet lagged. Did I say that already?

Song; You can't hear this too often.

It was an influence on Cemetery Junction - "it's a town full of losers, and we're pulling outta here to win..."

Cemetery Junction was the nearest thing we had to Thunder Road in Reading. Well, it was a road. I'm tired.

Week one hundred and seven - February 2010

The weather is pretty bad here. Trees are crashing down and squashing stuff and huge lumps of ice are falling from buildings. An umbrella is not protection. I'm most afraid of slipping over and looking like a cunt though. So I shuffle along taking tiny little mong-steps, thus looking like one long constant cunt instead of just walking normally and slipping and looking like a big cunt every now and again. Still - mustn't grumble.

I was reminded of this Neil Simon quote: "When it's 100 in New York, it's 72 in Los Angeles. When it's 20 in New York, it's 72 in Los Angeles. However, there are six million interesting people in New York -- and 72 in Los Angeles."

Hopefully people will be staying in and watching the second episode of The Ricky Gervais Show on HBO tonight.

Flying to London tomorrow. Hopefully.

Have a nice weekend.


It's snowing. When I say snowing, I mean it looks like they're filming the sequel to The Day After Tomorrow here.

Filmed The Marriage Ref last night. It was a lot of fun in a mental way. Never thought I'd be having a big argument with Larry David and Madonna on network television about the pros and cons of dressing up a lizard or keeping a dead husband's false leg.

Something for the Steve fans.

Something for the Stevens fans.

Had a very big breakfast. (Or does it count as brunch at 10.30?) The portions are silly in New York.

Had a meeting about the Flanimals movie. Trying to find a part for Karl. It's compulsory that I stick him in everything I do now.

Had lunch with Larry David. It was an early one as I had to get back for a radio phone-in at 2. I was still full from breakfast. Only just managed to eat a bowl of pasta.

Did a phone interview with Ryan Seacrest for his radio show.

My pasta has just about gone down now. Must go for a run. My body is a temple.

Here's a lovely song.

Did The Daily Show last night.

We went off topic a bit.

Got a new hat...

You may have read about the continued world domination of The Office franchise.

It's the "Roman Empire of sitcoms" and it's latest conquest is Israel. Once again David Brent will be played by a slightly overweight middle-aged man. But this time he's bald too. Perfect.

Talking of bald, I'm off to do The Daily Show to spread the word of Pilk. Please do the same.

Don't forget to download the last ever Guide To... out tomorrow.


Week one hundred and six - February 2010

The snow is slowly melting in Manhattan. It was a beautiful day so we went shopping in flea markets and walking in the park.

The Ricky Gervais Show went down a storm. I think it's reaching a whole new audience. I assumed it would just get existing fans of the podcasts and audiobooks but it seems we've got Pilkington virgins tuning in.

Thank you to the press and bloggers of America for all the nice reviews and comments by the way. The series gets better and better too. Hope you agree.

The Guide to The Earth is out the day after tomorrow. It's the last one we're doing, of the guides certainly, and we're not sure what we will do next apart from the TV project.

Doing a bit of plugging for it this week. I'm on the Daily Show and The View and I'll try to mention the shaven chimp when I appear with Madonna and Larry David on Seinfeld's new show, The Marriage Ref.

Yes, I know I don't do panel shows but it's Larry David and Seinfeld!

Tonight on HBO...

Hope you like it. If you do there might be a second series. Please make Karl a world-wide TV phenomenon. You know he'll hate it.

Karl got back from Rio last night by the way. He says he didn't enjoy the gay nudist beach much. Always moaning.

Have a good weekend.

Couple more little previews of The Ricky Gervais Show. [chron.com] and [Winnipeg Free Press]

People of North America... please watch HBO Friday night!

People of Great Britain... You'll have to wait till April I'm afraid.

But the final Guide To... is out next week.

Steve and I did a photo shoot today where we dressed up as classic Hollywood directors of the 1930s. Steve wore a little bow tie. That must have taken him back to his school days.


Did a few interviews today. One for the Flanimals Pop Up's US release, one for Cemetery Junction and one for The Ricky Gervais Show.

Started working on casting for Life's Too Short too. Steve and I might do a couple of cameos by the way. We're shooting the pilot in a few week's time so we'll know more about what works and what doesn't.

Also started planning the American live dates. I'm filming the second HBO Special and US-only DVD too, at The Nokia Centre in L.A. probably. It's imaginitely entitled Ricky Gervais Live: Out of England II.

I've got a few gigs in the UK to get through first though.

Here's a tune I used to play a lot on my first radio show on Xfm.

Another nice preview for The Ricky Gervais Show.

Soon Karl won't be able to hide anywhere in the world. I think a still from the animation could be used as his passport photo and it wouldn't be questioned.

Doing another little 'top up' warm-up gig for my continuing tour tonight. Last night's went really well after a couple of months away from it. That happened with the Fame tour too. After a break you come back fresher. I suppose you're selling the stories more from the heart again as opposed to exactly the same inflections and intonations every night. Anyway I certainly enjoy stand up more than I ever did. Don't know why. I think it's because I cherish the opportunity. I don't need to do it for any other reason than the sheer fun of it.

Here's a tune.

The free podcast for the Ricky Gervais Guide to The Earth is up on iTunes [iTunes link]

It's a good one. Similar in style to 'Human Body', in that it is just packed with new Karl stories. Hope you like it.

The Ricky Gervais Show starts Friday in The States and it's getting some nice previews. I think the series gets better and better so I hope people stick with it.

If we get a second series I will be made up. (Like most of Monkey News.)

Haven't played a song for a while.

This is beautiful.

Week one hundred and five - February 2010

This picture is a rare one indeed. Not only is it all three of us, but Karl is smiling. Also his head is less like an orange and more like an egg.

Karl Pilkington's got a head like a fucking egg.

Worked with Steve all day. Admin, editing Total Film, and developing a new project for the BBC starring Warwick Davis called Life's Too Short.

Warwick has already said he wants Karl to do a cameo. What a meeting of minds that would be. Worse than this even.

My cat just sneezed, and it sounded exactly like Sweep from The Sooty Show.

I only tell you this because it really did just happen as I was about to write this blog and it made me fucking jump.

Look at her stupid face.

Just when I think I'm out they pull me back in.

Finished the movie last week and was looking forward to a gentle week. Then Steve and I agreed to be guest editors on Total Film magazine. For fuck's sake.

Karl had a point.

Karl's little round head is all over America.

I love it when a plan comes together.

As you may have read I am being honoured at this year's World TV Festival in Banff, Canada.

We've won a couple of Banff awards before for best sitcom (for The Office and Extras obviously) and I'm so glad we were nice about them in this little video.

Week one hundred and four - February 2010

We finished Cemetery Junction today.

Steve tried on the editor's hat. But then he kept it on for hours because people said it suited him. Don't be surprised if you start seeing Steve around town in an Orson Wells style fedora.

Have a nice weekend.


The trailer seems to be doing its job in warning people that Cemetery Junction is a drama. If The Office is 80/20 comedy/drama and The Invention of Lying was 50/50, then Cemetery Junction is probably 20/80.

(This is not an official rating. Please do not write to the Queen if you only find it 19% funny - or not funny at all. Many people don't find anything I've ever done funny. Yeh I know, crazy isn't it?)

Here's the trailer with accompanying review.

The show we're doing for SkyTV with Karl traveling the globe is looking great. He did some really great stuff in Egypt. I've honestly never seen his head look so fucking round and tired and gimp. Perfect.

Nearly finished the film.
Nearly finished plugging the DVD.
Nearly finished the HBO animation.
Nearly finished the final Guide to..

Just got to
Start plugging the film.
Start making the DVD.
Start plugging the HBO animation.
Annoy and bully Karl in private...

"Gervais admits bullying..."
"And he hates poor little blind babies..."
"And The Office wasn't funny... and the blind baby thing..."


Did an interview for these chaps.

Oh, and the poster for Cemetery Junction is done.

Did a photo shoot with David Bailey. (When I say "with" I mean he was largely taking the pictures, obviously.)

