New Trailer
Ricky's latest trailer for the new Muppets Movie takes the piss out of Twitter gorps.
Watch here.

Ricky chats about Derek with Charlie Rose
With Derek coming to Netflix UK on Jan 30th, Ricky talks to Bloomburg TV about his latest creation.
Watch here.

Ricky meets David Blaine
The well-known illusionist shows Ricky another use for a skewer.
Watch here.

Person of the Year
PETA, the animal charity, has named Ricky as its person of the year 2013.
Read here.

£1,000 Cub Cake
Ricky buys bear-shaped treat at a charity auction.
Read here.

Ricky In Time
Ricky writes about success and styles himself a "cocky little nobody".
Read here.

Derek reviewed
Ricky hailed as the 'Tarantino of nice'
Read here.

David Blaine 'Real or Magic' Stumps Ricky Gervais with Amazing Knife

39 Feline Gervaisalikes
A number of cats that look like Ricky
See here.

Aid Wildlife
Please help one of Ricky's favourite charities if you can...
Wildlife Aid.

Ricky Reevaluates
'I may have been wrong about Twitter', writes Ricky in Wired...
Read here.

Ricky in the Record
Ricky talks about Warwick and Karl; Life's Too Short and An Idiot Abroad.
Read here.

Snoop on tour
Snoop Dogg offers a special invitation to Ricky and Karl...
Watch here.

Shoes of the World
Bid for Ricky's kicks in a charity auction of celebrity footwear.
Bid here.

Flan news...
Ricky sees a role for Karl in the forthcoming Flanimals movie.
Read here.

Sesame Toast
The Clicker celebrates stand-out celebrity appearances on Sesame Street...
Read here.

Sky High
An Idiot Abroad premiere tops satellite TV ratings...
Read more here.

HP Source
The Huffington Post reports on Ricky Steve and Karl's thinking on An Idiot Abroad 2.
Read here.

Showbusiness Business
CBS Business Network picks up on Ricky's Wall Street Journal essay...
Read here.

Karl turns travel writer
Shortlist provides An Idiot's Guide To The World courtesy of Karl.
Read here.

Guardian Blog
"Thank you Ricky Gervais, for improving the lives of disabled people..."
Read here.

Gervaisian Hosting: A Critique
Very Aware postulates a Gloden Globe watershed in the nature of TV award shows.
Read here.

Expurgated at The Emmys
Ricky introduces the 'Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy' nominees at the Emmys via the medium of pre-recorded video...
Watch here.

Ricky joins Bruce Springsteen in NY fundraiser
Stand Up for Heroes takes place November 9 in New York's Beacon Theatre and will raise money for military families in need.
Read more here.

An Idiot Abroad 2 Review
What Culture! Takes a look at Episode 1...
Read more here.

Karl's cover canned.
Karl's enforced redition of Van Halen's 'Jump' may not be seen outside the UK...
Read more here.

Frank exchange of views
Daily Mail columnist Frank Barrett isn't looking forward to An Idiot Abroad 2
Read here.

New Interview with New Humanist
Ricky responds to a little rational inquiry.
Read here.

The Office Revisited
AV Club completes its 10th anniversary retrospective of The Office.
Here's the final entry...
The Christmas Special Part 2
and earlier articles are here...
The Christmas Special Part 1, Series 2, Episodes 5 and 6, Series 2, Episodes 3 and 4, Episodes 1 and 2, Episodes 3 and 4, Episodes 5 and 6 and Series 2, Episodes 1 and 2

Ricky Steve and Karl answer some media-related questions at BAFTA [].
Watch here at YouTube.

Life's Too Short with extra Bacon
Ricky and Warwick chat with Richard Bacon; followed by an exclusive clip of Life's Too Short.
Watch here.

Top Comedies of All Time
The Office makes number 6 in IGN's greatest comedies of all time list.
Read here.

Interview in The Telegraph
Ricky talks about fame, fortune and the price of milk.
Read here.

The Office Special Edition DVD Box Set
In its 10th anniversary year The Office gets its most complete release on DVD. All twelve episodes, Xmas specials, documentaries, all-new celebrity interviews plus the never-before-seen original pre-pilot.
Pre-order now at Amazon UK

Behind the scenes on Life's Too Short
Shortlist catch up with Ricky backstage on his new sitcom.
Read here.

Ricky on rule-breaking
Australia's In Style magazine asks Ricky about pushing envelopes and crossing lines.
Read here.

Letterman XIX
Ricky's 19th appearance on the Late Show.
Watch here.

Cetacean cartoon cameo
BBC Newsbeat offers news of Ricky's forthcoming role in Family Guy, as Billy Finn.
Read more here.

Screen Junkies - Career Highs
An impressively concise curriculum vitae featuring some of Ricky's notable achievements.
Read here.

Studies of Humanity
Ricky wants your views on some new portraits - potential poster art for his new stand-up show 'Humanity'.
Read here at the Huffington Post.

Ricky at the NY Comedy Festival
92Y breaks news of Ricky's appearance at the New York Comedy Festival in November this year.
Read more here.

If Ricky cleans up at the Emmys he wants to use Mr Sheen.
Charlie Sheen that is.
Read more here

Emmy Nominations
Ricky has a couple more Emmy Nominations.
One for the Golden Globes Awards Show and one for his HBO Special.
The Office has also been nominated.
Winners are announced Sept 18th.

In a Huff
The Huffington Posts some Ricky bloggery.
Read here.

And The Huffington sums up Ricky's career here.

Ricky introduces Warwick
Ricky chats with Warwick Davis on the set of Life's Too Short.
Watch here at YouTube.

Ricky to see a Doctor.
Exclusive revelations of intergalactic proportions on the set of Life's Too Short.
Read here.

Office Juniors
Asylum looks at some of the stand-out minor characters from The Office.
Read here.

Wit and Wisdom
BBC America highlights some of its favourite musings and one-liners from Ricky's career over the last ten years.
Read here.

Ricky on The Office at 10
Popwatch talks to Ricky and gets the low-down on The Office's enduring characters.
Read here.

Happy Birthday Blog
The Castle of Awesome blog joins celebrations of ten years of The Office - including some recent self-portraits by the programme's progenitor.
Read here.

Happy Birthday Brent
Comedy Central wishes The Office a happy birthday ten years on from its first airing in 2001.
Read here.

Name That Tune
GQ catches up with Ricky to say happy birthday on The Office's 10th anniversary and take the opportunity to ask what's on his iPod..
Read here.

Happy Birthday
The Huffington Post offers birthday greetings on The Office's 10th anniversary.
Read here.

The Office - ten of the best
The Guardian makrs ten years of The Office with an appraisal including a selection of highlights.
Read here.

Ten years of The Office
MSN provides some Office trivia.
Read here.

The Office - 10 years of expansion
BBC News takes a look at The Office 10 years on and its many international remakes.
Read here.

The Office facts and figures
TV Scoop joins The Office's birthday celebrations with a few little-known factoids.
Read here.

The Office Ten Years On
Shortlist quizzes Ricky on The Office's enduring popularity.
Read here..
And take the Shortlist Office Quiz here.

Collected Swipes
LIFE brings together a few of Ricky's celebrity-deflating remarks...
Read here..

Pilkington pastime
An Idiot Abroad - play the game and get the book...
play here..

Sting on set
The Sun reports on Sting's cameo appearance in Life's Too Short...
Read here..

Ricky talks technology
Electric Pig gets Ricky to come up with 10 things he's learned about technology...
Read here..

Ricky on Conan
Ricky saved making a trip to The States by taping his recent appearance on Conan in advance. Watch the seamless results here..

The Office in retrospect
Ten years on, Ricky and Stephen look back at how The Office came to be.
Read here at The Word.

The Greatest Comedian Of All Time?
A Scottish newspaper considers Ricky's ubiquity in polls of top comics.
Read here.

Entertainment Weekly looks at Life's Too Short
EW's first look at Ricky's new sitcom, filming now.
Read here.

From Slough to Stockholm
Chortle reports on a new international remake of The Office in Sweden.
Read here.

Life's Too Short
GQ gives a 'heads up' for Life's Too Short.
Read here.

The Office tops another poll
The Office is the preferred choice of business-related TV shows amongst readers of Real Business.
Read here.

Talking Funny new clip
Shortlist has an exclusive clip from Talking Funny - which is on Sky Atlantic June 2nd Watch here.

Blog regression
A blogger blogs, on his blog, about meeting Ricky. Read here.

Sanity Prevails
Cinema Blend sets the record straight about Ricky's recent misinterpreted blog posts. Read here.

Karl in The Simpsons
The BBC picks up on Karl's forthcoming cartoon cameo. Read here.

The TV Choice Awards are voted for by the public at large. You can show your appreciation of Karl in two categories; Best Comedy (The Ricky Gervais Show) and Best Entertainment Show (An Idiot Abroad). Voting ends June 10th.
Vote here.

Karl in The Simpsons
The Simpsons will feature a clip from The Ricky Gervais Show in a forthcoming episode. No details yet, but Ricky reports Karl as saying, "That's good init?". Adding, "That's him being over the fucking moon."
Read more here.

An Idiot Down Under
Karl Pilkington's unique travelogue makes its debut on Australian TV.
Read more here.

Billionaire Pops Into The Office
Warren Buffet will make a cameo appearance in the season finale of the US Office, as will Ricky.
Read more here.

Hound News
Ricky's taking the role of a canine spy in the new Spy Kids movie, We Have All The Time In The World.
Read more about this here.

Talking Funny comes to SkyTV
Ricky's HBO Special - Talking Funny - with Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock and Louis CK is confirmed for broadcast on Sky Atlantic Thurs 2 June at 10.15pm
Read more about the show at Sky's website.

