Not exhaustive, but it should help you put a name to the odd face...

David Brent

Gareth Keenan

Tim Canterbury

Dawn Tinsley

Chris Finch

Neil Godwin

Jennifer Taylor Clarke

Keith Bishop

Dawn Tinsley - (Lucy Davis)

Dawn is Receptionist and puts up with David's attempts at humour beyond the call of duty. She was engaged to warehouse worker, and professional Neanderthal, Lee. She also harbours aspirations to be a children's illustrator.

Dawn and fiance Lee left Slough at the end of series two to live with family in Florida. Dawn found this life choice good for her tan but not much good for anything else. Could it be that she missed flirting with Tim?

When the BBC documentary crew offered to fly Dawn and Lee back to Slough for Christmas they accepted. It was almost as if the crew knew fate had something in store for Dawn. After leaving the Wernham Hogg Christmas party Dawn had a moment of clarity. She decided to dump Lee and run into the arms of her long time admirer, Tim Canterbury.

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