I did a shoot with him a few years ago for American GQ and I'm glad to say he is still as mad as ever. In a good way obviously. He's really funny. He reminds me of Dudley Moore in his 'Derek and Clive' persona.

Channel 4 had the world exclusive of the trailer for Cemetery Junction yesterday. If you missed it don't worry it's all over the internet by now.

Here for example.

Hope you like it.

Week one hundred and three - January/February 2010

Amazing news. They found my mate's missing dog. Hooray and thank you. It must be devastating to lose a dog. Like losing a little friend.

I remember when Robin ran away in Cardiff. I was beside myself. He turned up a few days later and said he couldn't stand the car journey back to London not being able to stop for a wee. Bad Boy Robin. Rules are rules.

More junkets.
Went for a run.
Drank wine.
Watched telly.

I'm on The Jonathan Ross Radio Show tomorrow. Which is more than I can say for him. He's ill. (Get well soon.) David Tennant and Catherine Tate are standing in. Who? (Geddit?)

This is nice.

I love Gosling.
If De Niro is the new Brando and Norton is the new De Niro, then Gosling is the new all of them. He's good and cool and a serious actor is the point I'm trying to make.
Thank you. Have a nice weekend.

Calling all New Yorkers.
Please help.
My friend's dog is missing and she's the love of his life. Search Manhattan.

Thank you

Did a day of online interviews today for the DVD. I didn't do too many so I could be selective, and it was actually good fun. Still going to do fewer and fewer interviews over the next year or so. Then I'm going to give up talking all together. (Cue cheers from the haters.)

We're recording the Guide to The Earth at the weekend. I'm afraid this will be the last Guide ever and maybe the last audiobook period. (We might do some exclusively for the animated TV series and release the uncut version afterwards.) We don't want to just milk it for all it's worth and out-stay our welcome. (Cue haters again - saying, "Too late.")

It's been a while since I played you a song.

This made me laugh out loud at a couple of points. One of these guys looks like he's had too many scotch eggs.

Did loads of interviews today. I have no more things to say to anyone ever. I think after these junkets for the DVD, the animation, and Cemetery Junction I may do very very few interviews. I'd love to say NO interviews, but that's a bit impractical in my line of work. I'm not moaning, I promise, it's just that it seems I do an awful lot.

There's always the audiobooks and the blog if you really miss me talking bollocks.

Hope you enjoyed The Guide To The Human Body. [iTunes UK link] | [iTunes Rest of World link] No really. Because if you didn't like it I'm never doing anything ever again.

Back in London.

The DVD for The Invention of Lying had a great week. Thank you to the people of America who bought or rented it.

The bonus features seem to be going down well too...
Pop Matters
Just Press Play

It's out in The UK on Feb 1st. Here's one of the ads going out soon...

I'm sure you could have guessed what the ad might look like but it's not easy filling a blog every day.

The Ricky Gervais Guide to The Human Body is out tomorrow. All three of us think it's the best one so far. It will be tough to beat so we wont try. The Guide to The Earth will be shit to balance things out. (We haven't recored it yet but you've got to have an aim haven't you?)

Week one hundred and two - January 2010

Spent the day filming my cameo on Louis C.K.'s new show. Great fun. Jane went for a walk in Central Park when I was on set. Can't believe I missed this;

We're are off for a drink now. It's our last night in town but I want to get back in time for the final Conan show. Wonder how far he'll go.

Saw that one English journalist said that my stint at The Globes wasn't very "Edgy." No, it wasn't. Although I should remind him that I did make jokes about masturbation and alcoholism amongst other things, at 5pm on Network Television. That's like making those jokes on Blue Fucking Peter for Christ's sake. Hope that puts things in context. Next time I'll do some Holocaust routines. Oh no. I did that last year.

Did a little thing for Cancer Awareness Week. It was based on 'things you wish you hadn't said'.

The tickets for my London, New York and L.A. dates go on sale tomorrow. Sorry I couldn't do more dates in each city but my time is limited this year. I really don't know how I'm so busy. I seem to say no to so many things every day but I'm still doing 10 things at once. Karl is staying in all day waiting for a delivery. Unbelievable.

Hope you liked the free sample of The Guide to the Human Body. What a strange childhood Karl had.

The free taster for The Guide to the Human Body is up now [via podcast at iTunes]

The Guide to The Future did great, probably due to all the mentions of Karl's head on US chat shows over the past week.

Off to do an interview with The New York Times now. I will of course mention the head again.

Mickey Rourke thinks I'm cool.

I would never argue with him.

I should take this opportunity to say what a good sport everyone was, by the way. I know some of the reports have said they were upset, but it's not true. I also continued to tease them after the show and they were all great about it.

I've had such a nice reaction from everybody here in Manhattan. Just well-wishers everywhere saying they enjoyed the show. Maybe that's just New Yorkers. After all they are meant to welcome "huddled masses". And I look like a huddled mass most of the time.

Just went running in Central Park. So good for the soul. In fact, New York in general is good for the soul.

Spike Lee came up to us by our apartment and said hello. He lives across the street. He was very nice indeed. And a genius obviously.

The Invention of Lying DVD sold about 70,000 copies in a couple of hours today. My shameless plug seems to have worked. Ha ha.

In New York.

Louis C.K. was on the flight from L.A. He showed me some of his new show he's filming at the moment.

It looks brilliant. He really is a very funny fat ginger slob. I'm doing a cameo for him on Friday. It's a great scene.

The DVD for The Invention of Lying is out today in the U.S. But you don't need to go out shopping... buy it here [amazon.com]

Spoke to Ashton Kutcher at The Globes. He told me he's been getting grief on Twitter because of what I said on this blog about it being a bit undignified for adults. I pointed out that he is young and cool and I am 48. He seemed like a very nice chap.

So that was The Golden Globes. Hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did. I was worried about the Paul McCartney line but then he came backstage and hugged me and said he loved it, so that was OK. Never piss off a Beatle - rule 1.

Off to New York, so I'll do a more in-depth report later.

Week one hundred and one - January 2010

Launched The Ricky Gervais Show to the press of America yesterday.

Also spoke at some length about how stupid Karl is on Ellen. I'll make him a megastar yet. And he's gonna fucking hate it.

Off to write some jokes for The Globes now.

Everybody loves angry Conan.

He was great last night and it was so much fun to be part of the show.

I'm recording Ellen today and doing the TCAs with Merch. That's a big press event with a theatre full of journalists asking questions about new shows. We are launching the HBO animation obviously.

The clip they showed on Conan went down great by the way. And I got to say the immortal words, "head like a fucking orange". Hope they left that bit in.

Hope you saw the little tour I'm putting together. If you're passing London, New York or L.A., pop along.

I can't do do many dates in each place as I'm whizzing back and forth doing other things, so I hope you manage to get a ticket. (If you want one, obviously. If you don't want one you'd be mad to buy one.)

Doing The Conan O'Brien Show tonight. Should be interesting.

My aborted twittering made The New York Times.

I know I didn't exactly try very hard but I have bigger fish to fry. (That's not a metaphor; I'm actually cooking a large haddock at the moment.)

Oh, I'm doing a few more live dates too.

Tickets go on sale Jan 22nd.


Week one hundred - January 2010

As you may know I've stopped with Twitter. I just don't get it I'm afraid. I'm sure it's fun as a networking device for teenagers but there's something a bit undignified about adults using it. Particularly celebrities who seem to be showing off by talking to each other in public. If I want to tell a friend, famous or otherwise what I had to eat this morning, I'll text them. And since I don't need to make new virtual friends, it seemed a bit pointless to be honest.

I suppose it was meant to be a bit of a marketing tool for The Globes, but they are watched by 25 million people in America alone and maybe 300 million people world wide - tweeting about it would be a drop in the ocean. Also I've got the website and I don't have to restrict things to 140 characters. My tweeting was becoming like a tabloid version of this blog, and I couldn't even put important stuff like this up.

Here's a lovely song.