Who should host The Emmys?
He won't do it.
But vote for Ricky anyway...
Vote here at PopWatch

Meet the new boss?
In a trailer for the last few episodes of The Office this season, the big question is who's taking over at Dunder Mifflin..?
Watch here at YouTube

Global Warning
The date of next year's Golden Globe Awards has been announced. E! Online suggests said date will likely not feature in Ricky's diary.
Read here

Ricky on The View
You Tube has Ricky's recent appearance on US TV's The View.
Watch here

Time 100 List
Ricky talks to Time Magazine about being on the Time 100 List.
Watch here

Talking Funny in review
America is talking about Talking Funny being rather... funny.

Insightful and entertaining
HitFix previews Talking Funny - on HBO Friday 22 Apr.
Read here

Karl Laughs
A rare sight awaits at You Tube.
Watch here

Ricky Talks To Time
Time Magazine has a video chat with Ricky.
Watch here

Watch Ricky on The Daily Show
YouTube has Ricky's recent appearance on The Daily Show...
Watch here

Cemetery Junction on Sky Movies Premiere
Cemetery Junction is showing on Sky TV-
April 19 - 9.30pm -
Sky Movies Premiere

April 19 - 10.30pm -
Sky Movies Premiere Plus 1

April 20 - 9.30pm -
Sky Movies Premiere

April 20 - 10.30pm -
Sky Movies Premiere Plus 1

April 21 - 8.00pm -
Sky Movies Premiere

Ricky on Letterman
Watch Ricky's recent appearance on Tonight with David Letterman.
Watch here.

Cringe Factor
The Daily Mail reports on research into how the brain reactes to cringe-inducing TV. Cue Brent references.
Read here.

Curb Your Enthusiasm New Season
Shortlist has a trailer for the new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm in which Ricky makes a guest appearance.
Watch here.

Campaign Against Animal Testing
Ricky's lending his support to the Humane Society's campaign to end animal testing in the cosmetics industry.
Find out more here and sign the petition.

The Ricky Gervais Show gets a Third Season
HBO have announced that there'll be a third season of the animated series based on Ricky's record-breaking podcasts.
Read here

10 Best Zings
Rolling Stone chooses its top 10 favourite quips from Ricky's TV appearances in the last few years.
Read here

Career Highlights
Rolling Stone singles out a few crowning moments from Ricky's canon thus far.
Read here

An Idiot Abroad News
Broadcast reports on An Idiot Abroad going global with airings in 14 countries.
Read here

An Idiot Abroad review
MediaBlvd extolls the virtues of Karl's travelogue.
Read here

Harley Street Highlight
Gawker TV singles out Karl's furtive flick through a gay jazz mag in a doctor's waiting room on this week's Ricky Gervais Show.
Watch here

Talking Funny - sneak peek
Get a first look at Ricky's new TV special, Talking Funny. April 22 on HBO and coming soon to Sky Atlantic.
Watch here

A complete Idiot Abroad
US TV's Discovery Science has planed a marathon session of An Idiot Abroad. All eight episodes plus the preview show from 2.30pm on April Fool's Day.
Read more here.

Extras Quiz
Test your Extras knowledge with Shortlist's quiz...
Have a go here

Ricky's last day at The Office
Ricky will appear in the season finale of The Office (US) on May 19.
Read here.
New Cemetery Junction Trailer
Screencrave have the latest trailer for Cemetery Junction.
see it here.
80% vote 'good job Ricky'
The New York Daily News rounds up Ricky's hosting of The Globes.
Read more here.
Karl in The Hobbit?
Total Film are running a campaign to get Karl Pilkington the offer of a part in The Hobbit...
Read more here.
Globes Uprated
Viewing figures for Ricky's Globes TV show get a boost...
Read the article here.
Post-Globes Chat
The New York Times catches up with Ricky after the event.
Read the article here.
Daily Mirror reflects on Ricky at The Globes
"Ricky Gervais stole the show at the Golden Globes" says The Mirror...
Read the article here.
USA Today talks to Ricky about The Globes
USA Today got on the blower to probe Ricky on his plans for Sunday's awards ceremony.
Read the article here.
Video Chat on Friday
USA Today has news that Ricky will be engaging in a Globes-related interactive video chat on Friday.
Read about this here.

Ricky in Magazines
Building up to Ricky's hosting of The Golden Globes, Entertainment Weekly and People both have articles...
Entertainment Weekly
People Magazine
Ricky's Invisible Babysitter
Ricky's video message for Big Think about how he found atheism makes the top 10.
It's here...
More TV List Acclaim
The San Francisco Chronicle cites The Office in its review of the decade's best TV.
Read the article here.
Congrat Sir Pat
The Telegraph celebrates Sir Patrick's finest role to date.
Read the article here.
In Anticipation
Obsessed with Film lists its top 8 most anticipated movies of 2010. Cemetery Junction features.
Read the article here.
Chimpanzee That!
As The Brown Tweed Society has it... "Why the Ricky Gervais Podcast is the Best Cultural Creation of the Decade."
Read the article here.
9pm Premiere for HBO show
The animated Ricky Gervais Show has its debut slot confirmed for 19 Feb.
See the HBO site here.
Gervais sings to Elmo
Ricky puts various N-words to music in a effort to lull Elmo to sleep.
Watch here.
Gervais tops festive message poll
Ricky is the top choice for an alternative Christmas message.
Read the article here.

The New York Post has a chat about The Globes with Ricky.
Read the article here.
Karl has Google on the brain.
The Sun has a clip from the next 'Guide To' audiobook, where Karl considers cranial implants. The Ricky Gervais Guide to The Future is out Dec 29th.
Read the article here.
Ricky's Plans For The Globes
An interview from where he gives an idea about what to expect on the night of The Globes and chats about upcoming projects.
Read the article here.
The Office charts again...
in's Top 5 shows of the decade.
Read the article here.
Another nice result
The Office makes another Top 10 list.
Read the article here.
Ricky Talks Globes
Starpulse ask Ricky about hosting the Golden Globes and who he's rooting for.
Read the article here.

More lists...
It's that time of the decade and 'best TV show' lists abound.
Here're some more...

Embarrassment of riches...
The New York Post picks up on Ricky's 60 Minutes interview (on TV in the US Sunday 13 Dec)
Read the article here.
Ricky's in Time
These are a few of his favourite things... in Time Magazine's regular shortlist feature.
Read the article here.
Animation News
Here's an interview with Ricky in Short List about the new HBO animated series.
Read here.
And Another list...
The Office makes another lovely list.
Read the article here.
Ricky talks about The Office
TV Without Pity asks Ricky about the UK and US versions of The Office and TV in general.
Read the article here.
Another list...
This time it's the best Xmas TV specials
Read the article here.
Best TV Series of the 2000s
Not bad - The Oklahoma Daily includes The Office, The Office (US) and Extras in its top 10 best shows of the decade.
Read the article here.
TV review of the decade
The Guardian's Mark Lawson looks back at TV in the noughties. The Office features...
Read the article here.
Cemetery Junction Stars in Vanity Fair
Here's an article from Vanity Fair focussing on the young leads,
Read the article (opens in a new window).
Ricky makes Who's Who
Read about this here.

The Ricky Gervais Show will go out on Channel 4 in March
Following its Feb 19 premiere on HBO in the US, the animated series (based on the audiobooks with Ricky, Steve Merchant and Karl Pilkington) comes to the UK in the spring on Channel 4.
Read more about this here at...
The Guardian Broadcast BBC News
Going down well down under
The Invention of Lying rolls on around the world. Two reviews from the anitopodes...
Echo News and Stuff NZ.
Hollywood Expects...
A Golden Globes producer talks about Ricky hosting the TV ceremony in January.
Read the report here.
Top 5 Books For Kids
ITN has selected Flanimals Pop Up as one of its top 5 children's books for Christmas.
Watch the report here and
buy the book here.
Brent's Bullion Blag
With The Ricky Gervais Guide To Law and Order out now on iTunes (see left), a preview clip where Ricky talks about being the victim of crime hits the news...
Listen to the clip here;

Read about this in The Sun here.
Ricky-based Top 10
Australia looks back in anticipation of The Invention of Lying...
Read here.
Free Sample Podcast
An excerpt from The Ricky Gervais Guide To Law and Order is available now. The new episode is available in full on iTunes from December 1st.
Get the podcast on iTunes here.
HBO animated series premiere...
The new TV cartoon series based on the Ricky Gervais Show podcasts and audiobooks is set for a debut showing on 19 February 2010 in the US.
Brought to you today by the letter N
The Illawarra Mercury presages Ricky's appearance on Sesame Street with some new Elmo clips.
Read and watch here.

More on Ricky doing The Globes
The Guardian speculates on Ricky's hosting of The Golden Globes.
Read here.

Ricky To Host Golden Globes
Variety reports on Ricky's helming of the 67th annual Golden Globe Awards in January 2010.
Read here.

Important Message from Ricky
It has come to my attention that once again someone on Facebook is passing themselves off as me.

I have no facebook page, no myspace page and this is the only official website.

Please inundate any other fakes you see with cries of "You're not the real Ricky".

But I am. Thank you. Ricky
Invention of Lying opens in New Zealand 26 Nov
The NZ Herald chats with Ricky about the movie and more.
Read here.

Ricky and Elmo sing at Carnegie Hall
A report on Ricky's New York Comedy Festival show with pic... Ricky's the one on the left.
Read here.

More Oscar-hosting speculation
The L.A. Times has been running a readers' poll...
Read here.

Article on US TV comedy
Irish newspaper The Independent discusses the rise of US sitcoms.
Read here.

Watch the video here.
Cleese on Comedy
Ricky gets a little mention in a John Cleese feature.
Read here.

