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David Brent

Gareth Keenan

Tim Canterbury

Dawn Tinsley

Chris Finch

Neil Godwin

Jennifer Taylor Clarke

Keith Bishop

Jennifer Taylor Clarke - (Stirling Gallacher)

Jennifer Taylor Clarke is from Head Office and is David Brent's rather intimidating boss. She calls in at the Slough branch of Wernham Hogg at regular intervals to check up on things. Usually she has some bad news to pass on about the future of the company.

Though she's highly efficient and very serious about her job, she is actually surprisingly patient with David Brent. In series one alone, Brent lied to her, made fun of her behind her back (calling her Camilla Parker Bowles), embarrassed her in the warehouse and often took sneaky glances at her legs.

Though she's eventually made a Partner she stays in close contact with the Slough branch. After a series of unpleasant run-ins with between Brent and Neil Godwin, she is forced to formulate a redundancy deal for David Brent.

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