Did the mix or the score today at Abbey Road. Had my final fitting for my Ted Baker suit for The Globes. Luckily I am the same shape as I was before Christmas. Good job I spent one whole night throwing my guts up. There's a lesson there kids.

Did about 25 interviews via satellite for US TV too today. Because you're in a room by yourself looking at an unmanned camera, you forget you're on telly. At one point the producer asked me to stop slouching as I was nearly out of shot.

Starting on The Guide to The Earth tomorrow. I will be slouching throughout.


How beautiful is that?

Though I must admit I'm looking forward to a couple of days in California too. Then New York. Doesn't matter what the weather's like there - it's New York.

I've written a few bits and pieces for The Globes and I'm really looking forward to it now.

I'm doing Conan and Ellen while I'm in L.A. and the DVD of The Invention of Lying is released the week of The Globes, so well worth the trip.


Recorded all the orchestra bits for Cemetery Junction today in Abbey Road Studios. It's times like that when you pinch yourself.

Had a final meeting about the poster too. Looking good. (Mainly because I'm very small and at the back.)

(That's not the poster by the way.)

Went for a run over the Heath. It may be one of the most beautiful places in the world in the snow.


Another day of recording score.

Full orchestra tomorrow. I might make Steve have a go on the tuba. Just for the photo opportunity.

Did my first "tweet" all by myself. I may do another one tomorrow. So look forward to that. The trick is to confidently write banal self-obsessed things and assume the world wants to read them. I'm about to watch Celebrity Big Brother for inspiration.

Two happy songs in a row. (Check out Merch getting down on Keyboards. He's even thrown away the specs.)

Things seem to be back to normal. The shops are open, Karl is moaning about stuff and Steve has a cold.

We spent the day in the studio, recording the score for Cemetery Junction. That's when dramatic scenes really start sending a chill down your spine. Or I could have just caught something off Steve. (I bet he was a sickly child. You could never feel sorry for a seven foot Tim Cratchet though could you?)

A couple of weeks till The Golden Globes. No pressure.

Here's another little trailer...

The promos for the Ricky Gervais Show start next month too on HBO. It's on Channel 4 in March by the way. Only a few weeks after the US. Could be worse.

We've also just found out that it's going to be sold around the rest of the world too. I know what you thinking... 'Wow. Things are going amazingly well and those audiobooks have turned out to be more money for old rope than any old rope has ever made before in the history of money or rope. Karl will have nothing to moan about ever again.' Yeh... I'm sure that will happen. Karl will never moan again. Definitely.

Here's a happy little tune to cheer everyone up.

Week ninety-nine - December 2009/January 2010

These guys know what they're talking about.

Overlooked again. And still no Nobel Prize either. What do I have to do for Christ's sake?

Here's another of my songs of the decade.

A huge thank you to the wonderful Matt Holmes for this little mention of Cemetery Junction.

We record the score next week and should have a trailer out too soon after that.

Finished The Guide to the Human Body today. Best one so far I think. (Followed by Philosophy and Future). (Then English.) Oh fuck, another list...

1. Human Body
2. Philosophy
3. Future
4. English
5. Arts
6. Law and Order
7. Society
8. Medicine
9. Natural History

The reason why I've put Human Body at the top is because Karl tells 2 or 3 stories about his childhood that his parents reminded him of over Christmas. They are fucking mental. (The stories I mean, not his parents.)


Thanks for a great year and hope you had one too.

Here's to 2010. (That's the Future)... out now. [iTunes UK] & [iTunes Rest of World]

Another lovely list.

As always I'm very flattered, but it's time to do a list without my shows in it. My list. I'd obviously like to put my shows in this list too but I may be accused of being biased. (Just assume they're there, if I'm being totally honest.)

Ok. So...

Best things of...  The Year  The Decade

Single  Empire State of Mind (Jay Z)  Hurt (Johnny Cash)
Runner up  Wheels (Foo Fighters)  If I were a boy (Beyonce)

Film  Up  City of God
Runner up  Up in the air  This is England

TV Drama  Dexter  The Sopranos
Runner up  Damages  The Wire

TV Comedy  Family Guy  Arrested Development
Runner up  Curb Your Enthusiasm  Curb Your Enthusiasm

Stand Up  Louis C.K.  Chris Rock
Runner up  Todd Barry  Dave Chapelle

Frequently answered questions in advance...

Why no Simpsons?
That's the best TV of the last 20 years so I thought I'd give everyone else a chance.

Why are there hardly any British shows?
I told you. I wasn't allowed to put The Office or Extras in.

Why is your list all wrong and that?
Because we like different things probably.

Why isn't your list more like the list I would do?
Because we like different things probably.

Why have I noticed something about your list that makes you look pretentious/arrogant/inconsistent/insincere/something else you haven't covered?
Because you have too much time on your hands.

Were you being serious when you said you'd put your shows in this list if you were being honest?
Sigh. Yes... yes... I really think The Office is the best song and TV show/film type thing of all time.

Why are you even doing this list?
To entertain myself/annoy people/entertain other people who like me annoying people.

Why are you such a cunt?
OK, Now you've got me.

Happy New Year.

So that was Christmas. Spent a couple of days with folks in the Reading area polishing my Berkshire accent for my next Hollywood movie.

I think I ate about a week's worth of food and a month's worth of calories. I come from a background where fruit is something you take to people in hospital.

Talking of hospital, I got a stomach bug of course. There are so many kids climbing all over you coughing in your face - little brats. I have lost count how many times I'm an uncle and great-uncle. About 30 I think.

I spent most of Boxing Day night in the toilet. It was like the fucking Exorcist but from both ends.

Here are the two newest sprogs.

That's Faya. As you can see, I do quite a good impression of her.

And this one is Starr.

She does quite a good impression of me...

Here's the family anthem.

Hope you had a peaceful holiday.

Hope you enjoy The Guide to the Future

Hope God likes you and doesn't let anything bad happen ever. Or hope he does bad things if he doesn't like you. As long as he doesn't act randomly to be honest.


Week ninety-eight - December 2009

So kids, tonight's the night when a man in a sleigh, powered by reindeer visits every child in the world in one night. Only joking obviously. Remember when we all believed that impossible scenario? Silly. But we know that's not what Christmas is about now don't we. Christmas is about a child who was born of a virgin womb and who's father created the entire universe in six days about 5,000 years ago. Let's never stop believing that one.

Anyway we're all going to die one day, forever, so be nice. You won't be rewarded in Heaven for being nice but you will be rewarded on earth probably. That's quite good too isn't it kids?

Merry Christmas

Karl and Suzanne came round for dinner. Everyone had pudding except me. I just couldn't. In all I ate nine sausages. I have no regrets. I'd do the same again.

Me and another little round headed thing.

The free podcast is up now on iTunes [iTunes link]

There's also another little excerpt here at The Sun.

The real thing will be up next week.

Here's another song of the year.

Did a little free podcast today to promote The Guide to The Future. We'll get that up in a few days.

Thank you to The Times for declaring me television's "Face of the decade."

Quite right.

Here's one of my favourite songs of the year.

Week ninety-seven - December 2009

Saw Karl Today. He has lost a little bit of weight but his head is still as round - if slightly smaller. It's really weird. His hair has grown too and is sticking up a bit so he looks like a little pre-primate type thing. I obviously told him all this immediately. He said it was good to be back. We are doing a little podcast this week to promote The Guide to the Future. (Out 29th December)

This is artwork for the UK DVD of The Invention of Lying - Out Feb 1.

As you can see, it's basically The Poster, (or one-sheet as we call it in the biz), but sort of zoomed in.

I look happy; which is nice.

Here is the list of bonus material by the way.
  • Prequel: The Dawn of Lying. Probably the most expensive DVD Extra in Hollywood History. The entire caveman prequel costing about $300,000. Includes Karl Pilkington's cameo, along with Rob Lowe, Jonah Hill etc as half-naked Neanderthals. Lovely.
  • Additional Scenes. Lot's of cool stuff we couldn't cram into 100 minutes.
  • A Truly "Honest" Making-of Featurette with Ricky Gervais (HD)
  • Ricky and MattÕs Video Podcasts
  • Meet Karl Pilkington. Karl's terrible experience on his first and last Hollywood Movie.
  • More Laughter: Corpsing and Outtakes

The extras have a running time of 52 minutes.