Ricky pays a visit to Bikini Bottom
The 10th anniversary special episode of SpongeBob SquarePants featuring Ricky, Tina Fey, Pink, Will Ferrell and Robin Williams, will air on November 6th at 8:00 p.m. EDT on Nickelodeon.

Spectator takes a look at Ricky's new movie
The American Spectator reviews The Invention of Lying.
Read here.

Film 4 Give Film Four...
Stars. Here's the review...
Read here.

Results are in at Cinema Verdict
The Invention of Lying reviewed...
Read here.

Ricky to host Oscars?
Awards Daily tips Ricky for host of this year's Oscars.
Read here.

Magazine in Newspaper
The Evening Standard reports on Ricky's takeover of Esquire this month.
Read here.

Daily Express Expresses Opinion
The Express reviews The Invention of Lying
Read here.

Invention of Lying Review
In Birmingham's Sunday Mercury...
Read here.

"The Invention of Lying is a Landmark Comedy"
So says First
Read here.

The Seattle PI asks...
...What's So Great About Ricky Gervais?
Read here.

Ricky on the World Wide Welsh
Wales Online reviews The Invention of Lying.
Read here.

New post in New York Post
The New York Post's PopWrap section offers 5 truths about 'Invention of Lying'
Read here.

Ricky's T4 Takeover
Ricky becomes guest presenter on Channel 4's T4 this week.
Watch some sneak peeks here.

Den of Geek website turns up at Claridges to talk to the cast of Night At The Museum 2.
Read here.
From The Red Carpet
Articles from the premiere of Night At The Museum 2.
Read what Empire said here.
And this from The Guardian.
Happy Birthday To U(S version of The Office)
The Office - An American Workplace has reached its hundredth episode. Varity reports...
Read here.
Noughties' Highlights
Ricky did well in the "Best of the decade list".
Read here.
Steve Merchant Speaks
Here's an interview with Ricky's tall "sidekick"...
Read here.
Cleese Criticises Comedy
The great John Cleese knows what he's talking about...
Read here.
More on North American TV's "Ricky Night"
The Winnipeg Free Press has more on The Comedy Network's back-to-back night of Gervais.
Read here.
Karl on Channel B
Karl has a new video about writing a book.
Watch here.
Diamond Dog
A Bowie/Gervais composition gets taken literally.
Watch here.
Vital Statistics.
The Ricky Gervais Show was downloaded 4,609,112 times in May.

The Ricky Gervais Guide to The English sold 200, 804 copies, the highest for a guide in one month. ('Medicine' has sold more but has been out longer obviously.)

And was visited by 856,099 unique users.

Box Office Battle
In the US, Night At The Museum 2 has been vying with the new Terminator film for top spot in the movie charts.
Here's HitFix's report on how NATM2 wins hands down.
And these are from and googlenews.

Night At The Museum 2
Wales Online talked to the cast and has this to say...
Read the article here
The Office as study aid
Child psychologists are using David Brent's social faux pas to show how children pick up on socially embarrassing situations. Read about it here.
Bid for Ricky's 'Flanbag' and support The Prostate Cancer Charity
You can be the proud owner of a unique Manbag tastefully adorned with a Pudloflaj, designed by Ricky himself. Take a look here and place a bid - proceeds to The Prostate Cancer Charity.

Bid For Ricky's T-Shirt
Ricky has painted a t-shirt which is being auctioned on Ebay - proceeds to Actionaid who are doing great work in developing countries.
Here's the Ebay link and more about Actionaid here.
Hot Weather Wildlife Tips
Ricky would like you to spare a thought for the animals this summer.
Read about practical things you can do here.
YouTube Monkey News
Here's a new Monkey News animation from YouTube...
Watch here.

Ricky to perform with Springsteen in New York.
Tickets might cost a couple of hundred quid, but it is for charity
Find out more here.
Predictive Text
Oscarologist picks This Side of The Truth
Read his blog here.
Bloke from Spaced Blasts Ricky
The Daily Mail reports Simon Pegg's comments on the radio.
Read the article here.
Voice Recognition
Entertainment Weekly vote Ricky's as one of the great Simpson's guest voices.
Ricky Oscar Bravo?
America's premier entertainment mag puts Ricky to the vote.
Check out the poll here.
Extras Special out on DVD in the UK
Long after its release in the US, the Extras Christmas Special comes to the UK in DVD form - available on its own and as part of a complete series box set from November 3rd.
You can order now from here.
6 EMMY Nominations for Extras Xmas Special and 8 for The Office
Nominations have been announced for this year's Primetime Emmys. Extras is in the running for best writing, direction and editing as well as best made-for-TV movie.
Ricky and Ashley Jensen are up for best lead actor and best supporting actress respectively.
The Office is nominated 8 times; for writing, direction, editing and sound with Steve Carell and Rainn Wilson up for acting awards and the show itself is shortlisted for best comedy series.

Ricky is an icon
Artist Michael Forbes shows his new collection at The Opera Gallery in New Bond Street from Friday 27th June. He mixes pop culture icons like Elvis with Mickey Mouse and Marilyn with Batman. Ricky got a painting all to himself. (sort of)
here are some examples.

The Office - A global phenomenon
The Emmy Magazine has an article comparing international versions of The Office here. See for yourself what the French-Canadian David Brent (named David Gervais as an homage to Ricky) is like in this clip.
Plus here's a clip of the French version called Le Bureau. Look at the little French Robin Ince.
Extras wins two more awards
Extras, the HBO-BBC sitcom created by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, has taken the gong for best comedy at the Banff international TV awards.
Extras also earned a Special Jury prize for best entertainment.
Extras also won a Globe, a Bafta and an Emmy this year.

Not bad for the disappointing follow up to The Office
This Side of the Truth extras casting
Walk-on role castings over in Boston, for Ricky's new film, made the local paper...

Read the article here.
Six Degrees of Separation
Ricky features in a game of six degrees...
Read on here

Plus an in-depth interview that's surfaced. Read it here.
Question Time
Last Year, Ricky made the Time Magazine 100 most influential people in the world. Here he takes questions from its readers.
Read the Q&A here .
Number One Fan
A funny interview with the American David Brent, Steve Carrell, in which he dishes the dirt on Ricky's toilet etiquette
Read it here .
'Happiness' and 'Slough' in same sentence.
An interesting article about humour, happiness and whether Slough is Ricky's fault.
Read it here.
Unintended Christening
Ricky unknowingly names hot new beat combo 'Does It Offend You Yeah?'
Details at the NME here.
UK and US Comedy. Discuss.
An article in which The Office is used to help illustrate the difference between British and American humour. (Or "humor" if you're in the US)
Read it here.
Matt Groening wants Ricky back
"We loved having him on the show. Whatever he wants to do - we'd love to have his character return. Or he could do something completely new," Groening said.
Full story here...
Simpsons Songs CD
News from Billboard magazine in the US tells of a new compilation of songs from the The Simpsons which will herald the premiere of the 19th series this September. Ricky's serenading ballad 'Lady', which his character sings to Marge, is included.
read more here
Sky High
Ricky's episode of The Simpsons reaches 2.2 million viewers in th UK - Sky's highest rated Simpsons episode ever and the second highest rated show on Sky One ever. Ricky plays Charles - husband to a dragon of a wife and father to a prodigious child - who takes part in a TV wife-swap.
Read a review here
Simpsons creator praises Ricky
The Simpsons creator Matt Groening said Ricky did such a good job writing an episode of the hit US comedy show that he wants him to do more.
read more here...
New International Trailer for 'Muppets Most Wanted'

Top 50 News Pics
Ricky & Barney the dog makes the list of the 50 most powerful news images of 2013.
Read here at

David Brent - Live
Brent wows fans and critics at first ever gig.
Read the first reviews here...
The Guardian
The Mirror
The Independent
The Evening Standard

Ricky Talks Charity
The donations website Just Giving talks to Ricky about charity.
Read here.

Ricky on Derek in Sydney
Ricky chats to the Sydney Morning Herald.
Read here.

Derek Review Roundup
Here're some more Derek-related reviews and articles...
Fast Company.
Rolling Stone.
Montreal Gazette.
Toronto Sun.
Buzz Feed.

Vote For Derek
The National Television Awards have opened voting for the January 2014 awards.
You can give your support to Derek in the poll here.

Ricky Chats With Charlie
Ricky sits down with the great Charlie Rose...
Watch here.

Writing Credit
Ricky tells Fast Company about the biggest single influence on his writing...
Watch here.

Letterman No. 25
Ricky's made his 25th appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman
Watch here.

Ricky's Times Talk
An audience with Ricky in New York hosted by the New York Times.
Watch in full here.

Derek In Review
Entertainment Weekly calls #Derek "marked by grace."
Read the full article here .

Ricky On The Red Carpet
Ricky talks to Brad Blanks on the red carpet of The New York Premiere of Derek.
Watch here on YouTube.

Ricky's Reddit "Ask Me Anything"
Ricky answers readers' questions.
Read the results here at reddit.

Derek Hits The Airwaves
Listen to Ricky's interview on Black Sky Radio.
Here on YouTube.

Hollywood Reporter's Video Report
Watch the footage from the Hollywood Reporter's interview with Ricky.
Here on YouTube.

Hollywood Reports on Derek
God-hating, Dinners with Seinfeld and Derek on Netflix...
Read here.

Karl's Vision
Augmented reality company Layar reckon Ricky's talking bollocks when he says Karl's idea is "a load of bollocks."
Read here.

Ricky's New HBO Special
'Talking Funny' with Ricky, Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock and Louis CK will premiere on HBO 22nd April. There's a little article in The Guardian about Louis by the way...
Read here.

Ricky Gervais Show Review
The Arts Desk looks at The Ricky Gervais Show on E4...
Read here

Ricky Interview
The Harvard Business Review asks what sort of boss Ricky is...
Read here

Karl Comes Home
The last episode of An Idiot Abroad in review...
Read here at and here at

The Ricky Gervais Show - series 2
Ricky Steve and Karl talk to AOL about the new series airing on E4 and C4.
Read here

Having a laugh
GQ celebrates a top 30 best celebrity laughs...
Read here

Ricky Nominated
The Comedy Awards encourage you to influence the judges...
Make your voice heard here

Office Quiz
Test your knowledge of The Office with Shortlist's quiz...
Read here

The Office - Global Editions
The Huffington Post has a round-up of the various international remakes of The Office.
Read here

The Ricky Gervais Show in review...
A look at Episode 7 - 'Night Club' - from
Read here

Cover Up
Ricky, Steve and Karl take over Esquire magazine's front page for its 20th anniversary.
Read here

Trailer Mash
Funny Or Die has a video which combines footage from The Globes and The Office in the style of a trailer for the film Inception.
Watch here

Franco in video
The Huffington Post has a video of James Franco and Anne Hathaway perusing Ricky's blog.
Read and watch more here

Franco Exchange Of Views
Oscars host James Franco reacts to Ricky's recent tongue-in-cheek blog offering his take on an into for Sunday's awards ceremony.
Read more here
And you can't say he didn't warn them.
And on Ellen...

Watch Ricky's jokes at this year's Golden Globes via our free podcast; [iTunes link]

Sunday Afternoon At Home
Ricky explains why he won't be able to watch The Oscars this weekend...
Read more here.

Back Seat Scriber
Ricky's offered Oscar hosts James Franco and Anne Hathaway a helping hand in the form of some script ideas for their opening duologue.
Read more here.
Please Bid For Ricky's Design
Ricky's designed a candle holder which will be auctioned in aid of The Cure Parkinson's Trust. Bidding starts 22 Feb 2011.
More details here.

Get trailers for the new series via podcast at iTunes.

Season 2 starts on E4 11.00 Tues 8 March, repeated on C4 11.30 Thur 10 March.

The Comedy Awards
The LA Times reports on the new MTV/Comedy Central comedy awards which has its ceremony on April 10. Ricky's been nominated for his HBO Stand-up Special.
Read more here.

The Office charts again
The New York Post's Popwrap lists its favourite TV shows ever...
Read more here.

More Globes Controversy
The Daily Mail reports on accusations and counter-accusations surrounding the Golden Globes with Ricky providing light relief.
Read more here.

"One of the best comedy shows on TV"
The Ricky Gervais Show gets the thumbs up...
Read more here.

Ricky and Seinfeld
Ricky and Jerry talk about The Marriage Ref...
Read and watch morehere.

Paste magazine reviews this week's episode of The Ricky Gervais Show.
Read here.
An Idiot Abroad Abroad
The US has had its first glimpse of An Idiot Abroad with 4.3 million tuning in.
Read more here.
Brent Through The Ages
Report on an experiment using clips from 'The Office' that shows how older people may be less likely to spot faux pas.
Read the article here.
Ricky's Globes DIary
Heat Magazine gives Ricky a centre-spread to document his hosting of the 2011 Golden Globes.
Read the article here.

Office Evaluation
Obsessed With Film has an in-depth comparison of the UK and US versions of The Office.
Read here.

The Fly
Paste magazine reviews this week's episode of The Ricky Gervais Show.
Read here.

Scott Meets Brent
Time magazine reviews The Office (US) and the chance encounter between David Brent and Michael Scott
Read here.

Brief Encounter
Ricky resurrects David Brent for a quick cameo in the US Office
Watch here.

Apatow Analysis dissects Judd Apatow's speech at the Producers' Guild Awards. Read more here.

In Defence of Hollywood
Producer of comedy films, Judd Apatow, criticizes Ricky's hosting of The Globes. Read more here.

An Idiot Abroad review
At times, it's nearly impossible not to fall apart laughing, writes Tim Goodman for The Hollywood Reporter.
Read more here.

Global Warming
Obsessed With Film says Ricky's Globe performance is hot news in Hollywood.
Read more here.

Letterman in praise of Ricky
David Letterman's perspective on the US media's coverage of Ricky's Golden Globes performance.
Watch on YouTube here.

Ricky on Tonight
Ricky talks to Piers Morgan about the reaction to his hosting of the Golden Globes...
Watch on YouTube - [part 1] and [part 2]

Sanity Prevails
Targets of Ricky's Golden Globes introductions have come to his defence in the wake of some sensational news reports.
Read more here

Post Match Analysis
Entertainment and news websites give their verdict on this year's Golden Globes ceremony...
Should Ricky Gervais Have Been Fired at the Globes? E! Online
Ricky Gervais too funny for Hollywood 790KGMI

It's all kicked off again...
"Thank you God for making me an atheist."
Ricky's sign-off as Golden Globes host sparks another episode at The Wall Street Journal.
Read here.

Ricky on CNN's 'Tonight'
The re-launched Tonight, hosted by Piers Morgan, starts this week - Ricky will be Thursday's guest.
Read more here.

Season Two Imminent
Canadian news site reports on more weirdness from the round-headed one
Read more here.

Mole Role
Ricky is to voice Mole in a big screen version of The Wind In The Willows.
Read more at Screen Junkies and Obsessed With Film.

Ricky on Hollywood...
Read here.

Hollywood on Ricky...
Read here.

Please Vote For Ricky
at The Huffington Post's funniest people of the decade poll.
Vote here.

Exclusive Ricky Gervais Show Trailer
Ricky makes a plea on behalf of the round-headed one...
Watch here.

Here are some best bits
The Best of The Ricky Gervais Show - nearly 2 hours of audio for Free
[iTunes link]

New Statesman Interview
Ricky has an in-depth chat with the New Statesman.
Read here.

The Ricky Gervais Show - Season 2
America gears up for more drivel - starting Jan 14
More here.

Ricky responds so some of the Wall Street Journal's readers' comments on a recent article Ricky wrote about atheism...
Read here.
(and you can find the original artlice here.)

Globes and Beyond
Ricky chats to Entertainment Weekly about The Globes and projects in the pipeline...
Read here.

L.A. Conversational
Ricky chats to the L.A. Times.
Read here.

Watch Ricky on HBO
And read a Q&A with Ricky in TV Guide...
Read here.

Ricky talks to American Esquire
A sore throat means cancer until the doctor says, "Don't be so stupid."...
Read more here.

Funereal Fun
Ricky remembers his mum's funeral on Letterman
Read and watch here.

More Globes Talk
DVT Forum says Ricky Gervais a gasp is as good as a laugh any time...
Read here.

The Globes - Take Two
Ricky talks about his forthcoming second time hosting the Golden Globes...
Read here.

Ricky gets animated
Ricky talks to Hollywood web mag LAist about The Ricky Gervais Show on HBO...
Read here.

Ricky on Lorraine's sofa
In case you have a job and missed this...
watch here.

Ricky on
chatting about The Globes, comedy, art and Pilkington.
Read here.

American Idiot
Futon Critic has news of a deal to broadcast An Idiot Abroad in the US.
Read here.

Daily Mail interview
"From his last 50p to global stardom... Ricky Gervais reveals all."
Read here.

Out Of England 2 Trailer
The first trailer for Ricky's new HBO stand-up special is up on YouTube. Watch the show in the US on HBO Saturday 18 December.
See the trailer here.

Sunday Times asks...
Is he 'aving a laugh?
Read here.

Metro Q&A
"There are people who hate me with a passion. It keeps them up at night. It doesn't keep me up at night."
Read here.

Science DVD review
Shortlist reviews Ricky's new stand-up DVD...
Read here.

Ricky covers Big Issue
The Big Issue has an interview with Ricky...
Read here.

A bit about comedy podcasts...
"A Fairly Comprehensive Guide to Comedy Podcasts" at
Read here.

Orange Crush
Weird init? Karl tops Heat's 'wierd crush' poll.
Read here.

Exclusive Video Interview for Vanity Fair
Howard Schatz directs and photographs Ricky as he responds to some interesting scenarios. Watch here.

Ivy League
Ricky reminisces about visits to The Ivy in The Guardian. Read here.

Ricky joins lung cancer campaign
Ricky has joined a host of famous faces lending their support to a new campaign to raise awareness about lung cancer. More about the campaign here.

Karl Pilkington: A Day In The Life
Ricky, Steve and Karl have recorded a special free podcast to thank fans for their support over the year. This is only the second full-length podcast they have recorded this year (not counting an exclusive podcast for allied troops serving overseas).
Over the past four years The Ricky Gervais Show has been downloaded 260 million times! It is the most downloaded show in history and number one in 16 countries. Available now via podcast at iTunes.

Death of a sitcom
The Tribune cites The Office's 'mockumentary' format as the last decade's principal influence on successful US comedy.
Read more here...

The Emmy Award Winning animated comedy "The Ricky Gervais Show" gets a US DVD release at the new year - January 4th.
Read more here...

Comedy Heavyweights
Ricky Balboa faces David Haye...
Watch here...

Top TV at Culture Mob
The Office and Extras do rather well in another list
Read here...

Watch Ricky and chums this Thursday on Comedy Central
Night of Too Many Stars: An Overbooked Concert For Autism Education. Jon Stewart, Tina Fey, Steve Carrell, Lewis Black, Sarah Silverman, Chris Rock, Ricky Gervais, Jim Gaffigan and Tracy Morgan are amongst the too-many stars making an appearance. 9 P.M. on Comedy Central.
If you're in The States that is. If you're in the UK watch An Idiot Abroad... obviously.
More about Night of Too Many Stars...

How to kill a mockumentary
The Sydney Morning Herald asks, "Why does every comedy pretend to be a documentary if they won't commit?"

A head for figures
An Idiot Abroad has clocked up Sky's biggest ratings figures this year - beating even 'Lost'.