If you're in America the DVD artwork is basically the same as the US poster and is out on 19th Jan.

Went for a run over Hampstead Heath in the snow. It was tough and took me a bit longer than usual but strangely invigorating. Have you seen Rocky 4? It was like that.

Fucking cold though. Even the most dedicated homosexuals can't be wanking each other off in this weather.

As you know I've always liked The Jonas Brothers. Discerning with great taste.

I saw Up In The Air last night and can confirm that it is indeed a fantastic film. That other film Nick Jonas mentioned is also brilliant.

Karl gets back from Egypt today. One down, six to go. Here's one of his favourite songs with a story.

Did an interview with Entertainment Weekly today about The Golden Globes. Karl featured quite heavily even though he has nothing to do with it. The Ricky Gervais Show debuts on HBO a month after The Globes. I think it could be bigger than Extras. Big words. Well to Karl they're big words. All words are quite big to Karl though. He makes up at least three new words in The Guide to the Future (out 29th Dec). It's my joint favourite with Guide to Philosophy by the way.

Talking of favourites...

Another couple of lists of the decade.
[Newser.com] and
[The Times]


So that's the end of my little mini tour for this year. More dates next year, including America and London. I might have to do bigger venues than I'd normally like doing as I've only got a limited amount of days available due to filming and other commitments. Stay tuned.

Had a meeting about The Globes. It seems slightly surreal that I'm hosting such an immense event. I can't even read an autocue. Luckily I've told them I wont be using one and they're fine with that. They seem to be fine with anything actually. Even more surreal. I wonder how far I can go and still have a career after?


Last night of Brighton tonight. As I was in the area I did a bit of Christmas shopping in the beautiful village of Petworth. (I bought Petworth actually. I'm having it made into a drive-through Nando's. That'll teach them for living in such a picturesque place. It even snowed a bit.) Nearly Christmas. Happy Birthday Jesus.

This is good news. It's a great show and will make a perfect pairing for us. Well done HBO. Happy Birthday Jesus.

I know what Jesus would love for his Birthday actually. He'd like all the children of Great Britain (as he still calls it) to have a Flanimals Pop-Up Book. [Available at Amazon.co.uk]

Happy Birthday Jesus

So the nominations for The Golden Globes were announced today. Now I can start thinking about who to take the piss out of. Not Marty obviously. Or Clint. You never know. They might call one day.

Saw the latest version of the trailer today for Cemetery Junction. Loved it. They've done a fantastic job. It's a whole 2 minutes of just me. (Don't worry. I'm joking. There's only a few seconds of my fat face. The rest is wonderful.)

Song. (Sorry for playing two Bowie tracks in a row but I just remembered how fucking great he is.)

Spent the day in the grade making the film look all lovely and that, then wizz'd down to Brighton Arena. Lovely gig. It's a great town too. Sorry, city. (They beat Reading to that one. No hard feelings.)

The US mag 'People' is flying over tonight to interview me tomorrow for a piece about the Golden Globes. Americans love the seaside. We all do.

In my rush today I forgot my toothbrush and my slippers. The hotel got me a toothbrush but I was too embarrassed to ask for slippers.

I told Jane who sent me a photo of them saying that now was her chance to throw them away because they smell. All slippers smell after a few years. You don't throw them out just because they smell.

That rule only applies to grandparents.

Can you tell I've got a cat?


Week ninety-six - December 2009

Stayed in and watched TV.

Nothing more to add.


Back in London. Catching up with TV. Le Restaurant, le Fighter Ultimate, et Dexteur.

Spoke to Karl today on the phone. I was crying with laughter as he told of "the weirdest day of me life."

The 6O Minutes special I did goes out this Sunday on CBS. They're expecting about 15 million viewers. I'd have dressed up if I'd known that.

I'll dress up for The Globes. When it's about 90 Degrees.


We have a new leader. The last night of Blackpool just overtook Sheffield as the greatest audience so far. Amazing.

Spoke to Karl today. He's having trouble sleeping. Egypt is a bit noisy apparently. If you're in a shit hotel that your mate Ricky picked for you that is. Ha Ha.

A bloke offered to suck his cock today in a toilet. Brilliant.

He'll love this experience in years to come. I genuinely believe that.

Also, I wouldn't do this if I didn't think he will triumph somehow in the end. He's one of the strongest people around. (A round... etc)

Here's a little song for Karl.

Karl is the one on the right.

[BBC News - Karl lands his own travel show]

Wonder if he's missing Ollie? She bit him the night before he left. Ha Ha.

It's not at the bottom, it's not at the top...

Another song.

Did a photoshoot and interview today for Live magazine to promote The Invention of Lying DVD in the UK. Good fun. I told the journalist to make me sound articulate and the photographer not to be afraid to airbrush. That's so much easier than reading books and loosing weight.

Off to Blackpool tomorrow.

This is fantastic...

0 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
1.0 out of 5 stars Well made, but sad and hopeless, 6 Dec 2009
By Francis King "Frank King" (Calgary, AB, Canada)

Is God just a desperate fib?

That's one of the main plot points in this movie, co-written and starring British actor/comedian Ricky Gervais.

The movie creates a world where everyone tells the truth - all the time, no matter what - with funny and often awkward results. Then Gervais' character stumbles upon telling the first fib.

After a few untruths, Gervais is confronted by his mother, dying in a hospital bed and full of fear for her future. In order to bring her some comfort, he drops what is presented to viewers as a big, fat, glow-in-the-dark lie: When her life on earth is done, his mother doesn't simply become nothing. She goes on to a happy existence living in a mansion and reuniting with all her already-dead loved ones.

Apparently, the world created by Gervais has no spiritual books such as a Bible, because this is amazing news to the hospital staff, who overhear the "lie" and demand to know more. Word spreads and soon, hundreds of people surround Gervais' house and he's forced to "create" a faith system with commandments (scrawled the back of pizza boxes) and a man in the sky dispensing favour and punishment.

One journalist, ignoring this very unfunny white elephant, wrote The Invention of Lying "recalls cinema classics like Frank Capra's It's a Wonderful Life - as much message as mirth." The message, according to this journalist, is lying isn't always a bad thing.

Unaware of Gervais' main plotline, my wife and I went to the theatre to watch this movie. When it finished, we walked out feeling sad.

For us, the message of The Invention of Lying is spirituality is a joke that exists only because we're all liars. And this is presented without a shred of evidence to back it up.

Where does the universe come from? The movie doesn't address this. What about a monumental figure like Jesus - his life and the revelations he told us about the nature of God? This is simply ignored. St. Paul, one of the writers of the Bible's New Testament, described how hundreds of people saw Jesus resurrected from the grave after his death on the cross. Apparently this doesn't matter, either.

How about the thousands of documented cases of near-death experiences that suggest an afterlife? They supposedly don't exist. A book like the Bible was written by more than 50 people over thousands of years; are they all liars? The casual, unspoken inference from Gervais is yes.

My wife's mother died not long ago and the hospital scene was a slap in the face for her (despite knowing the truth is quite different). Even for people who haven't lost a loved one recently, the message from Gervais is utter hopelessness. Unless we fool ourselves with a lie, all of us die and become nothing, he suggests. We'll never see loved ones again and we'll never meet God.

A classic along the lines of It's a Wonderful Life? Perhaps The Invention of Lying could have been that. But the former presented a compelling case for hope. The latter suggests only that we live for today and the person with the most toys when they die does, indeed, win. Win what, Ricky??


Apparently they've put me in Who's Who. I'm sure they asked me a few years ago but I couldn't be bothered to fill out the form that listed my hobbies. I still haven't done that so I've no idea what my entry says. Still, very nice of them. Thank you Who.