Warning! Fake Karls on Twitter
The real Karl Pilkington is NOT on Twitter.
Spread the word.
And tell them about the audiobooks too.
He'd like that

Vote for Karl
in Heat's Weird Crush 2010 poll...
Vote here.

Israeli Office gets a second series
CNN reports the good news and takes the opportunity to compare and contrast.
Read here.

An Idiot Abroad - deleted scene
Here's a scene that didn't make it into the final programme. Karl meets a faux messiah.
Watch here.

MSN reviews An Idiot Abroad
"...Pilkington's nonplussed reaction to the Great Wall - he says it's reminiscent of a Wimpey home."
Read more here.

Daily Telegraph on An Idiot Abroad
Ricky Steve and Karl talk about the new Sky1 series.
Read here.

Ricky Steve and Karl interviewed
Digital Spy has a chat in the run up to An Idiot Abroad's premiere on Sky Thursday 23 September.
Read here.

Cemetery Junction DVD review
A glowing in-depth review of Cemetery Junction...
Read here.

Have you been reading Karl's diary?
The Observer has a selection of extracts from Karl Pilkington's travel diary - chronicling the filming of An Idiot Abroad...
Read here and get the book here at Amazon UK .

Ricky and chums in New York
Ricky Gervais, Tina Fey, Stephen Colbert and Sarah Silverman will appear on Night Of Too Many Stars: An Overbooked Concert For Autism Education...
Read more here.

Royal Beer Mat Shock
That Queen woman sold her story to the papers...
Read here and here.

Daily Mail previews An Idiot Abroad
Can you guess whether they like it or not?
Read here.

First Look at An Idiot Abroad plus Cemetery Junction promo outtakes
Two new videos are now up on YouTube;
A taster for the new Sky1 travel documentery with Karl Pilkington, An Idiot Abroad here.
And a selection of some of the less useful footage from a recent promo shoot for the Cemetery Junction DVD here.

Ricky chooses the perfect primetime schedule for American TV
Variety gives Ricky the chance to offer a British perspective in some US TV gems.
Read more here.

Bucky thinks Ricky is a funny Gunt
The Stanford Advocate, Bucky Gunts' local paper, gets his reaction to his Emmy win and Ricky's introduction.
Read more here.

Ricky talks about An Idiot Abroad...
"It's not a comedy show, it's not scripted, he's not trying to be funny, he's just saying what he thinks completely honestly and we're pointing the camera at him."
Read more at Digital Spy

Sky Movies premieres The Invention Of Lying in September

Steve and Ricky plug Cemetery Junction on DVD
See Ricky and Steve on the couch as they describe a perfect night in with Cemetery Junction on DVD.
Watch the video and get the DVD at Amazon UK

US anticipating An Idiot Abroad...
The New York Post highlight's Karl Pilkington's new travelogue - coming to UK screens in September on Sky 1 HD - and hopes that someone picks up the US rights soon.
Read here.

Top TV of the 2000s votes The Office best TV comedy of the decade.
Read here.

Sneak peek...
SKY have put out a first look at An Idiot Abroad.
Watch here.

'Curb' Exclusive!
See the first pic from Ricky's forthcoming appearance on Curb Your Enthusiasm...
Here exclusively in Ricky's blog.

Ricky back at The Office?
The Examiner puts the record straight.
Read more here.

HBO Stand-up Special
Ricky's new special will premiere in December on HBO.
Read more here at HitFix and Zap2It

Restructuring at The Office
The Week proposes five strategies on how to cope when Steve Carell leaves The Office.
Read here

Ricky returns to The Simpsons
Ricky will be appearing as himself in an upcoming episode of The Simpsons as Homer and Bart go to L.A. for the Oscars. Read more at PopWatch

We did it!
Bullfighting banned
Thanks to everyone who signed the petition.

Ricky and Steve (the other one) together again.
Ricky will appear on stage in a New York charity gig alongside his American Office counterpart Steve Carell. The star-studded bill also includes Chris Rock, Sarah Silverman, Tina Fey and host Jon Stewart. The Night Of Too Many Stars: An Overbooked Concert For Autism Education will also air on TV in the US.
Get tickets here and read more about the event at here at Chortle.

Observer Interview
There's a searching interview with Ricky in the Observer magazine
Read here.

Guardian Exclusive...
The Ricky Gervais Show is out on DVD now. The Guardian popped in to chat with Ricky, Steve and Karl about the animated series.
Watch the video here.

Nominated for an EMMY
The Ricky Gervais Show has been nominated in the category of 'Outstanding Animated Program' for this year's Primetime Emmy Awards. Award winners are announced at the end of August this year.

Louie reviewee
Here's a review of Louie - Louis C.K.'s new TV show - in which Ricky took a guest role recently.
Read here.

Muppet News
Elmo is in London and looking forward to seeing Ricky...
Watch here.

New York Magazine on Ricky's message of support.
Another report on Ricky's recent blog posting...
Read here.

NYT reports Ricky's good luck message.
Ricky gave his support to Steve Carell after he made the decision to leave The Office. The New York Times reports...
Read here.

Larry David in The Mirror
With Ricky set tp appear in the next season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Daily Mirror talks to creator Larry David.
Read here.

TV blog debates the future of The Office
The Morning Call's TV blog offers a few scenarios for the US Office post-Steve Carell.
Read here.

The Guardian on Steve Carell's Departure
Complimenting Ricky's invention, Michael Scott, without realizing it...
Read here.
Please feel free to leave a comment.
Read all about it.
The Evening Standard review of The Invention of Lying is online.
Read here.

Daily Record Review
Scotland's Daily Record considers The Invention of Lying.
Read here.

Esteemed Critic's Critique
The revered Roger Ebert pronounces on The Invention of Lying.
Read here.

Just In Time.
The venerable TIME magazine presents its opinion of Ricky's new movie.
Read here.

Guardian Review...
The Guardian reviews The Invention of Lying.
Read here.

Invention of Lying - New Review
Cinema Blend offer their appraisal of Ricky's new movie.
Read here.
Entertainment Weekly's Verdict review of The Invention of Lying is online now.
Read here.
The Mirror reflects on The Invention of Lying
Their review is online now...
Read here.
BS in Boston
The Boston Globe looks at The Invention of Lying...
Read here.
Ricky's Comedy Under The Microscope
The Guardian takes an analytical view of Ricky's comedic standing.
Read here.
New York Magazine Review
The Invention of Lying comes under the scrutiny of New York magazine's movie critic...
Read here.
Ricky Impresses at The Emmys
The Telegraph reports that Ricky stole the show as he presented an Emmy at this year's awards in Los Angeles.
Read here.
Or see for yourself via YouTube
Invention of Lying Review Round-up
The Guardian has a summary of Ricky's new film's critical reception.
Read here.

The Invention of Lying - in review
Here are the first reviews of The Invention of Lying. It's in cinemas from October 2nd.
The Hollywood Reporter

Exclusive Invention of Lying Clips
As publicity starts rolling for The Invention of Lying's opeing on October 2nd, film entertainment web sites HitFix and Total Film have exclusive clips on show.
Adult Swim showing The Office
US TV channel Adult Swim is to broadcast The Office - that's the original UK version. Ricky has filmed some special promos.
Watch them here.
US version of The Office gets syndicated
It'll be going out nationally in the US 5 days a week starting from the very beginning.
Read more about this here.
HBO Special Reviewed
DVD review site DVDTown has an article on Ricky's US stand-up show.
Read here.
A nice article...
about the audiobooks and Karl Pilkington in particular.
Read here.
Office VIII
Breaking news from the Middle East - The Office gets its eighth international remake. This time it's Israel.
Read here.

Backstreet Sesame Street
Another behind the scenes story from Sesame Street
Watch on YouTube.
Jarvis beating Gervais
Please bid for Ricky's pants. Currently, Jarvis Cocker's underwear is cleaning up. (Read about this at
Bid here at Ebay.
Les Less Miserable
Here's a nice article about Les Dennis and the consequences of his appearance in Extras.
Read here..
Brent Sans Frontieres
A global round-up of the various international remakes of The Office from The Guardian's TV Blog explores their common themes.
Read more here.
Flanimals hit Hollywood
The Guardian reports on reports in Variety about the Flanimals movie currently in production.
Read more here.
Ben Stiller says nice things about Ricky
in an interview for the Mail on Sunday.
Read here.

Bambi in Extras
Someone's put an amazing amount of effort into putting Ian McKellen's masterclass scene from Extras to a bunch of clips from Bambi.
Watch here.
Import Export
Here's a little piece from a US perspective about importing UK TV shows.
Read here.
Israel gears up for its own Office
The Jerusalem Post has a water cooler chat with the writer of the latest international remake of The Office.
Read here.
Plea to end comedy repetition
In a plea to end comedy repetition, here's a great interview with Graham Linehan, writer of Father Ted amongst other things.
Read here.
Furry Monster News
A nice article about Ricky's new best friend.
Read here.
Ricky plays Grob
Ricky has created a new Flanimal illustration for a cancer charity.
Have a look and maybe bid for it here .
Benefit Gig
There's a charity stand-up comedy show on Monday 8 June at the Comedy Store in London. While Ricky's not on the bill himself it's an excellent line-up and in aid of Kids Company.
Get Tickets Here.
Future Brent
Jonathan Ross has a new toy.
Watch on YouTube.
More about the Israeli Office
The Telegraph has uncovered more details about the cast of the Israeli remkae of The Office.
Read here.
Rotten Tomatoes Catch Up With Ricky
Ricky has news about his forthcoming movie, Man From The Pru, and shares his thoughts on possible future TV projects.
Read the full story here.
Plus Ricky receives his 'certified fresh' award and in this article he talks about a possible further Extras Special.
Ricky on Classic FM
Ricky has an in-depth chat on the DNA-List.
Listen to the podcast at iTunes here.
The Offices
The McGill Tribune has an interesting article about the US and UK versions of The Office.
Read it here.
Ricky in Local Paper
A North London reporter catches Ricky in his office.
Read the article here.
Ricky on Mayo
Ricky talks about Ghost Town and and things... Listen here.
Guardian Interview
The Guardian goes 'beyond the cringe'. Read the interview here.