Did an interview with a very nice chap from The Hollywood Reporter. It was about being the host of The Golden Globes but I managed to mention Karl.

Karl is in Egypt at the moment. All will become clear very soon.

Here's another funny little bald chap.


Week ninety-five - December 2009

Filmed loads of stuff for HBO on-air trails today. Karl was, of course, amazing. Annoyed, confused, underwhelmed, reluctant, idiotic, but very funny.

Here's his first time on camera.

This was fun too.

What a song.

Last night in Sheffield. Three great days.

Back to London tomorrow. We are recording some on-air promos for HBO. Me, Karl and Steve, in a room with three cameras. Can't wait.

I think the details of the UK broadcaster for The Ricky Gervais Show are released tomorrow. Then we are selling it around the rest of the world. Karl wont be able to hide.

I seem to have started a random 'clips from The Office I'd forgotten about' thread.

And here's a song too.

2 out of 2 for Sheffield. Another lovely crowd. [Review in The Star]

I'm planning some more US dates for next spring by the way.

I've got to make 500 million people around the world laugh at the Globes next though.

Then I've got to do another set of junckets for The Invention of Lying DVD around the world.

Then I've got to launch The Ricky Gervais Show around the world.

Then i've got to release Cemetery Junction around the world.

Its going really well. Obviously.

But do you know what?

I miss just sitting in a room near my house trying to make Steve laugh the laughter of hate.

Here's a song.

OK. We have a new leader. Sheffield was the best crowd so far. I enjoyed every single second of the gig. The actual venue may have had something to do with it as I think it is perfect for comedy and the atmosphere was lovely, but for what ever reason, it's my favourite gig on this tour.

Maybe it's that Christmas feeling. I was thinking back trying to decide my favourite on the Fame tour and I think it's probably Sheffield or Britsol. Manchester and Brighton were great but arenas never feel as warm as Victorian theatres. I think Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dublin were best on Politics. Am I boring you? I thought you liked nerdy lists? Oh fuck you then.

Filming some trailers tomorrow for NBC. Stuff for the Golden Globes. I love the fact that the biggest TV network in the US has had to fly to Sheffield. They can buy some cutlery.

Guide to Law and Order number 1 audiobook in the world. Thank you.

Here's a tune.

Week ninety-four - November 2009

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..."

Felt a bit wintery today in sunny Hampstead,

Still lovely though.

Spent most of the day in the edit. Very close to locking picture as they say. Then I'll relax for a couple of hours.

Will have the trailer in two or three weeks too.

Don't forget to download the new audiobook tomorrow by the way - [iTunes UK link] | [iTunes rest of world link]

Talking of forgetting - I didn't play a song yesterday.

This should make up for it.

Finished of The Guide to The Future on Saturday. Karl was really on form as everything we love about him came together - fascination mixed with ignorance.

We also started The Human Body but we didn't get a lot done as we got carried away with The Future. It's a really good one.

Karl and Suzanne came round for dinner after. (A lovely roast, followed by apple pie and custard.) He loves his pudding.

I think I could get him fat just by delivering him a cake every day. The only reason he is thin is because he forgets to get stuff in the house so he runs out of food.

In fact, that's a funny idea. I'll buy him pudding every time I see him. Oh God, how round would his fucking head look then?

This round maybe?

Ring any bells?

Anyway, Karl wont get that well-fed when he's in Egypt for two weeks next month. Or Peru. Or Jordan. Or any of the other countries Steve and I are sending him to for the new TV show I told you about. We've made sure of it.

Got some fantastic news about the animation being shown in the UK too. Can't tell you about it yet as we haven't crossed my eyes and dotted my teeth.

Oh hold on...

What can I say? I get bored backstage. I do a soundcheck, eat, deal with fan mail, then the old iPhone kicks in.

Birmingham is great. Thanks to all the lovely people who came and laughed. Went to an art gallery today.

Think these must be ancestors of Jedward.

Hope you liked the free sample of Law and Order [download it here on iTunes]. The full audiobook is out next Tuesday. It's got one of my favourite ever bits on it. At the end Karl does a of role play. He is fucking useless at it obviously.

And a huge 'thank you' to everyone who bought The Guide to Society [available on iTunes UK here] and [rest of the world here]. It's done nearly a quarter of a million sales already. Karl is celebrating with more DIY. Not long till he starts in B&Q now.

Here's a lovely tune for you all.

1st night in Birmingham Arena was great. I used screens this time so people at the back could see the full horror of my fat face.

Doing a photo shoot today for the RSPCA. This is my modeling partner, Casper.

Look at his little face. No "hair and makeup". No special lighting. Always perfect.


Save the planet. [Visit the Cool Earth website]

The guys from the charity took this picture when they were in the Peruvian rain forrest.

How cool is that? Well I was impressed anyway.

Bet he'd love the pop-up book. [Amazon link]

If you've either gone to the Cool Earth website or bought a book I'll play you a lovely song.

Bought Steve lunch for his birthday. I said, "have as much pasta as you want." He loved it.

Had a great marketing meeting about Cemetery Junction. We might even have a trailer by Christmas.


Did some filming for our Karl Pilkington TV project. Can't tell you much about it I'm afraid. It's not top secret, just not much to tell you yet.

Then I did Paul O'Grady. (Oh grow up.)

I was plugging these little fellas...


Week ninety-three - November 2009

Did an interview for The L.A. Times about hosting The Golden Globes. It gets 25 million viewers in America alone and 500 million worldwide. Oh fuck! After the interview I started drinking wine and writing jokes. Nothing like fear to make you work. And drink.

I created this chap when I was sober. So...

Buy Flanimals Pop Up for your niece or nephew and change their destiny. [Amazon link]

I'll play you a tune while you decide.

His second best song of all time. His best was a co-write.

From the Day of The Bletchling...

Order Flanimals Pop Up [on Amazon]. Go on. You'll love it.

This is nice. We're going to see lots of top 10s of the year, and the decade, over the next few weeks.

Maybe I'll do that as a thread too.

Lets kick off with my top 10 favourite numbers;

1. 5
2. 10
3. 2
4. 7
5. 4
6. 3
7. 1
8. 9
9. 8
10. 6

Boy do I hate 6.

(Please don't try to read too much into this list as it's a joke you fucking mongs.)

Here's a song

My last night in Bournemouth. Favourite gig so far. Either the crowds are getting better or I am.

Had a conference call about the DVD release of The Invention Of Lying. 19th Jan in The US, 1st Feb UK. Thanks for asking.


From book 1 ['Flanimals' at Amazon]


Fangs very much.

Second night in Bournemouth. Lovely again.

Spent the day with Steve and our editor Valerio. We moved the edit to my hotel so we didn't waste time while I'm on tour. Nice. I felt like a president. "Move it here!"


From Flanimals of The Deep. [available on Amazon]

Song... I've been playing a lot of rock and folk lately. That's my thing I suppose. But this is good too kids.

Bournemouth. Lovely.


From The Day of The Bletchling. [available on Amazon]


Went to see Louis C.K. at The Bloomsbury Theatre on Saturday. He came round first and had a game of golf, had something to eat, and came with us to the gig. So casual. We got there about 10 minutes before he walked on stage. He was absolutely great. Fat, bald, ginger slob.

Spent the day in the edit. Nearly there. (I keep thinking that. It takes fucking ages.)

Did another doodle for charity. I used to get in trouble for doodling at school. Now it seems it saves the world.

Ah, New York...

Off to Bournemouth tomorrow.

Now, more flanimals... (good name for a book that) [here it is on Amazon]

Remember, this new thread is to make you buy the pop-up book. It's not just for your amusement for Christ's sake. Buy it from Waterstones maybe.

This is my favourite song these fellas ever did.

Week ninety-two - November 2009

Hope you like the new "Flanimals Retrospective" thread.

The Grommomulunt was first seen in the second book of the series by the way - More Flanimals [available on Amazon].

As was this poor thing..

This one first appeared in Flanimals of the Deep - the third book. [available on Amazon] It won an award you know.

Here's a tune.

As I'm not doing any signings or promotion for the Flanimals Pop Up book, [here it is on Amazon] I thought I might do a flanimal of the day on this blog.

Let's kick of with this one.

That little fella needs some bones.

Last night in Karl's home town. It were brilliant.

Did Real Radio and the Granada local news programme too while I was here. Both good fun.

What a lovely city. Don't know what The Smiths were moaning about.

Love this guy.

Second night in Manchester and another fantastic crowd.

Had quite a productive day too. Started work on some ideas for The Golden Globes (long way off but quite a big gig).

Started work and completed a pizza.




I'll take it.

First night of Manchester tonight. Favourite gig so far.

Here's a cheerful little ditty.

Did some NBC idents for The Golden Globes. The show gets about 25 million viewers across America. Jesus!
(Note to self. Don't blaspheme on air you dopey fucker. Or swear. So don't get drunk in case. Just a small one to steady the nerves....Oh shit.... God I'm a cunt.)

Did a doodle for a charity auction for The Redwings Sanctuary. They wanted a doodle of a horse or donkey. I did a donkey because years ago we adopted one called Blossom.

It's not badly drawn.
How's that for a segue?

A strange thing happened today. Karl was happy with something. He was raving about the HBO animation. He actually said it was his "favourite animation ever." I was taken aback. He wants to do a second season and he even said he would do some American TV to promote it. I have honestly never heard him talk about anything in such a good light (except Munchies).

He was even enthusing about the new guides. Weird.

Thank you to everyone who downloaded The Ricky Gervais Guide to Society. It is number one everywhere and looks like it will be the most downloaded so far. We have now sold 4 million audiobooks. Maybe that's why Karl is happy.

The next one is Law and Order (Dec 1), then The Future (Dec 29) the last two in the series will be The Human Body and The Earth by the way.

Found this. This was back in the day when Karl was moaning about not charging for the podcasts. He got his wish. Anything for a little Manc twat.

Here's a song.

Week ninety-one - November 2009

Spent a week in New York where I went to fine restaurants with friends, visited museums, ran in Central Park, bought some art and played Carnegie Hall... you get the point; I had a great time.

When I got back to England I watched X Factor and saw an interesting pop sensation called John and Edward being encouraged by Louis "Flat Eric" Walsh.

What the fuck is going on?

We used to rule the world.

Heading to London soon, then continuing the Science tour.

New York,

You know how it is.

Here's my Letterman appearance by the way... Part 1 and Part 2

And here's a song.

Played Carnegie Hall. It was an amazing experience of course, but my favourite bit was doing the encore with Elmo. We sang New York, New York.
As you do.

All I need to do now before I die is work with this guy.

Carnegie Hall tonight. Wish me luck. No, break my legs in Macbeth or something.

This fella did his bit last night.

Did the first warm-up for the Carnegie Hall gig. It wasn't like a warm-up because the crowd was so fucking amazing. So a huge thank you if you were there. Another one tonight then the real thing.

Popped in to see Louis C.K. on the first day of production of his new TV series. I'm doing a little cameo on it. It's really funny. But he is fat and bald and ginger.

I think this internet radio show is getting Neil Young heavy. Oh well.

The Ricky Gervais Guide to Society is available now.
[iTunes UK link] - [iTunes Rest of World link]

Hope you like it. Or not. Hating it is just as good as long as you buy it.

Did Letterman last night and he showed the world premiere of a clip of the animation. It was a pre-record so I hope they leave it in when it goes out on 6th November. I also dissed Karl quite a bit and quoted some of his most stupid statements. if you're a regular listener to the audiobooks you would have heard it all before, but remember I'm trying to bring the dim-witted Manc to a wider audience which will in turn bring him much pain and frustration. So be patient, it's all worth it.

Here's another classic.

Looks like Karl's made an effort.

At this time of year it's fair to say that he's got a head like a fucking pumpkin.

Here's a corker.

Week ninety - October/November 2009

In New York. Last night was Halloween. Everyone was dressed in weird costumes.

But then it rained so everyone was dressed up in weird costumes trying to hail cabs. Hilarious.

It's the New York marathon today. I have decided, like with Halloween, not to join in but just watch.

Doing my 14th Letterman tomorrow. They asked me to host it once when Dave was on holiday. I couldn't do it but I thought it was an honour. Then again, maybe they only asked because I know the building so well.

Here's a tune.

Happy Halloween.

Spent the day in the edit. We've got a cut we really like. I said to Steve we should decide what our next project is. He said we should maybe finish the film first. Once again, the sober yin to my raging yang. (That's a Mr Burns quote by the way. I haven't gone all new age.)

Saw the finished first episode of the HBO animation. It's fucking great. I can't wait to get it out there as this could really turn Karl's life into a living hell. Not the usual reason someone wants their work to be a global success, sure.

Don't forget the new audiobook is available from Tuesday.

Can't stop playing this.

Dear blog readers, do me a favour.

Thousands of people are reading this blog, and I bet many of them run websites and do blogs of their own. Or post messages on iTunes and YouTube and Twitter. Please mention the round-headed one. This is your mission. Get everyone in the world to listen to one of the podcasts or audiobooks. Karl got recognized today and it really stressed him out. More of that please. I'll leave it in your capable hands.

Thanks. This song is for you.

Last night in Ipswich tonight and it's been great. I was walking along an ancient country road today eating the last of the blackberries, like a little druid.

After tonight the next gigs are in New York. Crikey!

The free teaser for The Ricky Gervais Guide to Society is up by the way. [iTunes link]

Hope you like it enough to purchase the full 50 minutes.

Hope you like this too.

You may have heard I'm hosting The Globes. Should be interesting. It's live too. (Evil laugh.)

Ipswich was one of the best crowds yet. Or maybe I was better. (I doubt that, and it wouldn't be fair on the people who saw me last week either.)

Just finished the notes on the animatic for episode 11 of the HBO show. We're getting close. The first episode will be finished in a couple of weeks hopefully. We might even be able to show an exclusive clip on Letterman.

Here's a classic as they say.

So the clocks went back; extra hour in bed and Christmas approaching. I get another day off then.

Week eighty-nine - October 2009

Worked on the music for Cemetery Junction today. So much fun.

This is our romantic male lead Freddie, played by Christian Cooke. I play his dad in the movie. We flipped a coin to decide who would play which role obviously.

I am pointing out a green bug by the way. Luckily insects look the same now as they did in the 70s.

Talking of the seventies.

A day off.

But... must... play... record...

Spent the day in the edit.

This is our bad boy hero, Bruce, played by future star Tom Hughes.

He just pipped me at the post for the role.

Now a song that's featured in The Invention of Lying. Beautiful.

Back in London. Been for a run on the heath (kept to the path) and had a little work out in the gym. Too many pizzas and sandwiches on tour. Who wants salad before or after a gig eh?

I'm really enjoying the stand-up though. I actually look forward to the show now. I was never nervous before but I was always glad when it was over. Now I actually enjoy my time on stage.

Ipswich next, then off to New York to headline The Comedy Festival at Carnegie Hall. Now I'm nervous.

Quick, play a record.

So that was Newcastle. The weather was cold but the people were warm. Ah.

Here is a contender for one of the most beautiful songs ever written.

This is Galveston performed by its composer Jimmy Webb.

I never appreciated the weight of the song until I heard this version. It's about a soldier away at war and missing his home.

I played this a lot when my dad died. Don't know why. Maybe it's because he was a soldier once. It was hard for me to imagine him as that. Or even him as a young man actually. Or maybe it's just because it makes me cry. And that's good.


Went for a run along the beach. There was no one around because it was cold and windy and pouring with rain. It was great.

And so is


I have nothing to tell that is as interesting as this song. It's beautiful.

I am well by the way. Thanks for asking.

Off to Newcastle. Don't worry I've packed a jumper. I had packed some coal too, but someone told me that was a bit pointless.

I'm doing my 14th Letterman appearance in a few weeks and HBO are trying to set a start date for the animation in time to announce it on the show. We know it will be January or February but I should be able to be more specific very soon.