Nine Lessons And Carols For Godless People
Buy tickets to Ricky and Dicky here, Ricky Gervais and Richard Dawkins that is, amongst others, at The Hammersmith Apollo on December 21st. Get there early as Ricky is on about 8.15
Merry Xmas. (there is no God)

Find out more about Richard Dawkins on his official website.
Sarah Palin Running for Office
Sarah Palin has a Brent moment under questioning...
Watch here.
Observer's Observations on US/UK Comedy
Here's an interesting article comparing UK and US comedy...
Read it here.
Steve Carell Interview
Here is a nice interview with my US Office counterpart.
Read it here....

Ricky - Live in L.A. - The Verdict
The first reviews of Ricky's stand-up show at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood are online now.
This from the OC Register and read the LA Times review here
A nice thing about the American Office
Read it here.
More Foreign Office News
Variety and the Hollywood Reporter talk about the forthcoming Russian version of The Office
Ricky has done a little thing he wants you to see.
Please help if you can

Ricky rolls into New York
New York's Daily News looks forward to Ricky's stand-up show at Madison Square Garden
Read the article here
Variety Enthuses about Extras
Read the article here.
Ricky Plays Liberty City
Players of a new video game can take a break from the general mayhem to watch Ricky do some stand-up...

Read more here.
The 100 most powerful people in British culture
Ricky is the only comedian to make the top 100 most influential people in British culture in the Sunday Telegraph's exclusive survey.

Here's the survey.
Prime Directive
Ricky starts directing his first Hollywood movie this week.

Here's a little article from
Universal Imports
News from Variety confirms that Universal Pictures have picked up distribution rights to Ricky's new film This Side of the Truth outside of the US.

Read the article here.

+++++ News Release +++++
Office Relocation
Spinoff of "The Office" highlights new NBC shows
NBC will launch a spinoff of its popular workplace comedy "The Office" following the broadcast of the National Football League's Super Bowl championship next February, the network said on Wednesday.
Created by Ricky Gervais, The Office is currently one of Americas biggest shows. Gervais said, "I'm very excited to see if we can make lightening strike twice. The Office is the first big successful remake for about thirty years. Every week I hear of 'so and so to be remade for America'- and that's the last you hear of it. I'm not sure why ours worked and worked so well. Maybe we where lucky or maybe it's because we are still involved."
Flanimals Tops Publisher Chart
Million selling Flanimals top publishers chart. In fact it tops it, goes through the middle and out the other end. See for yourself here.
World Domination Continues - Extras Arrives in Canada
The Office in its original format is shown in over ninety countries and has six remakes currently in production. Now it's the turn of Extras...
Series 1 and 2 of Extras will air in Canada starting on Tuesday 22 Jan at 11pm on the Comedy Network
Read morehere
Ricky Breaks Another Record
The Office has entered the record books as the most successful British Comedy of all time.
With Emmys, Golden Globes, Baftas and every other award going, overseas sales have beaten even Fawlty Towers and The Office is shown in nearly ninety countries in its original format.
Add to this such remakes as the US, Canadian, and French versions of the show and the global DVD sales (over 3 million copies) and you have a global phenomenon.
ITV's Greatest Living Britons
Ricky's picked up an award in the TV category of the ITV awards ceremony, joining an impressive list of winners including The Queen, who took the top award Read about it here.

Slough Makes International Impression
David Brent's ode to his favourite town has been covered by Toro Y Moi...
Listen here.
And refresh your memory of the seminal original here

Derek Is Big Down Under
The Sydney Morning Herald looks at Derek, which has just started showing in Australia...
Read here.

Brent - The Album
The NME makes a strong case for David Brent to release an album as a follow-up to his YouTube series of guitar tutorials.
Read here.

Ricky talks about godless tweets
Ricky guests with his heathen Twitter pals @MrOzAtheist & @GSpellchecker on @AdamReakes's Herd Mentality Podcast
Listen via ITunes or directly.

2 Million and counting
Ricky breaks the 2 Million barrier for Learn Guitar with David Brent
Read more here.

Brent on Jimmy Fallon
David Brent pops up on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.
Watch here.

International Acclaim For The Office
The Office takes 14th position in US magazine Entertainment Weekly's All-Time Top 100 TV Shows - by far the highest raked UK show on the list.
See the full list here.

Opie & Anthony
Ricky's favourite appearance on The Opie & Anthony Show in New York. It's a shame Opie & Anthony couldn't be there.
Listen here.

Ricky in GQ
Ricky gets probed on the return of Brent amongst other things...
Read here and Watch here.

Meanwhile in America...
Ricky's been on TV & Radio and watching a game called basketball...
Here's Ricky on The Daily Show. (US only)
On Opie and Anthony's radio show.
On Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.
And courtside at the Knicks game.

Robot monkey butlers
Ricky looks into the future and has some surprising predictions...
Read here.

Ricky's Muppets role
The producer of the new Muppet movie, The Muppets...Again!, says Ricky's role was tailor-made for him.
Read here.

Ricky explains the return of Brent
Shortlist has a piece by Ricky explaining why the time was right to revisit The Office.
Read here.

New and Exclusive
Ricky has made a deal with YouTube to bring new, exclusive content to his own YouTube Channel.
Read about the deal here and subscribe to Ricky's channel here.

The Unbelievers
Ricky, Richard Dawkins, Woody Allen, Steven Hawking & a bunch of other folk are in a new documentary movie
Watch the trailer.

The Manhattan Project
Ricky explains what's special about New York in his article in the New York Times.
Read here.

The Happy Atheist
MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell rounds on the Rev Pat Robertson by reference to Ricky's Wall Street Journal piece 'Why I'm An Atheist'.
Watch here.

Letterman 23
Ricky's latest appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman.
Watch here.

QandA about interviews
Ricky answers jouranlistic questions about being interviewed by journalists.
Read here.

Ricky joins Springsteen for US benefit show
Standup For Heroes sees Ricky on the bill with Bruce Springsteen and Jon Stewart in New York this November.
Read more here and get tickets here.

WSPA Rabies Campaign
Watch Ricky's video for WSPA to raise awareness of rabies vaccinations for dogs.
Watch here.

Ricky on Jimmy Fallon
Ricky joins in but refuses to use own arms...
Watch here.

USA Today talks to Ricky
And Ricky does their 'Talking Your Tech' feature - covering his new voice app, Just Sayin'. It's all on video too.
Read and watch more here.

Just Sayin' on Conan
Ricky chats about JustSayin' and launches a competition for users of the new app.
Watch here on YouTube.

Ricky launches Just Sayin'
The New York Times talks to Ricky about his new social media app, Just Sayin' which lets you converse via Twitter and Facebook in your own voice. Literally.
Read the article here and get the app at iTunes here. And listen in on how Ricky's putting it use here.

Ricky to headline New York Comedy Festival
Ricky kicks off this year's New York Comedy Festival on 7 November.
More info and tickets here.

Ricky gets coffee in car
Jerry Seinfeld takes Ricky for a spin around New York.
Watch Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee here.

Learn English with Ricky Gervais
TV Guide covers the release of the trailer for the pilot episode of Ricky's new internet-only project.
Read and watch here.

Worldwide Tour
Ricky's announced the first leg of a worldwide stand-up tour - kicking off with Scandinavia.
Read here at The Guardian.

Ricky on Nightline
ABC's Nightline has a chat with Ricky and runs through his career to date.
Watch here.

Ricky as Ringmaster
Ricky and Karl do a circus-themed shoot for Shortlist.
More here.

King of Twitter
Ricky has been named 'most influential comedian on Twitter' by Chortle.
Read here.

The Ricky Gervais Show Returns
The Vancouver Sun chats to Ricky and previews the new season - starting April 20th on HBO.
Read here.

Letterman XXII
Ricky makes his 22nd appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman.
Watch here.

The Ricky Gervais Show - Season 3
Cinema Blend has the new artwork and more clips from the new season of The Ricky Gervais Show - starting April 20 on HBO.
Read and watch here.

America prepares
The third season of The Ricky Gervais Show premieres on HBO 30 April at 9pm.
Watch the teaser and TV spots here at Cinemablend.

Campaign against animal testing
Ricky's launched a campaign, Cruelty Free International, aimed at ending the testing of cosmetics on animals.
Read more here.

No day off for Ricky's conscience
US news site Salon interviews Ricky and asks about taking on taboos and why people are so quick to take offence.
Read here.

A sense of porpoise
The Sun reports on Ricky's appearance as a dolphin in Family Guy.
Read here.

Reasonable request
Ricky's been invited to join the advisory board of Project Reason. 
Read more here.

Ricky talks about his day as an action hero.
Watch here.

And here's the finished article.

On cheese and wine...
Ricky chats with Men's Health magazine and goes for a jog.
Read here.

Ricky writes...
...about fame for the Huffington Post.
Read here.

Ricky Gervais esq.
Esquire has a Q&A with Ricky in this month's issue...
Click here for the PDF in a new window.

Next, The Oscars?
Someone thinks Ricky ought to host The Oscars...
Read here.

Mong's the word
Ofcom, the official people who decide whether offended people should be ignored or not, have said Ricky's use of 'mong' on TV was fine...
Read here.

Action on overreaction
PopWatch points the finger at people who easily outraged...
Read here.