Started planning the Carnegie Hall gig. Same deal as Out of England 1 - mainly the new UK show but with a couple of "greatest hits" that haven't been released in America. Although I've still got to be a bit careful as some routines have had a million hits on YouTube. This show is about 95% brand new stuff though.

Talking of greatest hits... let's go all the way back...

This is the moment I realized I now have to do publicity for the film coming out in Australia, the Middle East, parts of Asia, South America and the rest of Europe. Junkets are a bit of a chore as it is, but with even a slight language barrier they are exhausting. I wish I spoke Australian.

Finished The Ricky Gervais Guide to Law and Order today. We also did a little teaser for Society with a little 5 minute clip. (out 2nd Nov)

Oh, and we started on the Guide to The Future. I literally laughed till my head hurt at Karl's predictions for the evolution of man.

Talking of Hurt... (I'm just like a real DJ.)

Ricky's Blog continues with Week Eighty-eight here ...


Sanity Prevails
Targets of Ricky's Golden Globes introductions have come to his defence in the wake of some sensational news reports.
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It's all kicked off again...
"Thank you God for making me an atheist."
Ricky's sign-off as Golden Globes host sparks another episode at The Wall Street Journal.
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Ricky on CNN's 'Tonight'
The re-launched Tonight, hosted by Piers Morgan, starts next week - Ricky will be Thursday's guest.
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Season Two Imminent
Canadian news site reports on more weirdness from the round-headed one
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Mole Role
Ricky is to voice Mole in a big screen version of The Wind In The Willows.
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Please Vote For Ricky
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Exclusive Ricky Gervais Show Trailer
Ricky makes a plea on behalf of the round-headed one...
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Here are some best bits
The Best of The Ricky Gervais Show - nearly 2 hours of audio for Free
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Comedy Heavyweights
Ricky Balboa faces David Haye...
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Top TV at Culture Mob
The Office and Extras do rather well in another list
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Watch Ricky and chums this Thursday on Comedy Central
Night of Too Many Stars: An Overbooked Concert For Autism Education. Jon Stewart, Tina Fey, Steve Carrell, Lewis Black, Sarah Silverman, Chris Rock, Ricky Gervais, Jim Gaffigan and Tracy Morgan are amongst the too-many stars making an appearance. 9 P.M. on Comedy Central.
If you're in The States that is. If you're in the UK watch An Idiot Abroad... obviously.
More about Night of Too Many Stars...

How to kill a mockumentary
The Sydney Morning Herald asks, "Why does every comedy pretend to be a documentary if they won't commit?"

A head for figures
An Idiot Abroad has clocked up Sky's biggest ratings figures this year - beating even 'Lost'.

Warning! Fake Karls on Twitter
The real Karl Pilkington is NOT on Twitter.
Spread the word.
And tell them about the audiobooks too.
He'd like that

Vote for Karl
in Heat's Weird Crush 2010 poll...
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Israeli Office gets a second series
CNN reports the good news and takes the opportunity to compare and contrast.
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An Idiot Abroad - deleted scene
Here's a scene that didn't make it into the final programme. Karl meets a faux messiah.
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MSN reviews An Idiot Abroad
"...Pilkington's nonplussed reaction to the Great Wall - he says it's reminiscent of a Wimpey home."
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Daily Telegraph on An Idiot Abroad
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The Observer has a selection of extracts from Karl Pilkington's travel diary - chronicling the filming of An Idiot Abroad...
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Ricky and chums in New York
Ricky Gervais, Tina Fey, Stephen Colbert and Sarah Silverman will appear on Night Of Too Many Stars: An Overbooked Concert For Autism Education...
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Royal Beer Mat Shock
That Queen woman sold her story to the papers...
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Daily Mail previews An Idiot Abroad
Can you guess whether they like it or not?
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First Look at An Idiot Abroad plus Cemetery Junction promo outtakes
Two new videos are now up on YouTube;
A taster for the new Sky1 travel documentery with Karl Pilkington, An Idiot Abroad here.
And a selection of some of the less useful footage from a recent promo shoot for the Cemetery Junction DVD here.

Ricky chooses the perfect primetime schedule for American TV
Variety gives Ricky the chance to offer a British perspective in some US TV gems.
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Bucky thinks Ricky is a funny Gunt
The Stanford Advocate, Bucky Gunts' local paper, gets his reaction to his Emmy win and Ricky's introduction.
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Ricky talks about An Idiot Abroad...
"It's not a comedy show, it's not scripted, he's not trying to be funny, he's just saying what he thinks completely honestly and we're pointing the camera at him."
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Sky Movies premieres The Invention Of Lying in September
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Steve and Ricky plug Cemetery Junction on DVD
See Ricky and Steve on the couch as they describe a perfect night in with Cemetery Junction on DVD.
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US anticipating An Idiot Abroad...
The New York Post highlight's Karl Pilkington's new travelogue - coming to UK screens in September on Sky 1 HD - and hopes that someone picks up the US rights soon.
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Top TV of the 2000s
TV.com votes The Office best TV comedy of the decade.
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Sneak peek...
SKY have put out a first look at An Idiot Abroad.
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Ricky back at The Office?
The Examiner puts the record straight.
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HBO Stand-up Special
Ricky's new special will premiere in December on HBO.
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Restructuring at The Office
The Week proposes five strategies on how to cope when Steve Carell leaves The Office.
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Ricky returns to The Simpsons
Ricky will be appearing as himself in an upcoming episode of The Simpsons as Homer and Bart go to L.A. for the Oscars. Read more at PopWatch

We did it!
Bullfighting banned
Thanks to everyone who signed the petition.

Ricky and Steve (the other one) together again.
Ricky will appear on stage in a New York charity gig alongside his American Office counterpart Steve Carell. The star-studded bill also includes Chris Rock, Sarah Silverman, Tina Fey and host Jon Stewart. The Night Of Too Many Stars: An Overbooked Concert For Autism Education will also air on TV in the US.
Get tickets here and read more about the event at here at Chortle.

Observer Interview
There's a searching interview with Ricky in the Observer magazine
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Guardian Exclusive...
The Ricky Gervais Show is out on DVD now. The Guardian popped in to chat with Ricky, Steve and Karl about the animated series.
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Nominated for an EMMY
The Ricky Gervais Show has been nominated in the category of 'Outstanding Animated Program' for this year's Primetime Emmy Awards. Award winners are announced at the end of August this year.

Louie reviewee
Here's a review of Louie - Louis C.K.'s new TV show - in which Ricky took a guest role recently.
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Muppet News
Elmo is in London and looking forward to seeing Ricky...
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New York Magazine on Ricky's message of support.
Another report on Ricky's recent blog posting...
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NYT reports Ricky's good luck message.
Ricky gave his support to Steve Carell after he made the decision to leave The Office. The New York Times reports...
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Larry David in The Mirror
With Ricky set tp appear in the next season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Daily Mirror talks to creator Larry David.
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TV blog debates the future of The Office
The Morning Call's TV blog offers a few scenarios for the US Office post-Steve Carell.
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The Guardian on Steve Carell's Departure
Complimenting Ricky's invention, Michael Scott, without realizing it...
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Please feel free to leave a comment.

Carell vacates The Office
Steve Carell, star of the American version of The Office will leave at the end of the 2010/2011 season.
BBC News reports on this here.

Sneak Peek
A little teaser for the Sky One show...
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Happy as Larry
Ricky is set to appear in the upcoming eighth series of Curb Your Enthusiasm.
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The Office en vogue
The Sydney Herald reports on how The Office has penetrated popular culture.
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Would You Go To A Bullfight?
USA Today reports on Ricky's support for a boycott on bullfights.
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Go West. Again
Ricky talks to the Bristol Evening Post.
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Ricky sends a farewell message to Simon Cowell on his final Americal Idol show.

Transcontinental Critics
Here are some nice reviews of Ricky's recent stand-up shows in Los Angeles and London.
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and read the Wembley Arena show review at The Arts Desk.

Ricky Gervais sparks outrage after Down's insult aimed at Susan Boyle
Read the totally misinformed article and Ricky's reply here in Ricky's blog.

Here's the original article at the Daily Record

And so it begins.

From the archive...
Listen to Karl Pilkington's free-form film script (starring Clive Warren) in a free podcast from a few years back that hasn't been heard for a while.
Download it now via podcast at iTunes.

Stats Entertainment!
The Ricky Gervais Show was downloaded 4.2 million times in April.
Ricky's Blog was read by 1.1 million unique users.
Rickygervais.com was visited 3.4 million times.

Karl Pilkington on Sky HD
Karl takes centre stage in Sky TV's trail for its new line-up of programmes - including Seven Wonders, Karl's unique new travelogue.
Watch here on You Tube.

The Ladies of Cemetery Junction
The Belfast Telegraph writes about Cemetery Junction and sheds light on how womens' lives have changed since the seventies...
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In The Directors' Chairs
Watch Ricky and Stephen chat with The Guardian's Jason Solomons...
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More reviews...
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Obsessed With Film Interview
Ricky and Stephen Merchant chat about Cemetery Junction.
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The Mirror reviews Cemetery Junction
The Mirror's Mark Adams calls Cemetery Juction a "classy comedy drama"
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From Vaughan Williams to Springsteen
Ricky talks about the music choices for the soundtrack of Cemetery Junction.
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The Guardian's visit to Cemetery Junction
Here's The Guardian's set report from Cemetery Junction.
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Stephen Merchant writes...
in The Observer about making Cemetery Junction.
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Cemetery Junction Stars
Felicity Jones, Christian Cooke and Tom Hughes come under scrutiny in the Evening Standard. Read here.

The Ricky Gervais Show gets a second series
HBO have commissioned a second series of The Ricky Gervais Show which should air next year. The first series comes to Channel 4 in the UK on April 23rd.
Read more at BBC News.

Empire Magazine Interview
Ricky and Steve talk to Empire about Cemetery Junction.
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Cemetery Junction Review
Total Film's review of Ricky's new movie is here.
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Exclusive Clip
The Sun has an exclusive clip from Cemetery Junction - introduced by Ricky and Steve.
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Ricky and Steve are Guest Editors for Total Film
The April edition of Total Film is out now. Ricky and Steve stamp their mark on the edition with insights into their new film Cemetery Junction and articles from chums Chistopher Guest, David Baddiel and Karl Pilkington.
Read selected highlights here.

Goode turn at Cemetery Junction
Matthew Goode talks about working with Ricky and Stephen on Cemetery Junction.
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New Cemetery Junction Trailer
Screencrave have the latest trailer for Cemetery Junction.
see it here.
Cemetery Junction Stars in Vanity Fair
Here's an article from Vanity Fair focussing on the young leads, Read the article (opens in a new window).
Going down well down under
The Invention of Lying rolls on around the world. Two reviews from the anitopodes...
Echo News and Stuff NZ.
Invention of Lying opens in New Zealand 26 Nov
The NZ Herald chats with Ricky about the movie and more.
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Spectator takes a look at Ricky's new movie
The American Spectator reviews The Invention of Lying.
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Film 4 Give Film Four...
Stars. Here's the review...
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Results are in at Cinema Verdict
The Invention of Lying reviewed...
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Chicago Tribune talks to Ricky
Review and a chat durng lunchbreak during filming of The Invention of Lying.
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Daily Express Expresses Opinion
The Express reviews The Invention of Lying.
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Invention of Lying Review
In Birmingham's Sunday Mercury...
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"The Invention of Lying is a Landmark Comedy"
So says First Showing.net.
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The Seattle PI asks...
...What's So Great About Ricky Gervais?
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Sky News talk to Ricky...
...about The Invention of Lying.
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Ricky on the World Wide Welsh
Wales Online reviews The Invention of Lying.
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New post in New York Post
The New York Post's PopWrap section offers 5 truths about 'Invention of Lying'
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Ricky's T4 Takeover
Ricky becomes guest presenter on Channel 4's T4 this week.
Watch some sneak peeks here.

Ricky on Film 2009
Jonathan Ross and Ricky talk properly and sensibly.
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Read all about it.
The Evening Standard review of The Invention of Lying is online.
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Daily Record Review
Scotland's Daily Record considers The Invention of Lying.
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Ricky talks to USA Today
There's a big interview and a review of the movie.
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Esteemed Critic's Critique
The revered Roger Ebert pronounces on The Invention of Lying.
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Just In Time.
The venerable TIME magazine presents its opinion of Ricky's new movie.
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Guardian Review...
The Guardian reviews The Invention of Lying.
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Invention of Lying - New Review
Cinema Blend offer their appraisal of Ricky's new movie.
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Entertainment Weekly's Verdict
EW.com review of The Invention of Lying is online now.
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The Mirror reflects on The Invention of Lying
Their review is online now...
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Tall Tales in The Times
The Times talks to Ricky about The Invention of Lying during filming...
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BS in Boston
The Boston Globe looks at The Invention of Lying...
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Whoppers in Wapping
Ricky tells The Sun why it's good to lie...
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Ricky talks to the Wall Street Journal
The Wall Street Journal gives a thorough analysis of Ricky's carreer to date...
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Interview in The Telegraph
Ricky talks about The Invention Of Lying while at the premiere in Toronto.
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New York Magazine Review
The Invention of Lying comes under the scrutiny of New York magazine's movie critic...
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Invention of Lying Review Round-up
The Guardian has a summary of Ricky's new film's critical reception.
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The Invention of Lying - in review
Here are the first reviews of The Invention of Lying. It's in cinemas from October 2nd.
The Hollywood Reporter
Australia's Daily Telegraph visits Cemetery Junction
Ricky chats with an antipodean reporter on set in Shepperton Studios.
Read the article here.

Exclusive Invention of Lying Clips
As publicity starts rolling for The Invention of Lying's opeing on October 2nd, film entertainment web sites HitFix and Total Film have exclusive clips on show.
Rotten Tomatoes Set Visit
The esteemed movie review website talks to Ricky and Stephen down at the studio during the filming of Cemetery Junction.
Read the article here.
Cemetery Junction Exclusive
The Times Online goes behind the scenes for an exclusive first look at Ricky's new movie.
Watch here.
The Invention of Lying - Review.
"Imagine going to greet your blind date at their apartment and being told immediately upon the door opening how disappointing they find you..."
Read on here...
Ain't It Cool News Talks to Ricky and Steve
The influential film review web site has a major interview with Ricky and Steve about Cemetery Junction.
Read the article here.
Ricky and Steve chat to Entertainment Weekly
The popular US magazine got on the phone to talk about Cemetery Junction.
Read the interview here.
Shortlist Magazine visits Cemetery Junction
Here's a location report from the set of Cemetery Junction.
Read the article here.
Ricky and Steve report from the set of Cemetery Junction

Ricky lets The Sun in at Cemetery Junction
Britain's favourite tabloid paid a visit to Cemetery Junction to probe Ricky about his new movie.
Here's the article.
Time Out at Cemetery Junction
London's Time Out magazine visited Ricky and Steve on set at Cemetery Junction recently.
Here's the article.
Sky News vists Ricky on the set of Cemetery Junction...
Cemetery Junction - First Teaser Trailer Online
Ricky and Stephen introduce a revered cast member.

Total Film on Ricky's Reading Roots
and how his upbringing has influenced Cemetery Junction.
Read the article here.
Empire Magazine talks to Ricky about Cemetery Junction
and get some early indications of what the film will be like.
Read the article here.
The Invention Of Lying - First Trailer Online
Watch the first trailer for Ricky's first film as writer and director - The Invention Of Lying. (UK and US versions)

Interview in The Big Issue
Ricky talks about stand-up and Cemetery Junction...
Read it here.
Filming Starts on Cemetery Junction
Ricky's next movie, and his first film collaborating with Stephen Merchant, has begun filming in London.
Ricky stars alongside Ralph Fiennes and Emily Watson.
Read more about Cemetery Junction in the press release.