21 Today...
...appearances on Letterman, that is.
Watch here.

Mail Perspective
The Daily Mail gives a blow by blow account of Ricky's gags.
Read here.

Best Bits
Shortlist presents a short list of favourite moments from the Globes.
Read here.

"Up to his old quips"
USA Today runs through Ricky's one-liners from the Globes.
Read here.

Globes show better than Oscars
New York Post says Ricky's hosting of the Golden Globes beats the Oscars hands down.
Read here.

Ricky talks to Esquire
Ricky does an extensive Q&A in Esquire.
Read here.

Last minute preparations
Ricky has posed for some photographs outside a Beverly Hills cosmetic surgery clinic.
Read here.

Repeat Offender
Sydney Morning Herald looks forward to Ricky's hosting of the Globes and asks some pertinent questions.
Read here.

No holds barred for Globes
Today's Matt Lauer talks to Ricky about next weekend's Golden Globe Awards and gleans that there are no restrictions on Ricky's hosting duties.
Read and watch here.

Twitten in the Scriptures
Ricky has been engaging with some fundamentalists.
Read here.

Global Warm-up
In anticipation of Ricky's hosting of the 2012 Golden Globes award show in January, here's a look back at reactions to his last outing.
Watch here.

Newspapers have been excited by Ricky's recent tweets.
Read here.

It's a rap
Ricky is featured in a track on YouTube.
Watch here.

AOL Anticipates
AOL TV looks forwards to Ricky's third outing at the Golden Globes with a spot of guess work on what to expect.
Read here.

Ricky Hosts Golden Globes 2012
Ricky returns for a third time to host the US awards ceremony - watch on TV January 15th.
And hear Ricky's thoughts on this year's v. last year's here on YouTube.

Quality Street
SF Gate chooses its 5 favourite celebrity appearances on Sesame Street...
Read more here.

Carell vacates The Office
Steve Carell, star of the American version of The Office will leave at the end of the 2010/2011 season.
BBC News reports on this here.

Sneak Peek
A little teaser for the Sky One show...
Watch here.

Happy as Larry
Ricky is set to appear in the upcoming eighth series of Curb Your Enthusiasm.
Read about this here.

The Office en vogue
The Sydney Herald reports on how The Office has penetrated popular culture.
Read here.

Would You Go To A Bullfight?
USA Today reports on Ricky's support for a boycott on bullfights.
Read here.

Go West. Again
Ricky talks to the Bristol Evening Post.
Read here.
Ricky sends a farewell message to Simon Cowell on his final Americal Idol show.

Transcontinental Critics
Here are some nice reviews of Ricky's recent stand-up shows in Los Angeles and London.
Read the L.A. Nokia Centre show review in The Fire Wire
and read the Wembley Arena show review at The Arts Desk.

Ricky Gervais sparks outrage after Down's insult aimed at Susan Boyle
Read the totally misinformed article and Ricky's reply here in Ricky's blog.

Here's the original article at the Daily Record

And so it begins.

From the archive...
Listen to Karl Pilkington's free-form film script (starring Clive Warren) in a free podcast from a few years back that hasn't been heard for a while.
Download it now via podcast at iTunes.

Stats Entertainment!
The Ricky Gervais Show was downloaded 4.2 million times in April.
Ricky's Blog was read by 1.1 million unique users. was visited 3.4 million times.

Karl Pilkington on Sky HD
Karl takes centre stage in Sky TV's trail for its new line-up of programmes - including Seven Wonders, Karl's unique new travelogue.
Watch here on You Tube.

New Cemetery Junction Review
Obsessed With Film offers its review on Ricky's new movie.
Read here.

Ricky makes Time Top 100
Ricky makes the Time 100 most influential people in the world.
Read more at USA Today.

But Karl brings him down to earth.
Read more in Time Magazone

Ricky To Host Golden Globes 2011
The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has invited Ricky reprise his hosting role after the success of this year's show back in January.
Read more here in Variety.
And listen to Ricky's reaction on Ryan Seacrest's radio show.

The Ladies of Cemetery Junction
The Belfast Telegraph writes about Cemetery Junction and sheds light on how womens' lives have changed since the seventies...
Read here.

Celebrate St George's Day with The Ricky Gervais Guide To The English
The Guardian is hosting a special free download of The Ricky Gervais Guide To The English to mark St George's Day. Available for a limited time only.
Get it here now.

Watch The Ricky Gervais Show on Channel 4 - Friday at 10.30
The animated series starts with a double-bill Friday 23 April at 10.30pm - in the meantime, watch Ricky, Steve and Karl talk about the show on You Tube
Watch here.

Life's Too Short
Ricky and Steve reveal first details of a new comedy series in the offing.
Read more here.

New Curb Coming
A new series of Curb Your Enthusiasm has been announced and Larry David wants Ricky in it.
Read more here.

In The Directors' Chairs
Watch Ricky and Stephen chat with The Guardian's Jason Solomons...
Watch on YouTube here.

Cemetery Junction - another two reviews
From The Guardian and The NME... Read The Guardian review here
and read the NME review here.

Cemetery Junction - more reviews
From The Sun and The California Chronicle... Read The Sun's review here
and read the California Chronicle review here.

Three New Cemetery Junction Reviews
From, View London and Global Comment... Read the review here,
read the View London review here and
read the Global Comment review here.

Ricky in Shortlist
Talking about his comedy roots, development and influences.
Read here.

Cemetery Junction in review
Here's what MSN and Film 4 make of Ricky's new movie.
Read the MSN review here and read the Film 4 review here.

More reviews...
Cemetery Junction is reviewed by movie web site Hey U Guys -
read here.
And also by Film Shaft - read here.

Obsessed With Film Interview
Ricky and Stephen Merchant chat about Cemetery Junction.
Read here.

The Mirror reviews Cemetery Junction
The Mirror's Mark Adams calls Cemetery Juction a "classy comedy drama"
Read more here.

From Vaughan Williams to Springsteen
Ricky talks about the music choices for the soundtrack of Cemetery Junction.
Read here at The Guardian.

The Guardian's visit to Cemetery Junction
Here's The Guardian's set report from Cemetery Junction.
Read here.
Channel 4 Comedy Gala
Here's Ricky, Steve and Karl's contribution to the C4 charity event in aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Better late than never
AV Club writer comes to The Office belatedly.
Read here.

Stephen Merchant writes...
in The Observer about making Cemetery Junction.
Read here.

The Sun highlights pie-based polemic
While a guest on Letterman, Ricky muses on dietary dilemmas faced by Americans. Read here.

CNN Connect Interview
Ricky answers CNN viewers' questions in a video interview for Connect The World.

Cemetery Junction Stars
Felicity Jones, Christian Cooke and Tom Hughes come under scrutiny in the Evening Standard. Read here.

The Ricky Gervais Show gets a second series
HBO have commissioned a second series of The Ricky Gervais Show which should air next year. The first series comes to Channel 4 in the UK on April 23rd.
Read more at BBC News.

Vote's Over - Ricky Wins
Ricky's won Absolute Radio's 'Who's Calling Christian' poll and a secures a £20,000 donation to Wildlife Aid, The Mayhew Animal Home and Moon Bears.
Read and listen here.

Empire Magazine Interview
Ricky and Steve talk to Empire about Cemetery Junction.
Read now.

Cemetery Junction Review
Total Film's review of Ricky's new movie is here.
Read now.

Exclusive Clip
The Sun has an exclusive clip from Cemetery Junction - introduced by Ricky and Steve.
Watch here.

Ricky and Steve are Guest Editors for Total Film
The April edition of Total Film is out now. Ricky and Steve stamp their mark on the edition with insights into their new film Cemetery Junction and articles from chums Chistopher Guest, David Baddiel and Karl Pilkington.
Read selected highlights here.

Foreign Office News
Get the latest on casting in the Israeli version of The Office...
Read here.

Ricky on Fresh Air
An audio interview about Ricky's post-Office activities...
Read and listen here.

Karl Pilkington makes TV Dinner
Tuscaloosa News media blog muses on The Ricky Gervais Show
Read here.

Goode turn at Cemetery Junction
Matthew Goode talks about working with Ricky and Stephen on Cemetery Junction.
Read here.

Literary Q&A
Flanimals Pop Up in America...
Read here.

Confirmed New Office Spin Off. Definitely Happening.
Reuters picks up on Office Babies...Read here.

The Ricky Gervais Show review
Entertainment Weekly's Pop Watch has its say...Read here.

The Ricky Gervais Show
Here's another review - plus there's an interview with Karl Pilkington in The New York Times and with Ricky in Vanity Fair

Read the New York Times review

More Ricky Gervais Show Previews
Three more first impressions of the new animated series...
The Observer's Very Short List
Winnipeg Free Press
The Ricky Gervais Show Reviewed
The New York Post gives the thumbs up to the new animated series.
Read more here.
Interview in The New York Times
Big Ricky, Steve and Karl interview about The Ricky Gervais Show on HBO - premieres next week on the 19th Feb.
Read more here.
Ricky on Karl
The Toronto Star asks Ricky about the new animated series and Karl in particular.
Read more here.
A Nation Prepares
America gears up for the Bald Manc Twat
Read more here.
Ricky to receive special award at Banff
Ricky will be presented with the Sir Peter Ustinov Comedy Award in June at the Banff World Television Festival.
Read more here at Chortle.
More on The Ricky Gervais Show
Media magazine, Paste, anticipates the new animated series which premieres 19 Feb on HBO.
Read here.
No Return for The Office/Extras?
Ricky talks about The Office and Extras and how they're not likely to be revisited.
Read and listen here.
Inside The Globes
Ricky's done a journal of his time at The Golden Globes.
Read this here in Shortlist.
Pop Up Flanimals Pilfered
Thousands of copies of the latest Flanimals book have gone missing in the US.
Read about this here.
Night at The Office
The Guardian has a post-match analysis of The Office Night
Read it here.
The Invention of Lying - Review.
"Imagine going to greet your blind date at their apartment and being told immediately upon the door opening how disappointing they find you..."
Read on here...

The Office in retrospect.
Sunday's 'A Night at The Office' sparks press reflection on Ricky's opus.
Read here in The Guardian. and Here in The Telegraph.
Tickets are on sale now for Ricky's show at Carnegie Hall on November 5 - part of this year's New York Comedy Festival.
America welcomes Office retrospective
Read what the online press think about the forthcoming Night at the Office.
New York Post
Entertainment Weekly
Ricky and Steve report from the set of Cemetery Junction

Emmy Nominations for HBO Stand Up Special
Ricky's recent stand-up show at Madison Square Garden in New York, filmed for an HBO TV Special, has received nominations in three Emmy categories for this year's awards.
Ricky Gets Off His Arse. Virtually.
Ricky lends his support to a campaign to reform animal testing legislation through the medium of a digital march.
Read more here and join in the campaign here.
Ricky Headlines New York Comedy Festival
This November, Ricky will play New York's prestigious Carnegie Hall for one night only.
Read more here at Chortle.
Filming Starts on Cemetery Junction
Ricky's next movie, and his first film collaborating with Stephen Merchant, has begun filming in London.
Ricky stars alongside Ralph Fiennes and Emily Watson.
Read more about Cemetery Junction in the press release and in Ricky's blog, which will have regular updates as filming progresses.

Major Office Retrospective
The BBC is set to broadcast a series of major retrospectives starting this summer with Series 1 of The Office. The three-and-a-half hour programme will include new interviews and deleted scenes.
Read more in The Sun here.
Stand-up Preview Review
As Ricky gets ready for his mini tour later this year, London's Ham and High newspaper went along to a recent warm-up show. Read their review here.

Ricky Gervais Live - 'Science' - UK tour starts August 09. Dates here.
More on the HBO animated series
TV Squad looks forward to the TV version of The Ricky Gervais Show, based on the record breaking audiobooks.
Read more here.
Podcast Animations on HBO
US TV company HBO have comissioned a series of animations based on The Ricky Gervais Show podcasts/audiobooks. (Buy the originals here while you still can)
Read more here from
And here from TV Scoop.

Little article about Ricky and Elmo
Here's a considered piece of blogging about Ricky and Elmo.
Read here.

Sesame Street Outtakes Released
With Ricky's appearance on Sesame Street due in November, here's a sample of what not to expect when Ricky meets Elmo.
Watch on YouTube.
Underpants Under The Hammer
A charity auction of signed celebrities' under garments is underway under the auspices of NNLSDropin, helping destitute asylum seekers.
Bid here at Ebay.
Nice article about humour.
A Times journalist's views on what's funny and when.
Read here.
Ricky on Graham Norton
YouTube has Ricky's recent appearance with Ronnie Corbett on The Graham Norton Show
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Karl Talks Telly
Karl did a little article for The Sun.
Read here.

Little article about Ricky and Elmo
Here's a considered piece of blogging about Ricky and Elmo.
Read here.
Comic Relief 2009
Here's Ricky and Steve's contribution to this year's Red Nose Day on BBC1 in support of Comic Relief.
Watch on YouTube

Sesame Street Outtakes Released
With Ricky's appearance on Sesame Street due in November, here's a sample of what not to expect when Ricky meets Elmo.
Watch on YouTube.
Karl in Kiwi Conversation
A nice Karl interview; although we actually get about a million downloads a week now, apart from that it's lovely.
Here it is.
Episode 4, Philosophy, Promo
There's a new podcast up at iTunes with an excerpt from the next episode in the new series of 'The Ricky Gervais Guide To...'
The show itself (Philosophy) will be out 17th March, meanwhile the free promo podcast is here(iTunes link).
PETA anti-fur campign
Ricky supplied the voice of a rabbit for a PETA campaign video along with PInk, who voiced a crocodile.
More about this at the PETA web site.
Ricky voices anti-fur commercial
The Telegraph reports on Ricky's part in a video for the PETA anti-fur campaign launching in Paris tomorrow.
Read the article here.
Gervais sketch hits peak for donations to Comic Relief
The BBC have announced that the moment when Ricky Gervais broke down and cried, in Comic Relief 2007, phone pledges hit an all time high. This quickly dropped however. See why here at YouTube
Gervais is doing another piece for Comic Relief this year which will air Friday 13th March 2009.
A Very Good Article
about British comedy (And not just because he's nice about The Office).
Read it here
US Stand-Up DVD Review
Ricky's HBO Special is out on DVD March 31 in America - here's the first review.
Read more here
Exclusive Podcast at Shortlist
Ricky Steve and Karl got together to make a special podcast for Shortlist Magazine.
Listen here
The Arts in review
Den of Geek have reviewed the latest Ricky Gervais Guide To...
Read more here
The Arts in The Times
The Times Online has a preview of The Ricky Gervais Guide To The Arts.
Read more here
Another idiot pretending to be me.
This time on "Twitter". I have no twitter page, facebook, myspace or any other outlet except
Ricky Wins Award
Ricky's won another British Comedy Award - best actor for his part in the Extras Xmas Special.
Here's the video.
Podcast popularity continues unabated.
The Ricky Gervais podcasts were downloaded an average of 124,588 times a day in November. That's a total of 3,737,662 over the month worldwide.
Important Message from Ricky
It has come to my attention that once again someone on Facebook is passing themselves off as me.

I have no facebook page, no myspace page and this is the only official website.

Please inundate any other fakes you see with cries of "You're not the real Ricky".

But I am. Thank you. Ricky
Sneak Peek at Sequel to Night At The Museum
The Daily Mail has a first look at NATM 2 - with pics. It's here.
Ricky expands on possible Extras return
Ricky has revealed that he has a "rough storyline" for another one-hour Extras special.
Read on here
Ghost Town on Blu-Ray
The hi-def video release of Ghost Town is explored here.
Quick Stop Entertainment Interview
An extensive Q&A session session. Read it here.
Rotten Tomatoes Interview
Ricky spent an hour with the people from Rotten Tomatoes - the results of which are being converted to web pages and posted on a daily basis
Here's Part 5 with links to previous posts .
America wants Ricky to save comedy
Variety wonders whether US comedy could be revitalised by taking a leaf out of Ricky's book.
Here's the article.
Watch Ricky on Conan
Here's Ricky's recent appearance on the Conan O'Brien show in New York via YouTube.
Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

New News Stories
Here's an article on how casting might go on the putative Extras Special.
And here's a piece from Chortle that talks about UK comedy transfers to the US.
LA ponders another Gervais Emmy
Ricky's performance in the Extras Christmas Special is under consideration for an Emmy. The L.A. Times considers the consideration... Read the article here.
And see the actual clip here
Facts and FIgures
The Ricky Gervais Podcast is downloaded an average of 4.54 million times a month. That's about 55 million downloads a year and over a million per week- nearly 4 times the amount that broke the world record three years ago.

Myspace, Facebook etc.
I have no myspace or facebook page. I have never had a myspace or facebook page. They are all bogus and will soon disappear. Sorry to anyone who thinks they were signed up to me or an official outlet. This website is the only official outlet. Cheers

Ricky's US stand-up show on HBO
Apparently Ricky is part of HBO's "Dream Team" - according to the Kansas City Star...
Read the article here.

Ricky in LA
The Los Angeles Times heralds Ricky's recent stand-up shows...
Read the article here.
Ghost Town International release dates confirmed
The UK release date for Ghost Town is confirmed as October 24th while America gets if first on September 19th.
More about Ghost Town here together with release dates for other countries.
Ricky's Movie Helps America
A bit...
Read about it here.
New Video Podcast
Camcorder footage from Ricky's weekend jaunt in a private jet with This Side of the Truth co-star Louis C.K.
See the video here or subscribe to the podcast via iTunes here.
RG talks GTA on MTV
Ricky popped up on MTV recently, mentioning his virtual appearance in the new Grand Theft Auto video game
See the clip here.
Wall Street Clash
As the US Office ends its current run, the Wall Street Journal puts both UK and US versions under the microscope.
Read the artice here.
US TV in review
Extras and The Office make best American shows of the season list
Read about it here.
Ricky, Steve and Karl back on air
Ricky, Steve and Karl are to do a final show as part of the NME radio launch.
Details here.
A record eightth BAFTA for Ricky
Ricky has entered the record books again by becoming the first person to win 8 Baftas. Last night at the Four Seasons hotel in Los Angeles Extras was awarded an LA Batfa for comedy for the Daniel Radcliffe episode.
Ricky tops comedy list
Time Out has published its readers' top ten list of stand up comedians in which Ricky takes the top spot...
Read the full list here
Ricky up for third Banff award
Extras battles it out for the top comedy gong at this year's prestigious Banff awards. The winners will be announced on June 9th in Alberta Canada.
Time Out Comedy Vote
Vote for your favourite comedian. It's pointless but it kills a few minutes.
Vote here.
Ricky responds to Grob-fearing reviewer
A recent 1-star 'Flanimals' review has prompted Ricky to reply briefly... here
Ricky Receives Greatest Accolade Of His Carreer
The celebrated New York resatuarant, 21, has bestowed on Ricky a table of his own. Find out which one here.
Other people given the same honour are Humphry Bogart, Richard Nixon, Ernest Hemingway, Dorothy Parker, Donald Trump, The Marx Brothers, Frank Sinatra, The Kennedy Family, Bill Clinton, Pavarotti and John Steinbeck.
Both Ricky and Stephen Merchant were in the running for this year's comedy performance BAFTA. In the end Ricky won his seventh BAFTA, accepting via a satellite link up from New York. List of winners here.